Yukon Solitaire Game

It is natural to identify Solitaire games with the Classic Solitaire version but today, we have a brand new variation of the Solitaire game. It goes by the name Yukon Solitaire. The game is different from the classic variation because, in this variation, players deal with all the cards evading the need for a stockpile during the game. In Yukon Solitaire online, you can move cards from one column to another even if the stack is not arranged in numerical order.

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How to Play Yukon Solitaire Online Card Game?

The basic objective of a free Yukon Solitaire game is to build the four foundations with cards of the same suit placed in ascending order. Therefore, a foundation pile of spades will contain all cards of spades starting from the Aces at the bottom to the King at the top in Yukon Solitaire online.

How to Set Up the Online Card Game?

To set up the game of Yukon Solitaire online, you need a deck of 52 cards without the jokers. You must then proceed to form a tableau consisting of 7 columns. The set of the tableau in free Yukon Solitaire online card games is as such:

The last card of each column should contain these numbers:

  • Tableau 1: 1 card
  • Tableau 2: 6 cards
  • Tableau 3: 7 cards
  • Tableau 4: 8 cards
  • Tableau 5: 9 cards
  • Tableau 6: 10 cards
  • Tableau 7: 11 cards

In Yukon Solitaire, the first cards in the seven columns should be placed face down with the exception of the 1st card in the first column of the tableau. The remaining cards can vary depending on the column they are placed in. Follow this sequence to play the free Yukon Solitaire online.

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Set-Up of Yukon Solitaire Online

  • One card faces up in the 1st tableau
  • 1 card faces down and 5 cards face up in the 2nd tableau
  • 2 cards face down and 5 others face up in the 3rd tableau
  • 3 cards face down and 5 cards face up in the 4th tableau
  • 4 cards face down and 5 cards face up in the 5th tableau
  • 5 cards face down and 5 cards face up in the 6th tableau
  • 6 cards face down and 5 cards face up in the 7th tableau

So, now, you can create a mental picture of the overall layout of the Yukon Solitaire online game. The concept is to have 1 face-up in the 1st tableau and the rest of them begins with a face-down card in the game. The remaining 6 tableaus shall contain 5 face-up cards.

Now that you are done with the tableau formation, let's move to the foundation piles. When you play Yukon Solitaire online, the game typically begins with the empty foundation piles. Therefore, you need to make room for 4 stacks of cards during the setup.

A game of free Yukon Solitaire online is won when you manage to move all 52 cards onto the 4 stacks provided each stack is formed of the same suit and follows the ascending order from the Kings at the top to the Aces below. If you, unfortunately, get stuck in the middle of the game and run out of valid moves, you lose in Yukon Solitaire just like the Classic Solitaire.

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Rules to Follow During Gameplay:

  • You can only play the face-up cards in Yukon Solitaire.
  • Flip over any face-down card that is revealed in the tableau to play it in future moves.
  • You can fill an empty tableau either with a King or a stack of cards led by a King.
  • Remember to follow the same suit when building toward a foundation.
  • All foundation piles must have an ascending ordered sequence of cards with the same suit.
  • Any movable card in the tableau cannot be the bottom card in free Yukon Solitaire online.
  • You can move any card onto another pile as long as the pile contains a card of the alternate color with a greater value to maintain the ascending order.

Now that you know the rules of free Yukon Solitaire, let's get to know a few strategies to enjoy consistent wins in the game.

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Game Strategy to Play Yukon Solitaire Card Game

Players need to follow a gradual methodical approach to win in Yukon Solitaire online. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you play this variation of Solitaire.

  • Consider all possible moves before making any. Try to move the aces of all suits to the foundation piles at the soonest.
  • Try to reveal as many cards as you can within the first few moves of the game.
  • The more face-up cards you get, the more moves you have to play.
  • To do so smartly in Yukon Solitaire, play within the seven columns first and avoid jumping right away to the foundation.
  • It works best if you consider moving cards to the foundation piles only when you run out of moves in the columns in Yukon Solitaire.

Free Yukon Solitaire games are fun boosters and you have the luxury of time to play this game right as long as you haven’t timed it up for a challenge. Play it during leisure time and feel your stress melt away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The cards in the Yukon Solitaire game are set up in the following way:

  • Place one card face up in the 1st tableau.
  • Place one card face down and five cards face up in the 2nd.
  • Place two cards face down and five face-ups in the third.
  • Place three cards face down and five face-up in the fourth.
  • Place four cards face down and five cards face up on the 5th.
  • Place five cards face down and five face-up in the sixth tableau
  • Place six cards face down and five face-up in the seventh tableau

Answer: The Yukon Solitaire game is one of the classic games that you can play online. The main objective of free Yukon Solitaire online is to arrange all cards as per their suit into stacks of ascending orders and move on to the foundation pile in order to win. Yukon Solitaire doesn’t have a stockpile and all cards are distributed in the tableaus.

Answer: Yukon Russian Solitaire is a variation of the Solitaire game that follows mostly the standard rules of Solitaire. The objective is to move all of the 52 cards into the foundation piles following the same suit to win a game. Unlike the standard gameplay, in Russian Yukon Solitaire, you can pull a King from the middle of any stack and place it on the empty piles.

Answer: You beat the Yukon Solitaire game by moving all the cards from the columns onto the four foundation piles of the game to become the winner.

Answer: It is easy to play Yukon Russian Solitaire due to its flexible and lenient rules compared to other variations. The goal is to transfer all the cards from the column and place them in the foundation piles according to the suits of the cards.