War Card Game

The war card game is a fun game best enjoyed by kids but adults too like to dabble with this game from time to time. Unlike the violent name of the game, the War card game is actually quite friendly and engaging. Played with a deck of playing cards best among two players, the goal of War games cards online is to collect all the cards to become the winner. Aces are high and 2s are low in the War game.

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So, how do you play the War card game, let’s find out?

War Game Setup

Before you learn how to play War games, let’s check out how the game is set up.  A shuffled deck of cards is placed on the table from which each player draws a single card from the deck. The player who receives the lowest card gets to be the dealer. He then shuffles the deck again and dispenses all cards to the players including oneself one by one.

How to Play War Card Games?

The shuffled deck is now equally divided among both the players, all cards placed face down. Each player unveils their top card from the deck. This calls for a battle in War games card online. Whoever has the higher top card takes both his and his opponent’s cards and places them on his or her stack. Aces are high in the War card game but suits are ignored here.

Scene 1:

In the case that both cards of the players happen to be of equal value, it becomes a war, hence the name.  When this happens in the War game, both players place their next 3 cards face down and then place another card face up on the table. The player whose face-up card is higher in value wins the game naturally and gets to add all the five cards played on the table including their opponent’s to the bottom of their stack.

Scene 2:

In case the face-up cards played on the 2nd turn are again of equal value, the scene repeats itself and players must play another set of 3 face-down cards and then, a face-up card again in the War game. This shall continue until one of the players has a card of higher value. 

The War games card online finally ends when one player has won all the cards of his opponents. In a few variations of the War card game, the rule is unclear about what happens next if a player runs out of his or her dealt cards during an ongoing war. A possible outcome would be that this player automatically loses the game. In another variation of the War card game, the player can play the last remaining card in the deck face up and make the decision as per its value.

Game Designer named Greg Costikyan perceives that since the player has limited or no choices in this game and results are typically random, he dismisses it as a game in itself. But you don’t have to. The War games of cards online are still one of the best pass-time games that card gaming enthusiasts love to play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Carrom is an Indian board game known worldwide and resembles popular games like billiards and snooker. It is loved by people mostly because it is an amazing indoor game. However, the wings of carrom have now spread on the internet, and carrom lovers can play carrom online as well.

Answer: Yes, the War card game ends when a player takes all the cards of the opponent by collecting them by playing cards with values higher than his.

Answer: The War card game is played with a deck of 52 french playing cards. The deck is equally divided into two parts and each is given to both players with whom they play the game. If there are more than 2 players, the cards are divided and distributed evenly.

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