Valorant Game

Released in 2020, Valorant is one of the best shooting games that’s free to play and has topped the charts in India for a while soon after its launch. Valorant games are 5 vs 5 tactics-based character-oriented online shooting games for PC in which teams are pitted against each other either on the attack mode or on defense. Talks are buzzing about a Valorant PS4 and Valorant mobile version release, so you could gear up to download Valorant and enjoy portable action on your consoles. The team that wins 13 rounds in total wins the best shooting game of 2020.

The popularity of Valorant games has set itself against some of the biggest guns in the genre of best shooting games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. However, what differentiates Valorant gameplay from the weapons in the online shooting games for PC business is the characters you get to choose in Valorant games. In Valorant online games, you get to play with 15 different agents with stunning quirks, powers, and weaknesses.

If you are new and wondering how to play Valorant, you can pick from different game modes to get a hang of the Valorant gameplay. The best foot forward when you download Valorant games to play is to hit the tutorial and learn the root basics of Valorant gameplay to triumph when you play Valorant games for real.

So, it's time to channel your passion, download Valorant and get ready to learn how to play Valorant games and feel the heat with this best shooting game.

How to Play Valorant Games?

To begin with, the basic objective when you play Valorant games is to attack or defend in teams of 5 each. The attackers in these free online shooting games must plant a bomb aka, “spike” and the defenders must either defuse it or prevent it from planting one.

Like the best shooting games for android, the offense team in Valorant needs to win by either killing the opponents or by planting spikes and preventing them from being defused until the timer ticks off.

When you choose to opt for Valorant download and learn how to play Valorant games, you must play 25 rounds in total. The first team to grab 13 wins in these free online shooting games wins. Even though 25 rounds might seem daunting to play Valorant rank online shooting games for PC, in reality, the entire Valorant gameplay doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes if you are hellbent on finishing each other off.

Even though Valorant PS4 and Valorant mobile versions are not out yet, the craze for Valorant free download on PC is staggering. If you have played Counter-Strike free online shooting games for PC, you learn how to play Valorant online games fairly quicker. Like the big weapons typically featured in the best shooting games for Android or even those in high-end shooting games for kids, the weapon buying process and gun mechanics hit the mark. When you go for a Valorant download, get ready for plenty of stalking and sneaking around in corners to catch your enemies by surprise.

As we said earlier, you play Valorant games and up the ante here with its special Valorant ranks or classes and their unique powers. Playing a special Valorant rank, you can heal and revive fallen teammates or even go for a “do-over” by teleporting oneself to a different location if you get shot during Valorant gameplay.

Valorant Ranks

When you download Valorant, this is what you will be enjoying the most in online shooting games for PC like these. The Valorank ranks include the following-

  • Controllers- These Valorant ranks offer support to the team through smokes, slows, and walls.
  • Initiators- They offer support by using stuns, and knowing the opponent’s locations during Valorant gameplay.
  • Duelists- Playing at the forefront, these Valorant ranks are the biggest class armoured with abilities to discover fights, get the kills, and open up routes for the team in Valorant download.
  • Sentinels-When you hit Valorant download, these Valorant ranks are the real deal. When you play Valorant games, you enjoy playing the defensive experts that nail in holding flanks during attacks and even lock down a bomb site with their stunning abilities.

Game Modes

There are multiple game modes you can play in this game- Unrated & Rated, Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and the latest addition, Escalation that you shall find if you download Valorant today. All in All, Valorant games are an opportunity to fine-tune your creative skills across maps and flaunt spot-on gun-play in different encounters throughout the Valorant gameplay with your toughest enemies. 

Even though you can’t enjoy Valorant mobile version, playing the Valorant PS4 version is a magnificent experience assuming you have access to one right t now. Since these best shooting games for Android are free to play, head to the official website of Valorant games and download Valorant to get gaming right away. 

However, to play Valorant games and enjoy these free online shooting games in all their glory, you need to create a Riot account to access Valorant download and install the game on your PC. Make sure you got the basics in place and you are all set to play the online shooting games for PC today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To download Valorant and play Valorant games online, you need to visit the Valorant website and select “Play Now”. Sign in through your Riot Games account or create a new one. Once done, you’ll be redirected to the landing page where you can click and go for Valorant download to avail Valorant free download on your system. Unfortunately, Valorant mobile or Valorant PS4 versions are not released yet.

Answer: BMG is India’s fastest growing online gaming community and therefore, one of India’s best online games apps to play online games with friends and earn money online safely. You can enjoy the best online multiplayer games such as Poker, Rummy, Carrom, Pool, Knife Hit, Fantasy Sports, Call Break, and many more online games to play with friends.

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