Two Dots Game

Two Dots is a puzzle game of dots where you have to join two dots as they cross the arctic tundra, dive into ocean depths, and steer their way through fiery forests. It is the sequel to Dots the game and was released in the year 2014.

The Two Dots game is a puzzle game that is available only on Android and iOS as the Windows mobile doesn’t support it any longer. This game of dots is developed and published by an American indie studio Playdots, inc. 

Two Dots Gameplay

The gameplay of Two Dots is very different from its predecessor Dots as the players in this game of dots can power up and have objectives and campaigns. There is only one unlocked level, when you start the Two Dots game and to unlock a new level, the players must complete the current level they are on. The different levels in Two Dots the game are grouped into worlds, with the first 10 levels in one world and after that, every 25 levels are grouped into a world. The worlds in the Two Dots game differ from each other in gameplay elements, objectives, and also obstacles. 

The objectives are displayed at the start of each level in Two Dots the game and the players must complete the objectives within a specified number of moves. The players must join at least two dots of the same color either horizontally or vertically but never diagonally in order to make a move in Two Dots the game. If the players can connect at least a group of four same-colored dots to form the circuit, then all the dots with that color will disappear. 

Although the Two Dots game is a single-player game, it features a weekly event called Treasure Hunt which allows players to compete worldwide to become the first one to complete a sequence of seven levels. With every major update in Two Dots the game, a new world is added. There are 3600 levels as of September 4th, 2021.

Tips and Tricks to Play Two Dots game

Here are a few tips and tricks to play the game of dots so that you can clear the levels fast and without any difficulty:

  1. Try to make as many squares as you can by connecting the dots in the Two Dots game. Although the main aim in this dot game may seem to be clearing the board, it is actually making as many squares as possible.
  2. If you seem to be stuck in the game of dots, then you might consider bombing it away. Making a square around a different colored dot will make the dot a bomb that will clear and also collect the dots around it in the Two Dots game.
  3. Two Dots the game counts every move you make because it's crucial to win the game. There is no timer in this game of dots so make sure to take your own sweet time and play your moves correctly.
  4. Start playing the Two Dots game from the bottom of the page as it allows the game of dots to move faster and will also have a big impact on reshuffling the dots. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Two Dots is an offline game and you cannot play this game of dots online. You need to download the Two Dots game app from either the play store or the apple store on your smartphones and tablets. You can play Two Dots the game without an active internet connection. 

Answer: The Two Dots game is a puzzle game with almost 3600 levels. The levels in this game of dots are grouped into worlds and you need to clear all the worlds if you want to win Two Dots the game. You need to clear the level you are currently playing in order to go to the next level in this game of dots.

Answer: No, the Two Dots game is a single-player offline game so you cannot play this game of dots with your friends. Even if you are stuck in a particular level, you cannot take help from your friends in Two Dots the game. 

Answer: The Two Dots game is available both in Google Play Store and Apple Store where you can download it easily on your smartphones and tablets. All you need is an active internet connection to download the game of dots and kill your free time joining dots.