Toy Blast Game

Are you tired of your daily schedule? Want something to entertain yourself? Then, free online games would be a great option to spend leisure time without the need to step outdoors. One amazing game loved and enjoyed by all in the online realm is Toy Blast. This is one of the sweetest free online games to play with friends that involve matching three similar candies to score a point.

Highly addictive and interesting, the Toy Blast games are very famous all over the world. To play the Toy Blast mod apk, here is everything you need to know about the Toy Blast mod apk online game.

Toy Blast is a toy theme-based puzzle game that follows the adventures of Amy who is a crafty kid who knits and sews new toys to add to her large collection of friends. Amy misplaces these toys very often, and it’s up to you to help her find them again.

Toy Blast mod apk is a matching puzzle, which is a very common type of puzzle on mobile but this is not your typical match-3 style game. In the Toy Blast game, there is no swapping of pieces. You work with whatever is on the board, as-is. Toy Blast download is free and it has more than 4500 Toy Blast levels. You may enjoy Toy Blast as one of the top free online games to play with friends for hours on end.

However, make sure you go for the Toy Blast download to play and enjoy whenever you want.

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Top Tricks to Play Toy Blast Online Game?

In Toy Blast mod apk, you are given free rein of Amy’s toy box. Amy has lots of toys and colorful blocks for you to play with. Amy is arranging colorful blocks on a grid, and your job is to make a match of two or more to clear the blocks from the board. However, you can make small matches of only two or three, the game rewards you for making bigger matches. Strategy is key.

Before you go for a Toy Blast download, you must know about the Toy Blast game's features.

  • Interesting Gameplay

Making matches of blocks on the board sounds easy but the Toy Blast download adds a surprising twist that increases the difficulty level. At each level, the number of moves you can make on the board is limited. You must make every move count clear the level and move on through Toyland. This involves thought, game strategy, and a pinch of good luck!

  • Explosive Entertainment

Toy Blast game will reward you for making big matches on the board in the form of power-ups. These power-up toys are rockets, trains, TNT blocks, and other whimsical things. Activating these power-ups will explode the board, raking in big points. Syndicate ink with two or more power-ups will lead to the creation of a bigger and better power-up that will do amazing things. These power-ups are a real blast!

  • Puzzling Puzzles

Each level in Toy Blast mod apk is unique in its obstacles, a number of moves, and grid shape, keeping things fresh and interesting, round after round.

  • Beautiful Hand-Stitched Graphics

The graphics in this game are imaginative, colorful and charming, with a handmade look that is sweet and unusual. Amy, the main character of the game, can be seen throughout the levels knitting new toy friends to play with. 

  • Play with Friends

Toy Blast mod apk is one of the best online games  to play with friends. You can connect the Toy Blast account to your Facebook account to go head-to-head with the high scores of your friends. Play more and top the Facebook Leaderboard to prove that your matching skills are the best!

  • Free Games to Play

Toy Blast download is one of the best free games to play. There are optional in-app purchases that can make your journey through Toyland easier, but it is optional. 

Rules to Play Toy Blast Game

  • Toy Blast is a puzzle divided into levels. To complete the game, you require to achieve certain goals at each level.
  • Match two or more cubes of the same color to destroy them and get closer to achieving goals.
  • Combine different cubes to create powerful special items, among which are the rotor, dynamite, and puzzle. They will help to get rid of obstacles and achieve level goals.
  • Special items can also be combined, greatly enhancing their effect!
  • The number of moves at each level is limited, so carefully think through your every action.

The Toy Blast download has become popular now and is being downloaded by almost every online mobile game player nationwide. 

Steps to Download the Toy Blast Game:

Toy Blast download procedure is very simple anyone with a smartphone can easily access the game. All the versions of these new car games are available. 

  • Toy Blast Download for Android

If you have an Android phone then you need to access the Google Play Store. Once you’ve accessed the Play Store, find the game and tap on the download option, and within a few moments, the Toy Blast download will start on your phone.

  • Toy Blast Download for IOS

 If you have an iOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone then the process of installing the game is just as easy. All you have to do is go to the Apple Store and search for this game. Click on “install” and within seconds Toy Blast download will start on your Apple device and be ready to use.

Toy Blast mod apk

  • Click on the download link to download the Toy Blast mod apk file
  • Click on Yes and the download process will begin
  • As soon as the download is finished you will be taken to the installation page
  • Click on Install and the android device will finish the installation process for the Toy Blast mod apk
  • Toy Blast mod apk file is installed and ready to play

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Answer: Open the App Store application on your device and tap on the Updates button on your Toy Blast game and within seconds the game will be updated.

Answer: Level 55 is the Toy Blast's highest level.