Tetris Game

Today, you can also play and win cash with many online money-earning games but there’s something about the classics that can’t be overridden and Tetris games have truly stood the test of time!

There’s hardly a soul out there who hasn't heard of the Tetris online game if not played it. However, this is about those of you who have never come to play Tetris games before. One of the most addictive games ever made, Tetris games have journeyed their way from the 1980s all the way to the 21st century and have been published by many game companies. Tetris game download is still one of the most raving hits Google could vouch for even today. 

About Tetris Online Game

We have always played Tetris for free which is why it is still the worldwide famous puzzle game that was inspired by the human desire to keep lives clutter-free. The Tetris online game is the perfect blues beater for folks of all ages even today, probably the reason why we still get to play Tetris for free! Just so you know,  Tetris games have been a classic favorite for millions of 90’s kids and even though the Tetris online game has had many versions over the decades, the concept of Tetris for free still remains original. 

So, let’s get to know how to play Tetris games online and get the Tetris game download button pressed for good on your phones today!

How to Play Tetris Games?

When you learn how to play Tetris online, you must even outline by strategically moving differently angled and shaped pieces of blocks known as tetrominoes that continuously descend on the screen. The horizontal lines in Tetris online games vanish for which you score points and the game continues as more pieces of blocks continue to trickle down.

  • As you continue to make horizontal lines in Tetris games online, the level of the Tetris online game rises and the tetrominoes gradually begin to fall faster!
  • When you play Tetris games, it's game over as soon as the screen is filled to the top and there’s no space to navigate those blocks anymore. 
  • When you play Tetris online, you just have one goal. Delay the inevitable! The longer you manage to keep the playing screen clear by completing those lines when you play Tetris for free, the higher your score gets. Clearing multiple lines at once scores you bonus points. Depending on the version of Tetris download you go for, you can collect bonus points on striking certain combos of blocks in Tetris online games.
  • When you play Tetris online, nearly all versions of Tetris games allow players to press a button to increase the falling speed of the currently falling piece (soft drop) or make the piece fall right away and lock them immediately in a particular spot (hard drop). Using the hard drop when you play Tetris for free gives you more points in Tetris download. Besides that, when you play Tetris online, you can preview the next Tetrimino on the side corner plan your next move accordingly, and score more.

In the multiplayer game online Tetris version, you compete with your opponents to last longer than them. In another version of Tetris games, you can also pose penalties by clearing a particular number of lines. As the love to play Tetris for free continues, it doesn’t fall on the list of online money-earning games yet. Although, we are going to talk exclusively about how to earn money playing games here, more on that later. Talking about versions of Tetris online games these days, you can play Tetris games with 3-dimensional blocks too!

Tetris Online Game Legacy

Talking about Tetris games is unfinished business if you do not brush through its legacy that still makes players of this generation hit Tetris game downloads and opt for the game online Tetris indefinitely. Till date, video gamers continue to play Tetris games, no wonder it has sold over 200 million copies including 32 million paid Tetris game downloads on smartphones as of 2011. The Game boy version

is the most popular Tetris online game version and is available to play on over 65 platforms. This version has a Guinness world record bagging the most ported video game title ever. Such is the legacy of Tetris for free is that its intelligence quotient inspired folks to play Tetris games and explore its effect on the human brain. 

So, go ahead and hit Tetris game download to play Tetris for free and have tons of fun! Having said that, if you wish to up the stakes and earn money playing games online starting today, read on to find out what’s in store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: There are 15 levels in Tetris games which means 150 lines, but if you choose the infinite Tetris online game, then there is no upper limit to the fall of tetrominoes, whose speed doesn't increase after 140 lines.

Answer: Learning to play Tetris games is simple. Blocks of different shapes and angles keep falling down on the playing screen. You need to keep the screen clear by matching them by completing lines that score you points. You can play Tetris online for free even today and go for Tetris download from the App Store/Play Store.

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Answer: You can play the online Tetris with the Tetris Friends game. It features 5 single player modes and 5 multiplayer modes. However this version of Tetris for free shut down. You can also play Tetris online free version close to the original called “Jstris” with friends through unique game modes. If you want more exciting options such as winning real cash games, download the BMG app on your smartphone and earn money playing games as simple as Carrom and Pool round the clock.