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Temple Run Online game can be an amazing way to kill that. Just like you need a smartphone to do almost everything today, playing Temple Run mobile games is like a foolproof way to relieve stress. Moreover, people have taken up mobile games as a career option as various competitive events take place where they can play online money-earning games today. Once you know how to play Temple Run Online, no one can convince you enough not to play the popular of Temple Run online game.

Therefore, one of the most popular new-age mobile games– Temple Run, has gained a lot of popularity. Here is how to play Temple Run and all the other important aspects of the mobile game.

About Temple Run Game

The chances are that most people have played Temple Run online. Temple Run is a mobile game franchise that belongs to the genre of endless running. The Temple Run online game has been developed by Imangi Studios and is a super-duper hit. This mobile game was released in 2011, and even nine years down the line, people still love to play Temple Run. The gameplay experience is one where an enemy, a big monster, chases the player. So download the Temple run now to have fun.

You have to swipe to glide through, take estimated turns, and jump to evade obstacles when you play Temple Run Game. All in all, it is one of those mobile games that can get your adrenaline pumping when you play Temple Run. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, this is one mobile game that you should try if you have a smartphone. The Temple Run series has received great commercial success with more than a million downloads and more. You can also go for the play Temple Run online game like this one anytime.

How to Play Temple Run?

  • Before you play Temple Run online, know the main story of the Temple Run game. In this mobile game, the character you control has stolen a golden idol from the Temple in the swamps. There are evil monkeys trying to catch you to retrieve the idol back from you when you play Temple Run.
  • The Temple Run game begins after you have stolen the idol. You must know how to play Temple Run to get the highest score in this mobile game. So, opt for Temple Run online game to experience the thrill now. You will be surprised to discover other exciting mobile games by downloading them from the game download apps and playing and winning cash.
  • The Temple Run online game ends if the monkeys catch you or when you hit an obstacle. When this happens while playing the popular game of Temple Run, you will need to start the temple run game again from the point where you have stolen the golden idol.
  • You need to tilt and swipe to control your character when you play Temple Run. Whenever you need to jump, you have to swipe up. This way, you can avoid obstacles in Temple Run and also jump onto other more approachable paths and walls. Go for the Temple Run download once you understand how to play Temple Run online game.
  • Swiping down will make the character slide when you play Temple Run online. This helps you avoid obstacles that are too high to jump over by sliding under them when you play this popular game.
  • And swiping sideways when you play Temple Run will make the character take a turn in that direction. So, when you swipe left, your character will turn left in the Temple Run online game, and when you swipe right, your character will turn right in this mobile game. To experience the fun when you play this popular game, opt for Temple Run download.
  • Using the gyroscope ability of your device in Temple Run allows you to tilt your device to make your character move within the boundary of his path. Tilting left in the mobile game will move him to the left and make him run on the left side of the path.
  • Tilting right will move him to the right and make him run on the left side of the path in Temple Run online game. This functionality when you play Temple Run online helps you to collect coins and navigate to the more approachable points on your path to jump over or slide under as well. Simply download the Temple Run online game to find out for yourself.

There are many objectives you need to achieve when you play this popular game. Collect as many coins as possible when you play the game after the Temple Run download. You can use these to buy many things in the store when you play Temple Run online game. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, go for the Temple Run download to enjoy the game.

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Play Temple Run Online Real Money Racing Games

  • Objectives and achievements are almost the same in Temple Run online game. Objectives can be upgrading various power-ups, achieving a particular score, and more. Initially, there were 36 objectives in this mobile game.
  • Of these, 22 of them qualified as achievements too in Temple Run. Over time various others have been added, and now there are more than 55 achievements to cover. Once you know how to play Temple Run online, achieving these objectives will be easy for you.
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Download Temple Run From The Play/App Store

  • Once you understand how to play Temple Run online, you should also know about the store of this game.
  • The Temple Run game’s scope gets changed whenever power-ups appear in it. Power-ups are available as collectibles that appear at random while playing the popular game. Each power-up has a specific effect on this mobile game. You can upgrade power-ups in the store by purchasing upgrades after you download the game.
  • Unless it has been upgraded to at least level 1, a power-up may not appear within the Temple Run game.

The maximum number of levels to which a power-up can be upgraded in this mobile game is level 5. Here is a list of the effects of each power-up as you upgrade them, which are an integral part of how to play Temple Run online.

  • Coin Magnet collects all coins that are nearby automatically when you play Temple Run. The length will depend on the level you have upgraded this power up to. You can play other online money-earning games to win money.
  • Mega Coin gives extra coins in Temple Run. How many extra coins you get will again depend on the level of your power-up. Play other online cash-winning games to keep the thrill alive.
  • Boosts in Temple Run Online game will give your character a boost forward up to a certain distance. During this time, the game controls the character. During this time, the character cannot die at all. The character will slow down gradually till it reaches a normal pace again. The distance of this boost also depends on the level of the power-up. Understanding how to play Temple Run Online game will give you an edge to understand this power-up.
  • Invisibility is a power-up that will make your character immune to all obstacles when you play Temple Run online.
  • This lasts only briefly, but while it lasts, the gaps and holes in the path do not matter. It is as if these gaps and holes have been filled up somehow. Of course, you can still control the character in this mobile game.
  • Before the end of this power-up, the character will begin flashing. The level of upgrade of this power-up will decide the distance that this power-up will last. Know how to play Temple run by watching the gameplay of experienced players to understand this power-up. Play other exciting online money-earning games like Temple Run.
  • The default character in the Temple Run game is Guy Dangerous. As you progress through the game after Temple Run downloads and collects coins, you can buy other characters from the store and play them. There are three types of characters based on how you may acquire them. However, the behavior and abilities of all the characters are almost similar, although they appear different. You will understand this once you understand how to play Temple Run online game.
  • The default character is Guy Dangerous. Know this when you learn how to play Temple Run online.
  • Characters you may buy with coins that you have collected in the mobile game are Scarlett Fox, Francisco Montoya, Montana Smith, Zack Wonder, Karma Lee, and Barry Bones.
  • The characters you may need to buy with real money after the Temple Run download are Bruce Lee and Usain Bolt.
  • Characters you may buy with gems are Mrs. Claus, Wolfman, Freya Coldheart, Anubis, Sigur Frost beard, Cleopatra, and Santa Claus. Download the Temple Run now and have an amazing time! Today, you can also play and earn money by choosing from the top online cash-winning games. More on that later.
  • There is only one character that you can get only by ranking among the top 5% in the Leaderboard Challenge. His name is Sir Montague. You will know about this when you know how to play Temple Run. You can also consider playing the online money-earning games that are available on BMG ( best online games for android). You can win real cash games or exciting easy-win games like the Carrom board game and Bottleshoot and win real money.

Utilities are all single-use in Temple Run. You can use them only once after you download the game. Each utility has a specific purpose in Temple Run. Some are to boost your character forward and others to resurrect your character. Here, they are listed for you:

  • Resurrection Wings can be bought at the store for 500 coins only. You can see it displayed under the coin count after you download the game. Just double-tap to activate it. Once activated, it will keep you invincible and immune for around 4 seconds. Re-spawning will slow your speed as well. Do pay heed to this instruction, though: if you die within 30 seconds of activating this utility, you will be raised and re-spawned. However, if you try using it after the 30-second period, nothing will happen at all.
  • Boost can be bought at the store for 2500 coins. You may activate this at the very beginning only after the Temple Run download. You need to tap the boost icon to activate this utility. This will keep the character invincible and immune to all obstacles and hurdles for the whole 1000m distance that this boost lasts. The game takes over the control of the character and ensures that your character doesn’t die. You can play and win cash from online cash-earning games like Temple Run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The Temple Run online game is an endless running game, which comprises thrill and excitement. Before you go for Temple Run download, understand the plot of the game. The character you control in this best mobile game has stolen an idol from the Temple, and the monkey is running behind to get it from you.

Answer: You can play Temple Run online once you download the game. As soon as you decipher how to play Temple Run, there will be no stopping you! You can also play other popular games like Temple Run to keep the thrill intact.

Answer: After downloading the game from the game download app, you can start the game, and you will come across quite a few boosts. Make use of these boosts judiciously to score high. If you want to win real cash by playing games, ensure that you choose the top online money-earning games, know how to play them, and finally, play and earn money.

Answer: After you go for the Temple Run online game download, use the right boosts to top the leaderboard, and that is how you win real cash. In addition, you can play other exciting online cash-winning games on BMG like Fantasy Sports, Carrom, Rummy, Poker and more and play and win real cash!

Answer: Invite your friends directly from the gaming platform to play the mobile game with them. You can also play games for cash and get rid of your boring evenings.

Answer: You can play several online games for free that you can access on Google Play store and Apple store. Download the BMG app to explore online money earning games like Poker, Rummy, Call Break and Bottle Shoot and play and earn money without burning your pocket.

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