Teen Patti Game

Looking to infuse some excitement during Sunday afternoons or uneventful evenings? If so, we have the right game for you today. Teen Patti - the ultimate thrilling game of cards, with slight similarities to poker, can spill in hits of dopamine throughout its run. Teen Patti is the most exciting card game that has its origins in India and is adored by card players unanimously. The affinity towards Teen Patti sequence games has pushed leading game developers in India to introduce Teen Patti online games for doses of recreation just when you need some.

Excited to know more? Read on to learn how to understand the classic Teen Patti play online on your smartphones today. Stay tuned as we also have a bunch of money-earning games awaiting your skills against incredible cash rewards.

How to Play Teen Patti Online Games?

Teen Patti is popularly touted as the Indian version of Poker, however, it's not. When you choose to go for 3 Patti play online, remember it's a game of chance, unlike Poker requires a certain level of skill in mathematics and practice. However, in terms of rules, there are certain similarities. To begin with, all players must place an ante before playing their hands in each round. Thereafter, all players are dealt 3 cards each.

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The Objective of Teen Patti Play Online

The objective of Teen Patti sequences games is to win the pot by either having the highest-ranking hand among all or by being the only player to not fold your hand. The hand rankings in 3  Patti play online are mentioned below from the highest to the lowest order.

Hand Rankings:

  • Trio- 3 cards of the same rank, the highest being Three Aces
  • Straight Flush- Teen Patti sequences of the same suit
  • Straight - Teen Patti sequence of a different suit
  • Pair- hand with any two cards of the same value or rank
  • High Card- the highest value card in a hand

The Gameplay of Teen Patti Online Games

Players can play their hands in Teen Patti in two ways, either seen or blind. After the cards are dealt in 3 Patti play online, you can either play after seeing your hand or you can lay your cards face down and play blind. 

In the 1st scenario, you can start playing your hand in Teen Patti sequence games by going blind and later see your cards in the round.  To stay in around in 3 Patti online games, a player must wager the minimum stake or double/raise the stake to the maximum. The starting stake starts with the ante amount.

If you have already seen your cards in 3 Patti play online, you must double the current stake to stay in the current round at a minimum of 4 times the current stakes if someone has raised. If you want to forfeit the current hand or do not want to play further during Teen Patti sequence games, you can fold. Wagering must continue until at least 2 players remain in the round in 3 Patti play online games.

So, at any point of time during the hand, if any other player playing blind decides to see his cards, he must double the stakes as per the 3 Patti sequence rules. He can also request a show by doubling the stakes. When this happens, all remaining players must show their cards. The player with a higher ranking hand wins the pot money in Teen Patti plays online.

That’s it. It's that simple. You can easily start playing Teen Patti online games on your device by downloading the game from Google Play Store or App Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No. Teen Patti is an entirely chance-based game of cards whereas Poker is a skill-based game with an element of chance. Both require you to form the best-ranked hand and place bets accordingly to win the pot, however, the rules and the hand rankings differ in both games.

Answer: Moonfrog is the publisher of Teen Patti Gold's video game. You can play this video game on both iOS and Android devices by downloading it for free from the App Store or Play Store.

Answer: No, Rummy and 3 Patti online games are vastly different from one another. online Rummy is a skill-based card game that needs you to form valid combinations of sets and sequences. 3 Patti play online is luck-based where you bet real money for the strength of your hand and the highest ranked hand wins the pot money.

Answer: You can enjoy 3 Patti sequence games for free but playing 3 Patti online games for real money is banned and illegal within Indian jurisdiction.

Answer: You can download the BMG earning app from its official website by entering the phone number on the space bar, clicking on the link you receive, and then, tapping on “Install” to download the earning app on your device for free.

Answer: Yes, you can play money-earning games on BMG for any stakes of your choice as per your bankroll. Simply make a minimum deposit to fund your games and select your favorite game and play to win.