Tambola Game

The Tambola game also known as Housie is a popular game that is played with numbers. Tambola is a lottery-style board game that is believed to have originated somewhere in Italy. Tambola or the Housie game is also a great party-starter as more people play Tambola, the more fun and exciting it gets. There isn’t really a restriction on the number of players to play Tambola, the more the merrier.

Now that mobile apps have taken over a good chunk of our traditional games and childhood games into online games, the same is the case with the Tambola game, as there are different apps where you can play Tambola online. The rules of the online Tambola games are the same as that of the real Tambola game or Housie game. Octro Tambola is supposedly the best app to play tombola online. Online Tambola games are said to be the best version of Indian Bingo games.

How to Play Tambola Game?

  • The Tambola game which is popularly known as the Housie game is a fun number game where the players are provided with Tambola tickets with numbers on them. It is mandatory to buy at least one Tambola ticket to enter and play Tambola. A typical Tambola ticket in the Tambola game consists of 3 rows and 9 columns which makes 27 spaces. No Tambola tickets have the same numbers on them.
  • There has to be a dealer in the Tambola or Housie games, who gives out the tickets and also announces the numbers in funny ways to make the game more interesting.  The objective of the players in the Tambola game is to dab all the numbers in the Tambola tickets which are being announced by the dealer. To win Tambola or Housie games, you need to match winning combos. There are different match-winning combinations that you can aim for in the Tambola game. 
  • There are around 22 different winning combinations in Tambola and also the prize for each winning combination will be different. Early 5, Topline, Middle line, Bottom line, Four corners, and Full house are the major winning combinations to win the Tambola or Housie games. The player who wins the first full house usually gets the highest prize amount in Tambola or the Housie game.  
  • To play Tambola online, you can download the online Tambola game app and invite your friends online. The rules of the online Tambola game are similar to that of the real Tambola or Housie games and a minimum of 4 players is required to start the online Tambola game. You can also play Tambola online on WhatsApp groups but for that also you will have to download the online Tambola game app. In Tambola online, the generation and distribution of Tambola tickets are done via WhatsApp messages. 

How to Win Real Money on BMG?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To play Tambola online, it is important that you add your friends to the online Tambola game. To do that, you can ask your friends to download the same online Tambola game app and then add each other either by signing in through Facebook or by searching by providing their game IDs.

Answer: The Tambola game also known as the Housie game is basically a fun number game that depends on your luck to some extent. Yes, there are quite a few online Tambola games apps that allow you to play Tambola online.

Answer: Well, the Tambola game is a number game where the dealer gives out Tambola tickets and then, announces the numbers in a funny way to make the game interesting. The player's objective is to dab out the numbers called out by the dealer in their tombola tickets and try to win the game by making various winning combinations.

Answer: You will find a lot of online games for free on the BMG app. You can play online games like Carrom, Poker, Bubble Shooter, and Fantasy Sports which top the list of real money games on our app.

Answer: Yes, Tambola is a real money game as you get the chance to win some cash if you can make any of the different winning combinations while playing the game. There are different apps where you can play Tambola online.

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