T20 League Game

The T20 League is one of the most successful cricket leagues of all time in which each team gets to bat for just 20 overs. This form of competition can be considered the shortest format in the game of cricket. Launched in the year 2008, the first edition of the league took place in October 2009. 

Just like we have the Indian cricket t20 league which is known as the IPL and features some of the biggest names in the world of cricket, similarly, there are cricket T20 leagues for different countries like Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. The Australian T20 game tournament is known as the Big Bash League and can be said to be next to the Indian T20 league in the making today.

Famous T20 Leagues Worldwide

The T20 Cricket Premier Leagues came quite late into the cricketing world but once it arrived, it changed the dynamics of cricket premier leagues forever. People became more interested in watching T20 leagues rather than the ODI and Test matches. This is mainly because the T20 game is fast-paced, full of action, and most importantly is played for just 3 hours, which means you don’t need to sit in front of your TV all day. 

Since the T20 game became so popular, it made way for a lot of different cricket T20 leagues. All T20 leagues follow the same standard rule of the game and hence are super exciting and thrilling for the viewers. They also attract a lot of online bettors who play different kinds of fantasy leagues to win big cash amounts. 

Here are some of the major cricket T20 leagues that are famous worldwide: 

  • The first and the most popular T20 premier league has to be the Indian cricket T20 league which goes by the name Indian Premier League also known as the IPL. You will find some of the best players in the world playing in the Indian T20 league. 
  • The second in the list of cricket T20 leagues is the Big Bash League, popularly known as BBL. It is an Australian version of the T20 game tournament and is widely popular throughout the world and features some of the best cricketing legends as well as local Australian cricketers. Unmukt Chand is the 1st Indian male cricketer in the BBL who signed for the Melbourne Renegades in the 2021-2022 season.
  • The third on the list is the Pakistan Super League which finds its inspiration from the Indian T20 League. It is one of the latest cricket T20 leagues and has attracted some famous cricketers as well. Shaheen Shah Afridi and Babar Azam are some popular names in the PSL.

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Duration of All T20 leagues

A Twenty20 cricket game usually lasts for around 3 hours, each innings of the game typically lasts for about 80-90 minutes with an official 30-minute break between both innings. The length of the entire series of different cricket T20 leagues differs from each other but most of them go on for a couple of months depending on the number of teams participating in the T20 games. 

The Indian T20 leagues usually start from April and go on till the mid of June because there are almost around 10 teams up against each other. When it comes to the Big Bash League, it has a similar time period but only the months are different. 

How to Play Fantasy Premier League?

Fantasy Premier League is basically an online betting game where you need to create your fantasy team which consists of players from both the teams that are in action. You can play fantasy leagues on all T20 leagues but the Indian cricket T20 League and the Big Bash League (BBL) are among the top two T20 games tournaments where most players bet on their knowledge and craft of the game.

After selecting your playing 11 for the fantasy premier league, you need to select a captain, a vice-captain, and a wicketkeeper. Make sure you select the best-in-form players because your results depend on how each of your selected players performs in the actual T20 game. 

The point system is decided by the website on which you are playing the fantasy league and therefore, it can differ from website to website. So, it is important that you choose the platform after proper research because your payouts depend on the point system. However, the point system in each gaming app offering fantasy premier leagues takes into account various parameters of the actual T20 game like runs scored by your players, number of boundaries, number of wickets, and catches. There are also extra bonus points if your selected player scores a half-century or a century in the T20 premier league match.

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Best App to Play Fantasy Leagues During the Indian Cricket T20 League

There are numerous apps that provide you the opportunity to indulge in making money by playing fantasy games, especially during the Indian T20 league. However, not all of these apps are licensed and secured, so it is important to do a thorough background check before you place your stakes on T20 premier leagues in a gaming platform.

Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) is India’s best gaming app that you can download to fulfill all your fantasy league desires. You can play an unlimited number of T20 Leagues for money across stakes.  Feel free to test your craft in the Indian cricket T20 league and all T20 leagues including the Big Bash League (BBL). The BMG app also provides generous welcome offers and special bonuses to all players engaging in a fantasy league and other real money games.  

The BMG app is a safe and secured app that is protected by 128-bit encryption with RNG certification to execute fair play by all means. So all your data and your winning amounts are safe in our app. We also keep a constant lookout on any kind of malpractices by our users and discourage and ban any such user who might incorporate unfair means to make money playing the Indian T20 league or any other fantasy cricket premier leagues.

Besides the likes of the most famous T20 premier leagues and fantasy premier leagues in cricket, fans can also explore their sporting skills in other popular sports such as Fantasy Football, Basketball, and Baseball.  Go ahead, download the app and play to win from incredible prize pools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: There are numerous T20 game tournaments that are extremely popular throughout the world. The Indian T20 cricket league, Big Bash League, and Pakistan T20 league are some of the most popular T20 premier leagues. 

Answer: The Indian T20 league and the Big Bash League or BBL are two of the most famous cricket premier leagues. This is because you will see star players from different countries playing against each other in these two T20 leagues.

Answer: There are more than 10 major T20 leagues that are organized by countries domestically. However, not all of these T20 game tournaments are famous and some of them don't even feature star players from different countries. 

Answer: The first T20 cricket premier league was started by India in the year 2008. After the Indian cricket T20 league, a lot of other domestic cricket T20 leagues cropped up such as the Pakistan Super League and the Bangladesh Super League. 

Answer: T2O usually refers to a T20 game tournament that is played by two domestic teams but in the case of T20i, the domestic teams are replaced by international cricket teams. 

Answer: ODI is a long format of cricket where each team gets 50 overs to bat. On the other hand, all T20 leagues are fast-paced and each team bats for just 20 overs. 

Answer: The West Indies star batsman, Chris Gayle has the record of scoring the most number of sixes in a T20 game. 

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