Sudoku Game

Nowadays, it has been proven that certain games are good for mental development and can make people more responsive and interactive with the surrounding environment. One such amazing game is the Sudoku game. The Sudoku game is an exciting puzzle game where players insert numbers from one to nine in square grids, which consist of nine squares, further divided into smaller squares.

Before you play Sudoku online, you need to know the nitty-gritty associated with the game. Here is all that you need to know about Sudoku Puzzles.

About Sudoku Online Game

In the 18th century, a Swiss named Leonhard Euler created a puzzle called "Carre Latin." This puzzle continues to be transformed over the years, and in the late 1970s, an American architect called Howard Garns published the first Sudoku game. In the mid-1980s, the Sudoku game gained popularity first in Japan, then gradually across the globe. ‘Sji wa dokushin ni kagiru’ in short is called Sudoku and means “there must only be single numbers.”

One misconception revolving around the Sudoku puzzles is that they are for mathematicians. Here is to break your myth free online Sudoku can be played by anyone, mathematician or non-mathematician. If you are a beginner, go for the Sudoku easy mode to better understand and play the game.

How to Play Sudoku Online?

There are 9 columns and 9 rows in a Sudoku grid, which gives a grid with 81 cells. This grid is further broken into smaller 3x3 regions or spaces with 9 cells. So 9 such smaller regions make the bigger square of 81 cells. When you play Sudoku online, the objective is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in each of the smaller squares so that the numbers are not repeated in these smaller squares or across the row or column in the larger grid.

So every row, column, and 3x3 squares must each have a number to appear only once. Of course, some numbers will always be given. Traditionally only 17 numbers were given, but now we see that 20 to 30 numbers are given at the outset.

Steps to Play Free Sudoku

You need great patience and logic to play daily Sudoku online. You can also allow online games for kids to play Sudoku for kids to help develop their thinking and cognitive skills. Here is how you can solve the Sudoku puzzles online.

There are 3 rules to follow when you play Free Sudoku.

  • A number between 1 and 9 must not show up in a 3x3 square in the Sudoku game.
  • No number between 1 and 9 should show up more than once in any row of the 9x9 grid when playing Sudoku online.
  • No number between 1 and 9 should show up more than once in any column of the 9x9 grid when playing the Sudoku game online.

Levels & display options:

  • Sudoku Online is more appealing because of the colorful displays. When you let kids play Sudoku for kids, they will enjoy the game layout immensely.
  • You can even select your difficulty level, and a grid will be laid out on your screen accordingly. If you are a beginner, you can choose the Sudoku online easy mode. Similarly, if you have been playing the Sudoku game online for a long time, go for the Sudoku online hard mode.


Some sounds play on your every move when you play Sudoku. While that may be quite stimulating to some players, others may not like this feature at all. So there is an option to switch the in-game sounds on or off.

Clues and recording:

  • You can play timed Sudoku games online on mobiles nowadays. Your phone will record the time you take to complete a Sudoku game and may even save the same.
  • Many mobiles, and some versions of mobile Sudoku, actually give hints and clues to help you solve your Sudoku puzzle more easily and in less time.

Play Sudoku anywhere and anytime:

Online Mobile Games Sudoku allows you to play the game anywhere and at any time. And you can also save your progress if you take a break from the game. You can always save it at any later time.

Tips & Tricks to Play Free Sudoku Game

Sudoku for beginners can be a little overwhelming because you do not understand how to play the game like experienced Sudoku puzzle solvers. It's a fully time pass games you can play with your friends and family. However, when you play Sudoku online as a beginner, switch to the Sudoku online easy mode to grasp the game and solve the Sudoku puzzles online.

When you play free online Sudoku, and you are determined to solve the Sudoku puzzles online successfully, you will, of course, need to know how you can do so. Here is a list of the daily Sudoku tips and tricks that will help you solve Sudoku without hassles.

  • Look for the easiest and the most plausible cells to insert your numbers. Do this in the initial stages when you play Sudoku for beginners.
  • Always make a note of missing numbers in free Sudoku. It helps you to keep looking for opportunities and options throughout the Sudoku game.
  • Keep moving your eye across the grid more often when playing the Sudoku game online. It pays to have a set of roving eyes. New possibilities will always crop up.
  • Don’t guess when unsure. Guessing in Sudoku online hardly ever pays off.
  • Keep evaluating the status of the board or grid at all times. Never stop re-evaluating the status. Every move counts; every analysis counts. What counts most is the constant re-evaluation when solving the Sudoku puzzles.
  • Never lose your patience. That is at the core of playing Sudoku. It is a game of logic and intellect blended with generous dollops of patience.

How to Download the Online App?

Whether you play Sudoku as a beginner or an experienced player, you need to know that playing daily Sudoku helps in increasing concentration power to a huge extent. Here is how you can download free games online.

  • Enter Sudoku on the search box of the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Click on install/download.
  • As soon as the game is downloaded, click on open.
  • Choose from the Sudoku online easy mode or Sudoku online hard mode as per your convenience and start playing the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer Sudoku is a puzzle game, which involves playing with logic and high concentration. The Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9*9 grid, further divided into 3*3 subgrids known as boxes or sub-squares. In the Sudoku game, players have to insert numbers from 1 to 9 by ensuring that the same numbers are not present on the same row or column.

Answer: To play Sudoku, you should first know the strategies associated with Sudoku online. Though believed to be a game for mathematicians, free Sudoku can be played by everyone. You have to insert numbers between 1 and 9 in the sub-squares and ensure that the number you are inserting to solve Sudoku is not already present on the same row or column. Opt for Sudoku for beginners if you are a first-time player.

Answer: When you solve the Sudoku puzzles online by placing critical thinking on the frontline, you are bound to score high. When you play Sudoku daily and choose the Sudoku easy mode, study the sub-squares and grids carefully before inserting a number. Critical thinking in free online Sudoku will save your game.

Answer: To win real cash by playing the Sudoku game online, you need to ensure that you are playing the game properly. A high score on the leaderboard will guarantee you to earn real money.

Answer: To play Sudoku online with friends, you have the option to invite them directly from the game platform. If they accept your invitation, they can start playing and enjoying the Sudoku online easy game with you.

Answer: Yes, you can! You can also make your little ones play Sudoku for kids to boost their problem-solving skills. If you are 18 years and above, you can also play numerous easy fun games online like Chess, Carrom, Ludo and Rummy on money earning app BMG and win real money daily!