Squad Game

Squad the game is one of the best first-person shooter team-based online shooting games released in 2015 on Steam Early Access. Set in the modern era, Squad the game is a sequel to the multi-award-winning game, Project Reality mod of Battlefield 2.

Amazing team play, satisfying immersive gameplay, and explosive battles are some features that make the Squad game tick among the best online games to play with friends. 

The online shooting game also ranks high among gun shooting games as it hosts gameplay of up to 80 players pitted against 40vs40 and also in small squads where you can enjoy the most realistic battles ever. 

Squad the Game: What Can You Expect?

In Squad the game, communication is everything as it is after all squad-based warfare. The online shooting game flaunts multiple playable factions such as various insurgent and state forces. A single match in one of the best online games out there includes two aggressive factions, each force divided among small squads with 9 players tops.  

In these shooting games, each Squad is formed with individual classes selected by the players themselves. The classes include medic, combat engineer, rifle, men, and anti-tank specialists. Each squad in one of the best shooting games ever is led by one leader whose job is to communicate with his allied leaders and build firebases and defense emplacements such as sandbags and crew-served weapons. The goal of the Squads is to capture the opponent’s areas to make them lose tickets.

Squad gun shooting games don't typically fall among free games to play but digital platforms like Steam made it one of the free games to play on special occasions. Squad the game flaunts 20 large open maps, vehicle-based arms battles, and self-constructed bases to create heart jolting immersive gaming experience. So, if you are ready, here’s all you need to know about how to kill it in one of the best online games to play with friends.

How to Play Squad the Game?

Rated 9/10 on Steam, get ready to learn the best online games to play with friends starting now. Here are the cornerstones of playing one of the best shooting games ever.


Communication is key to playing Squad the game. It's wiser if you plug in your earphones or else you might be kicked out of the team! You must follow the orders of the Squad leader to win in this online shooting game. So, don’t hesitate in communicating to your Squad leader under any circumstances because every bit of info can turn the game in your favor.

Large Maps

Like most online shooting games, maps are crucial in these gun shooting games of Squad the game. To enjoy the best online games to play with friends, you need to memorize the maps right from the start. Not many realize this, but doing so is one of the keys to mastering the best shooting games out there and Squad is no exception. Squad maps are enormous, so it's crucial you play on them as many times to be on point with key locations like the main base and spot where your squadmates are. 

It’s even better if you can learn how to call an enemy’s location. When you open the map in the online shooting game, you find 9 grids in all Squad maps. What makes Squad the game one of the best shooting games is that it ups the ante by letting you figure a few things out for yourself. 

There are no small maps with red blips telling you this is where your enemies are hiding in the gun shooting game, so you’ll be keener than ever to play these gun shooting games if you like a challenge. Going through the tutorial map should help you ace your movement and combat skills in Squad the game.

Game Mechanics

Last but never least, know the game mechanics to excel when you play games online especially, gun shooting games. Here, kills are secondary in nature especially in the early stages because they only mean 1 ticket loss, so you need to meet the objectives in the best shooting games of Squad. Destroy enemy vehicles and capture enemy points to make them lose as many as 28-52 tickets!

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What’s the Verdict?

Squad the game is an excellent FPS online shooting game that’s tactical and essentially relies on planning, teamwork, and communication. If you like tactical gun shooting games that challenge you and push your limits, Squad games are among the best shooting games and online games to play with friends at every single opportunity.

Sadly, it isn’t one of the free games to play, so you will need to play this online shooting game on Steam currently for INR 824. Money or no money, Squad is definitely one of the best shooting games you won’t mind spending a few bucks on if you dig gun shooting games. Give it a go!

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