Spot the Difference Game

There’s seldom any of us who haven’t heard or played this game at some point in our lives. Spot the Difference is a brilliant puzzle game that’s been perennial in nature. From children to adults, everyone is inclined to play this puzzle game simply because of the inherent element of spotting the difference! You may not be able to earn money online with games like these, but the fun quotient here is simply insatiable.

However, if you do wish to play free online games to earn money online, we have one of the best money-making apps where you can play 2 player games and multiplayer games that can get your buzz on. However, more on that later. Meanwhile, read on to know more about how to play the Spot the Difference game. 

How to Play Spot the Difference?

Spot the Difference is a classic puzzle game with a simple enough objective. You need to find out the differences between seemingly two or more similar pictures. The number of differences may vary from picture to picture. To play the game, you need to just tap on the screen when you spot the differences in the pictures.

A common factor that enhances the urgency to spot the difference in these games is time. You must be able to spot all the assigned differences within the given time period, or else it's game over. Like most games, the deeper you progress in Spot the Difference games, the levels shall get harder and you might find it tougher to crack them. 

All in all, Spot the Difference games are always fun and one of the best picks when you’re bored and feel like killing time. It's all about being able to see through the obvious in games like these, noticing the minute details, and being able to tell them apart. 

A Cool Hack to Win in Spot the Difference

One of the easiest ways to tell things apart in Spot the Difference is to cross your eyes in a way that your left eye looks at the right image and your right eye can concentrate on the left image. Do remember to look at both images simultaneously.  When you do this, the difference shall be evident because both eyes are seeing things differently from one another.

That’s it. Feel free to explore the internet and find a variety of Spot the Difference games and have fun all the way! Not to mention, you enjoy the perks of becoming a better observer noticing things that otherwise go unnoticed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To play Spot the Difference online, you simply need to tap on the screen to locate the missing/different object within the given time period and clear each level.

Answer: Yes. You will find various Spot the Difference games on the Google Play store. In 2 player online games, you must spot the difference before your friends or opponents do to win.