Spit Game

The spit card game is a game of speed. It indeed is a mind-boggling game where you need to be fast in discarding all your cards. This card game can only be played between two people. One of the players will distribute the card in a specified manner, which is explained in detail below.

Each player maintains five stockpiles with a certain number of cards, and ones that don't fit are transferred to the spit card pile. There are no turns or chances; you have to be fast enough to shred cards quickly. The spit pile is there for players to only play when they are stuck and not have any matching card from the face-up card stack.

According to the spit card game rules, you can either play a card that ranks one below the top card of the played pile or one rank above. For instance, if you choose the 4 of hearts, then your next move can either be 3 of hearts or 5 of hearts. The Ace here has a double role and can be played below two and above King.

How to Play the Spit Card Game Online?

The slam, speed, or spit card game is a fascinating, easy-to-learn game that encourages players to make decisions quickly as the winning part majorly depends on the player's speed. It can only be played between two players using a total of 104 cards (2 decks) from the deck. The player distributing cards has to divide the cards equally among each player, creating five unique piles with different card numbers. These cards need to be arranged in the following manner-

Stack 1: (0 cards face down), 1 card face up
Stack 2: 1 card face down; 1 card face up
Stack 3: 2 cards face down; 1 card face up
Stack 4: 3 cards face down; 1 card face up
Stack 5: 4 cards face down; 1 card face up

Now that the cards are all distributed, each player will have 11 cards left with them, called the spit card pile.

As per Spit card game rules, each player will now play the first card of their split pile, making it a base card for others. You have to look for a face-up card that is either one rank above the spit cards played or below. When a face-up card is used in the spit card game online, the players can open the cards below them to play their turns. Now, the game continues until any player is stuck or has shredded all their cards.

Both these situations are very different; talking of the first one, if any of the players are stuck, they can take help from the spit card pile to look for another card. However, if the player discards all its card stock, the person can put a hand on one of the card piles with fewer cards than the other. This move is known as "slapped" in the spit card game. The other pile is then handed over to another player. At last, when one player loses all its stock cards is considered the winner of the spit card game online.

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What are the rules of spit card game?

Different matches of the Spit card game

  • Perfect match- It contains cards that have equal rank and are identical to each other. For instance, if you get two 4's hearts, then these will be categorized under perfect match.
  • Strong match- These cards have equal rank, regardless of their suit. As the 2 of diamond and 2 of the club can be a strong match.
  • Weak match- A weak match is two cards equal in rank but differs in color, like the 5 of spade and 4 of hearts.
  • No match- If both cards fail to match, it is categorized as a no match. In short, they must have an equal rank or color or both to be played next to each other. A king of hearts and 2 of spades cannot be a match.

Ace can be both the lowest and the highest

According to spit card game rules, the Ace can be valued as both the highest and lowest cards of the deck. It joins the ends of a suit; while playing a spit card game, you can put Ace below the number 2 card and above the King.

Use the stockpile to fill up your spit cards

As we previously mentioned, when any player discards all its stock cards, they have to slap the card pile with fewer cards to start the game again. The same happens when you lose all your spit cards; the player can choose any of the piles and restart the game.

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What is the objective of the spit card game?

The main objective while playing a spit card game is speed. The player needs to be physically and mentally quick to win the game. Not only this, the winner of the game gets the benefit of reducing its card in the next round, which accelerates their chances of winning the tournament. You must dedicatedly practice achieving such spontaneity by playing spit card games online either for free or paid.

How to play a Spit Card game for free?

The spit card game can be easily played for free on mobile and PC. There are many authentic applications in the market that you can choose to play the spit card game. These platforms also offer daily cash tournaments that can help you earn extra money. However, before investing any money, give a proper read to all its policies to understand the platform's authenticity. You must read its online reviews to know if they offer the same services as claimed.

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FAQ: Play Spit Card Online Game

Answer: The spit card game, also known as the speed card game or slam card game, is among the most exciting and fun card games. It can be played between two people using the entire 52-cards. Here, the players systematically arrange the card and play as fast as possible to get rid of all their cards. There is no turn while playing the spit card game; players have to be active all the time to win the game. 

Answer: In the speed card game, the players maintain two piles on which they play their cards. They also contain spit cards that are reserve cards only to be used when a player gets stuck. So, when the spit cards get over, the fastest player will slap the played card pile with fewer cards. As per speed card game rules, the players then reshuffle all cards from the two piles at the center, leaving the top two cards that will help to continue the game further.