Space Invaders Game

Video gamers need no introduction to the most popular arcade games of all time- Space Invaders! A free arcade game originally developed in 1978 by Japanese engineer Nishikado Tomohiro and commercially released in 1982, the Space Invaders game was an instant hit. The idea and gameplay of the Space Invaders free game were simple. 

Defeat the relentless descending waves and waves of aliens by shooting with a horizontally moving laser and earn maximum points. This arcade game still sees maximum hits on the internet with searches like ‘Space Invaders Google’ still going high simply due to the nostalgic fun pinned to this arcade game.

By millennial standards, the Space Invaders game is simple but it was a technological feat that spawned the video game industry and pulled in the golden era of arcade games. This arcade game was so popular that it inspired the launch of many more arcade games across genres and even after 40+ years of its release, you can find Space Invaders as free online games to play on your smartphone! Yep, millennials too can trip back in time and simply type Space Invaders google 

and enjoy its free games online on their smartphones. Did you know that this arcade machine game of Space Invaders had placed over 100,000 machines just by the 1st year-end in 1978 grossing over $670 million in Japan alone? In fact, the legacy of this arcade machine gameplay has been such that developers of the most famous video games such as Super Mario, Metal Gear, and Super Mario cited Space Invaders as their introduction to video games!

So, want to know all about the best-selling video games of all time?  Read on and we tell you how to play this awesome arcade game today.

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How to Play a Space Invaders Game?

The Space Invaders game is relatively simple and straightforward. Levels after levels of shooting descending aliens by the player with a laser cannon while using shields to block alien fire!

As simple as the gameplay sounds in these free arcade machine games, you should know the speed of the alien's increases as you cross levels making the arcade game challenging as you go deeper. A bonus alien spaceship also appears from time to time in Space Invaders google giving you chances to score more points when you blow it up!

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Space Invaders Introduced Many Firsts!

The gameplay of Space Invaders was more interactive as enemies responded to the player’s controls and it was also the first free game with the concept of high scores! Space Invaders game was also the first arcade game where multiple enemies could attack the player back and contrary to arcade games then, it toyed with the idea of going round and round. Space Invaders games were also the first to offer multiple lives where you could take cover from enemy fire, use destructible barriers and the action intensified with the first continuous soundtrack ever!

So you see, the legacy and impact of this arcade machine game that you can now just type Space Invaders google and enjoy its free games online on your smartphone are such that it paved the way for future titles in video games and online games across genres-shooting games, sports games, arcade games, arcade machine games, and action games! Space Invaders games in fact pushed action to become the ruling genre in video games and download free games online. The gameplay of these arcade machine games inspired many to learn to program and become game designers back in the 80s.

In 2008, Nintendo decided to celebrate its 30th anniversary and released Space Invaders Get Even, an online game released only in Japan in which players can take control of the aliens instead of defending themselves with the laser cannon.

Space Invaders Google Play Store & App Store

Space Invaders games can now be found both on the App Store and Google Play store as online games. Search Space Invaders google and the play store shall pop up for you to download the arcade machine game. The gameplay of this epic King of shooting games has been recreated on the App store version as well. Go ahead, get Space Invaders on your phone to enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, you can download the Space Invaders game for free both on your PC and your smartphone. To get it on a mobile device, simply hit the App Store/ Play Store and download the game. For PC, you can download the Space Invaders arcade machine game from the Microsoft website for your Windows PC. You can also find the MAC version online.

Answer: Simply visit the Google Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. Type “Space Invaders” on the search bar. The game shall pop up in the list, click on “Install” and the download shall finish within seconds! Start playing the arcade machine game on the go!

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