Solitaire Game

History of Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire games are the most awesome single-player games that can be enjoyed during free hours. It's been so popular that over 150 versions of free Solitaire games have been up and about since the original Solitaire game was invented as early as in the 1700s. Books were written about earlier versions of Solitaire card games in Russia, Sweden, and the United States in the 1800s.

However, the free Solitaire game actually burst into popularity in the 1990s when Microsoft released its digital version of the Klondike Solitaire online card games and implemented it with Windows OS. If you are interested to know all about how to play Solitaire online and know the Solitaire rules from scratch, read on.

Rules of Online Solitaire Game

To learn solitaire gameplay online, all you need is you and a standard deck of 52 cards. The goal of the Solitaire card game is to arrange a shuffled deck of playing cards into 4 stacks as per their respective suits in ascending order, i.e. Ace low to King High.

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Dealing in Solitaire Games

When you play free Solitaire games, there exist four different piles as per the Solitaire rules.


Seven separate piles are set up on the main table when you play Solitaire online.

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Foundations are four unique piles upon which the player must build an entire sequence of one particular suit,  say Diamonds in ascending order in the free online Solitaire game. All four aces are placed on the bottom of the foundation piles in the Solitaire card game.

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The Stockpile

When you learn the solitaire online game, after laying the designated cards into seven piles, the remaining cards are placed together face down to form a Stockpile. As per the Solitaire rules, the player can pick up cards from the Stockpile and add them to the foundation piles when he runs out of possible moves in the tableau in the free Solitaire game.

Talon or the Discard Pile

All cards that lose their appropriate place in the tableau or fail to make valid foundations are placed face up in the discard pile in free online Solitaire. Also Check: Blackjack Online Card Game

Step by Step Guide on How to Play Solitaire Online?

Learning how to play Solitaire card games is not really a challenge. The Solitaire rules are simple to understand and you shall be playing in no time. 

  • The player needs to transfer or shift the face card cards in alternating colors from one pile to another to form the sequence in descending order from the top with the Ace at the bottom in free online Solitaire card games.
  • As per the Solitaire rules, you can either shift the face-up card or a stack of cards face up to any of the other piles that can build up a sequence in alternating colors.
  • An empty position in a tableau in the free Solitaire game can only be filled with a King of any suit.
  • When possible moves around the tableau run out, you can click on the stockpile to use three of its cards to create the talon in free Solitaire games.
  • If you fail to play the 1st card of the Talon, you can pick 3 more cards from the Stockpile when you play Solitaire online. 
  • When the stock runs out of cards eventually in the Solitaire card game, the entire Talon is reshuffled and you can use its cards to build your foundations once again. 
  • When you attempt to make your sequences in Tableau, you should also try to build the Foundation stacks when learning how to play Solitaire online.
  • You can always use the top face-up card from the piles in the Tableau or the Talon to make the foundations in free Solitaire online.
  • When you manage to shift all cards into the foundations in descending order, you win the free Solitaire game.
  • If you fail to complete the four foundations as per their suits and you run out of moves, you lose in free online Solitaire.

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How to Win in a Free Solitaire Game?

As a beginner, it is possible that you may run out of moves and lose a few Solitaire games. However, once you get the hang of the rules and possible outcomes, you can navigate your way towards victory in free Solitaire games.

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind if you wish to maximize your number of wins when learning how to play Solitaire games.

  • Grab every opportunity to place cards onto the foundations. Turn up as many hidden cards so as to unlock more moves when you play Solitaire online. This works well if you target stacks of cards in the larger pile so as to unlock more hidden cards in the columns as per the free Solitaire rules.
  • Target to unlock the lower cards of a sequence first so that you can form the base of the foundation when you play Solitaire card games. For instance, if you fail to unlock the Aces and 2s of the four suits, your future moves to build a foundation and progress remains locked.
  • Do not touch or play cards from the Stockpile or the reserve pile until you completely run out of moves in the playing area. If you use cards from the Stockpile early in the Solitaire card game, you create the unwanted possibility to lock future moves when you learn the free Solitaire game.

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  • If the version you’re playing of the free Solitaire game has the option to check out the second card hidden beneath the top card, always choose to check them all out. This way, you know what cards you need to use to build the foundations and make progress when you play Solitaire games.
  • Keep in mind the color of the suit when you are putting a King into an empty pile when you learn how to play Solitaire games. This is a crucial move because you need to observe the top cards available in the columns and tableau that can lead on to their respective foundations. Therefore, if you got a Queen of Spades and a Jack of Hearts, it would be wise to place a King of Hearts or Diamonds onto the empty pile to form your foundations in free Solitaire online. 
  • A rare move not frequently adopted or known by even the pros in free Solitaire games, draw a card or the first three cards from the stockpile to give yourself more options before you move around cards in the columns. In the Solitaire card game, this gives you a kick-start when you learn the free solitaire game because, unlike the standard moves, this one unlocks more possible moves.

Now that you know the key free Solitaire game moves, do use these tips in mind to start off with a winning game today.

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Is Solitaire a Game of Skill or Luck?

Like most tash games, free Solitaire games are a mixture of luck and skill. However, in the end, when you learn how to play Solitaire games, you understand that the outcome of the game is predominantly based on your skills. Obviously, you have no control or say over the type of cards and the manner they are dealt to you, but you can always turn around even a losing game to your favor if you know to play the right moves. 

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You must be very mindful of the available cards that are face up and always think about the future when you learn online card games. You must be able to anticipate the future possibilities in terms of moves and making your foundations in free online solitaire if you wish to succeed in every game you play. 

If you stick to the Solitaire rules and keep the aforementioned strategies in mind before playing the online solitaire game for free, you should be good.

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Is There A Least Number of Moves You Need to Win in Free Solitaire Games?

The number of moves needed to win in free online Solitaire games varies as per the version you choose to play. If you play the 3-card free Solitaire game, you will be required to play at least 60 moves to win the game. If you play the card variation of the free Solitaire card game, a minimum of 60 moves must be played to win the game.

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Are There Any Benefits of Playing Solitaire Online?

For sure. Winning free online Solitaire games requires decent calculation and prediction of the odds of winning in a certain number of moves. Also, choosing to play Solitaire online is a much better choice rather than playing it manually. We tell you why.

  • Dealing cards is automated in Solitaire online versions

Setting up any card game physically could be tiring and requires patience. Starting a new challenge after finishing one is even more mentally taxing. The digital version of free Solitaire games saves you plenty of time because the process of dealing cards for every single round is automated when you play Solitaire online.

  • Automated Rules!

If you learn the solitaire game rules, you know the rules automatically without learning them. You can forget about jotting the Solitaire rules down and checking them to know if you just made an invalid move in the game. Also, no one can really cheat their way to victory in the free online Solitaire version!

  • No room for Error

Yep. Life’s much easier when you don’t need a pen and paper to track scores. Plus, there is no room for error in counting in free online Solitaire. Literally, all of the manual labor is taken care of and all you need to do is enjoy the game.

Most Popular Variations of Online Solitaire Games

Klondike Solitaire

Play Klondike Solitaire Online

It is the most popular version and also the simplest of free online Solitaire games. If you choose to learn how to play Klondike Solitaire online, this would be an easy pick. Although it is believed to have originated in Canada, Microsoft's inclusion on Windows in 1990 made the free Solitaire game a massive hit!

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire Online Game

Klondike might be the popular version, but in terms of a challenge and uniqueness, Spider Solitaire games would be an ideal choice. This one especially has sub-variations played with 2 suits and 4 suits respectively. As per the Solitaire rules, the inclusion of different suits is what makes the free Solitaire Spider an interesting choice.

TriPeaks Solitaire

Online Tripeaks-Solitaire Game

Also popularly called Tri Towers, Triple Peaks, or simply Three Peaks, this variation catches its name from the 3 peaks of Pyramid in the card’s display on the tableau of the free Solitaire game. 

Freecell Solitaire

freecell solitaire online

This one is perhaps the most quirky version if you choose to learn to play Solitaire online. Freecell is played using a single deck of 52 cards dealt randomly across 7 piles and contains no stockpile. As per the Freecell Solitaire rules, all cards are placed face-up forward in the game. The objective of Freecell Solitaire games is to build all four foundations by their suits.

Pyramid Solitaire


Pyramid Solitaire online derives its nomenclature from a single shape of the pyramid in the way all cards are dealt on the tableau as per the Solitaire rules. By statistics, this free online Solitaire tash wala game is one of the hardest variations to beat. You must be quite strategic in every move you play because you get to check out the Stockpile only once, thereby allowing the player only 1 in 50 chances of winning in this Solitaire card game.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Solitaire games are typically single-player games that are played with a deck of 52 cards. Players are dealt shuffled piles of cards that need to be arranged in columns of sequences in alternating colors in the Solitaire card game. These columns once completed need to be moved onto the foundation piles.

Answer: The best platform to play free online Solitaire games is the Microsoft Windows collection on your PC. You can play a variety of free Solitaire game variations such as Klondike, Pyramid, TriPeaks, and Spider Solitaire.

Answer: You can either access free Solitaire card games on the Play Store for your smartphone. To play Solitaire on your PC, simply type in Solitaire games and the Microsoft collection of Solitaire card games shall appear on the screen.

Answer: Yes, there are plenty of free apps where you can play the solitaire games for free and have fun. You can download free online Solitaire games from the Play Store, App store as well as on your Windows PC free.

Answer: If you wish to learn how to play Solitaire from scratch, you can choose from some really cool variations of the Solitaire game: Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, TriPeaks, and Freecell.

Answer: The most popular free Solitaire games that you can enjoy on your smartphones and tablets are Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Pyramid Solitaire, Klondike, and TriPeaks.