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The Soccer game aka online football games is one of the most famous sports in the world. The game is played between two teams, each consisting of eleven players on a big grass field with a goal post on each end. The aim of the game is to put the ball into the opposition’s goal post. The video game makers also saw this opportunity to make millions by making video games of soccer which were an instant hit among the gamers.

Soccer online games have been around for so long that they predate the first gaming console. When early consoles came out, we started seeing games like Fifa and Football Manager, which are now huge gaming franchises. Online soccer games like Pro Evolution Soccer, Score, Dream League, etc. are some of the other best free online games. However, the Fifa series which is developed by EA Sports remains the most successful and loved soccer game franchise across the world. It is a multiplayer game available for PCs, Xbox, and Playstation where you can play live soccer with your friends. The latest version of Fifa (Soccer: Euro Cup 2021) also has the option to play a live soccer game with your friends online. You can now play an array of soccer games on your PCs or mobile phones by either downloading or streaming them.

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How to Play a Soccer Online Football Game?

Games like Fifa and Dream League Soccer are immensely popular among the gaming fraternity and are not going to fade out anytime soon. Soccer games are one of the top choices for the best online games to play with friends. There are a dozen of these games available in the market for you to dive in. You can play games like Score, Dream League, and Pro Evolution Soccer by downloading them on your android/ios devices. Heavier games like Fifa (Soccer: Euro Cup 2021) and Football Manager can be played on your laptops and PCs, all you need to do is install them.

There might be differences between the various soccer games in terms of graphics quality, gameplay, controls, players to choose from, tournaments, etc but the main plot of all the games is the same. Your sole intention in these games is to win matches and finally the tournament. This means that with a little practice, you will be able to play any soccer game without difficulty.

Here are a few tips and tricks which will help you score better so that you can win matches, irrespective of which soccer game you are playing.

  • This may sound counter-intuitive because probably you have been playing online soccer games all your life by sprinting, but don’t always sprint. Sprinting doesn’t just tire players out; it also makes it harder for them to control the ball, pick a pass out, and make the power bar move much faster. So, always sprint only when necessary.
  • Always get to know your players in the game you are playing. Some have better pace, some are better in the air, some can’t use skill moves, some can’t hit it with their weaker foot, etc. Knowing each player's strengths (and probably more importantly, weaknesses) means you’ll never put them in situations they can’t handle.
  • Just like the actual game, if you can time your finishes, you will be rewarded with much more consistent shots and surely score more goals. It's worth spending time in practice modes or kick-off games to get used to this.
  • Just like in the actual sport, the pace is a very effective tool in online soccer games which has made counterattacks more lethal. Passing isn't quite reliable in these soccer games, so opting for a more direct approach to attacking could be hugely beneficial.
  • The players in online soccer games cannot rely on AI alone just for defense. So, it is always advisable that you jockey more during the defense. It will help you to take control of the ball and outsmart your opponents.
  • As mentioned earlier, defending is tough in these soccer game downloads. One neat trick to keep in mind is you can control the power of your tackle. Fully charging your tackle will cause your defender to lunge forward which is perfect for a surprise challenge or ensuring that the attacker can't recover the rebound.

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Steps to Play Soccer Online?

To play soccer games on your mobile phones or PCs, you can easily download them to your devices. A lot of these are free games but if you want to enjoy Fifa on your PC or Xbox consoles, you will have to buy it.

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while playing a live soccer game online.

  • Understanding the rules of the soccer game you are playing is of utmost importance. There are a dozen of these live soccer games and each game has its own set of rules regarding playtime, graphic settings, control of the players, etc. though their basic layout is the same. So, it is very important to know the settings and rules of the soccer game which you are playing.
  • Learning how to do a perfect header will take you a long way in these soccer stream games. A header involves touching the ball with your head and it can be used to clear the ball, pass to a teammate or score a goal depending on the situation.
  • Know your passing techniques. It can be very tricky when it comes to passing in these soccer stream games. Depending on the position of your teammates in the soccer game download, you should know whether to make a short pass or a long pass.
  • It is important to improve your dribbling skills to win matches in the soccer game downloads. Dribbling allows you to maneuver the ball around the field without losing possession. It is a skill that needs a lot of practice if you want to do it perfectly.

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How to Download the App to Play Soccer?

There are a dozen soccer game downloads available both on the Play Store and Apple store for your android/ios mobile phones. You can easily download these free game apps with limited mobile data or wi-fi. Dream League Soccer, Score, and Kick-Off, are a few of the soccer games online that you can download for free. There are also soccer stream games that you can play online on various sites. You just need to find a genuine site where you get free games to play. Due to the popularity of soccer games online, you won’t have any problem finding decent games to play. So just take up your mobile phone, download a soccer game, and beat the blues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Soccer games are video games where the players play soccer against each other or AI. There are a lot of soccer games available but Fifa and Dream League Soccer are two of the most famous ones.

Answer: You can soccer stream the game online from various sites or just download the application on your android/ios devices. Soccer games are one of the best mobile games to play with friends.

Answer: In the game of soccer the only way to score high while playing online is to score as many goals as possible. The more goals you score in the free game, the more soccer score you get.

Answer: You can’t win real cash by playing soccer games. If you want to win some cash by playing the best online games to play with friends, visit Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG), the best app to earn money and play awesome fun games like Lodu, Carrom, Chess, Rummy, and even Poker with your friends and also earn money.

Answer: There are some soccer games that let you play the free game online with friends. Soccer: Euro Cup 2021 is one such online game that can be played with friends. You can visit the BMG site for the best online games for android to play with friends.

Answer: Yes, you can play most of the soccer games online for free. You will also find a lot of free online games to play at BMG such as poker, ludo, carrom board, rummy and also win real money.

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