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Today, skills games or Skill-based online games are the new food for off-duty hours and weekends for millennials and Gen Z alike. The fun quotient doubles when you add cash rewards to your game sessions. Such is the trend that online skill games for money are the buzzword today. Not to mention, you get to conjure social connections and induce creativity and a range of life skills that could profit you in various walks of life.

However, do not confuse this genre with games of chance, because the concrete returns you can enjoy with a skills game are purely merit-based and do not come easy.

As opposed to games of chance that involve gambling your luck and hence, includes most casino games, a skills game is essentially won by employing a specific set of skills and real-time strategy to enjoy consistent success. Needless to say, like most sports, skill-based online games carry a slim element of luck but your end result is dominated by how you play the game irrespective of the cards you are dealt.

BMG Unlocks the Best Online Skill Games for Money

By the same token, Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG), India’s fastest growing online gaming community brings to you a rich collection of the most variegated skill-based online games playable live seamlessly round the clock. Offered to you for a vast range of stakes, even beginners can kick-off for as low as INR 1 on this platform! Yep, it's a free invitation to test your motor skills by playing our online skill games for money for stakes you solely prefer.

So, if you'll have us, we have for you the most exhilarating bunch of skill games from the genre of real money games that could fetch you credible rewards for your efforts on your screen time.

Card Games

Texas Holde’m Poker, 4 Card PLO Poker, 5 Card Omaha Poker, Open Face Chinese Poker, 13 Card Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy

Fantasy Sports

Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Kabaddi

Arcade Games

Carrom, 8 Ball Pool, Rise Up, Falling Through, Bottle Shoot, Tomato Crush, Forest Warrior, Ninja Action 2, Stud Rider, Dino Jump, Aqua Blocks, Speedy Boat, Defenders Mission, Egypt Stone War, Krishna Jump, City Cricket 2021, Fruit Chop, Goblins vs Skeletons, Halloween Night, Piggy Night, Jumpy Kangaroo, Feed Bobo

All real money games on BMG are skill-based online games, therefore, we do not suggest you play for high stakes right away and win a fortune overnight. Players will have to work their way up the ladder from the bottom up to play, learn and earn more with time. 

Perfect Game Strategy to Win Cash in Skills Game

When we discuss a skills game, winning is hard work. The nature of skills also varies depending on the kind of online skill game you choose to play. In an arcade-based skills game, you mostly require motor skills and quick reflexes to score higher than your opponents and win more money. So, the more you play, the faster you learn as your brain simultaneously generates muscle memory helping you to inch closer to victory and set new milestones.

When it comes to online skill games for money involving cards, a whole new set of skills and strategic thinking must be applied on the tables. For instance, let’s take Poker, one of the most highly rewarding online skill games that are suffusing throughout the Indian gaming landscape as one of the top real money games today. While the audience may perceive its popularity due to its highly rewarding quotient, the truth is, the game is thrilling and complex inherently so much that it compels you to broaden your perspective and decision-making process. As such skill-based online games such as Poker demands respect and undivided attention if you really wish to thrive and make decent profits in the long term.

For those who simply wish to enjoy real money games for fun and social interaction, there’s a lot to choose from as you can see from the list above. 13 Card Rummy and arcade games are incredibly fun stress busters that can earn you cash rewards if you play them regularly. 

For those carrying an affinity for field sports such as Football and Cricket, the realm of Fantasy sports is the perfect choice from our list of online skill games for money. Assuming you already carry the basic knowledge of your favorite sport, why not enhance it and use the same to reap profits via real money games of Fantasy sports? 

From the likes of fantasy Football to Cricket to even Basketball, fans of the sport can create their own virtual team of favorite players for an upcoming match, and based on their performance on the field, you get points. The better they perform, the more you earn in these real money games. 

To put things into perspective, in order to create a team in online skill games of money concerning Fantasy cricket, you must stay updated with various elements of the sport in question, read the news, follow match predictions, and know the strength and weaknesses of players, their current form and track record. This comes usually easy if you are already a fan.

Therefore, if you’re ready to enjoy online skill games for money and explore the most exciting collection of tournaments, leagues, and live battles, download the BMG app today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Poker is perhaps one of the most highly skill-based online games that require a string of in-depth skills and tactical and critical thinking along with calculating probabilities to become a winning player. It also falls among the highest-earning real money games in the world.

Answer: There are many card games that fall in the genre of online skill games for money. The most thrilling skills games include the likes Poker, Indian Rummy, and Call Break, Roblox online games. These skill-based online games require a fair degree of focus, strategic and critical thinking, basic mathematics, and learning probabilities to be a winning player.

Answer: Certainly. You can play cards online with friends on India’s fastest online gaming community, BMG. Play the most thrilling skill-based online games and real money games such as Texas Hold'em, Poker Rake, Omaha Poker, OFC Poker, 13 Card Rummy for stakes of your choice and win real money.

Answer: Yes. You can play skills games of all kinds and genres on BMG. Play card games such as Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, 13 Card Rummy, and real money games of Fantasy Sports such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball. Play skill-based online games as easy as Carrom, 8 Ball Pool, and Fruit Chop with your friends on BMG and earn instant withdrawals of cash winnings to your KYC verified account.

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