Seep Card Game

Looking for a new game to exercise those lazy neurons? How about an awesome game called the Seep Card game? Also known as Sip, Shiv, or Sweep, the Seep card game is quite similar to another game called Casino. The Sweep card game is essentially a four-player game that’s played in partnerships and is quite the hit in northern parts of India. The partners sit across from each other during the game. 

What’s the Objective of the Seep Online Card Game?

The primary goal of the Sweep card game is to collect all valuable cards from the layout on the table. The game is over when either team has a lead of 100 points or more than the opponent.

How to Collect Cards?

Players need to play a card from one of their hands and pick up 1 or more cards that have the capture value that’s equal to the card you have in your hand as per the Seep card game rules. This means the card in your hand requires you to collect cards from the layout that equals in value.

Here are the points each card carries as per Seep card game rules.

Ace: 1 point

J: 11 points

Number 2-10: points as per their face value

Q: 12 points

When you play a Seep card game online, you can form cards into piles and houses. Houses are meant to be collected as a unit only. The cards laid on the floor or table separated from a house are called loose cards.

When a Seep card game online is over, the total value of the collected cards is tallied as per the following Seep card game rules.

  • Spades-suited cards carry points equal to the capture value.
  • Aces of other suits are of one point each.
  • 10 diamonds carry 6 points.

The rest of the 35 cards in a deck carry no points, so if they are collected, you get zero points for them. In totality, the deck contains 100 points.

Scoring a Sweep

Players can also score a sweep in the Seep card game online. A sweep is worth 50 points and can be captured if a player manages to collect all available cards in the layout at once. If you score a sweep in the beginning of the game, as per the Seep card game rules, you only get 25 points. Scoring one in the last round of the game shall score you zero points.

Dealing in the Seep Card Game

At the beginning of the game, you chose the dealer randomly as per your choice. After the first round, any member of the team who lost deals the cards. 

The dealer gets to shuffle the deck and offers the player to his right to make the cut. He then gives 4 cards to the player and lays another 4 cards on the table as per the Seep card game rules. The player to the dealer’s right observes the cards dealt on the table and then bids to make a house based on those cards. 

As per Seep card game rules, the numbers should be between 9 and 13 and should be of the same value as that in hand. When you play the Sweep card game, you can’t bid if you have no cards that rank higher than 8.  When a player bids, the four cards on the layout are shown to all players. The bidding player now must either:

  • Create a house with the value that equals the bid by collecting cards from the floor with the one in the hand.
  • Play a single card that equals the bidding amount. Collect cards from the floor of the same value.
  • Discard your card that’s equal to the bidding value and stays loose on the floor.

When this is done, the dealer completes the process by dealing the remaining cards in sets of four from right to left. The player right to the dealer shall have 11 cards as they have already played one card and the rest of the players will have 12 cards as per the Seep card game rules.

How to Play the Sweep Card Game?

The actual game begins now! The bids are done and the player to the dealer’s right acts and the game continues clockwise. Each player plays a single card from his or her hand, as such, each player gets 12 turns. A single Sweep card game is played until all players have emptied their hands.

Moves in Seep Card Game

  • Create a new house or add cards to an existing house.
  • Collect cards and make houses. Collected cards must be stored together by the partners and piled in front of one of the partners.
  • Discard a loose card that cannot be played into a house.
  • All loose cards and those in the houses must be put face up to be shown to all players.

Players have the right to check their houses throughout the Seep card game online. However, collected cards can be checked only during the turn you capture them. You can’t do so when the next player plays his turn as per the Seep card game rules.

What are the Houses?

Houses are piles made of 2 or more cards and can be collected as a single unit. The smallest capture is a 9 and the largest is 13, i.e. a King. You can only create houses if you get cards equal to the capture value as you need that card to pick it up later in order to earn points in the Sweep card game.

Each house on the floor has at least one owner who is the player who creates it. If you break a house, the player who breaks it last becomes the owner in the Seep card game online. Players owning houses must always have the capture card of the same value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The Seep card game is all about collecting cards and making houses and scoring maximum points. It's played in partnerships and you win in teams.

Answer: The rules of the Seep card game state that all players must collect cards and make houses and score sweeps to earn maximum points. The team to scores 100 points or more first than the other wins the Seep card game.

Answer: The Seep card game is also popularly known by other names in various parts of India- Siv, Shiv, Sweep are some of them.