Scattergories Game

If you need a quick refresher, games like Scattergories are here to rescue you. The Scattergories game is nothing but a word game, where you have to fill out lists with several unique categories like colors, actors, or things. Scattergories can boost your creative thinking abilities. Since it is one of the top online multiplayer games, this will be ideal if you are craving an inconsequential competition with your friends or family.

Scattergories games have the ideal capability of awakening the nostalgic part of the brain. To play Scattergories online, simply read on.

Overview of Scattergories Online Game

Primarily belonging to the category of party games online, Scattergories is just what you need to get your neurons busy and working. The Scattergories game was published in 1988 by the Parker Brothers. Later on, Hasbro purchased Parker Brothers, and Scattergories was published internationally under the brand Milton Bradley. For someone loving word games, Scattergories is one of the best possible word games online one can ask for.

Being among the most-loved games online, the Scattergories online game is among the top online multiplayer games of all time and can be enjoyed by two to six players. The main objective of Scattergories is scoring points by naming objects in the given categories within a stipulated time. The Scattergories online game is based on the traditional game known as Categories.

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Know-How to Play Scattergories Online Game

The fun trivia game is not only easy to play but will leave you feeling fresh. To play the Scattergories game here is all that you should know.

  • Firstly, Scattergories is normally played in three rounds.
  • Every player in the Scattergories game has to take a folder and decide the list that he/she wants to use. The card has to be clipped onto a folder, and it is the responsibility of all players to ensure that nobody has a separate list while playing Scattergories.
  • After setting the rolling board, the letter dice will be rolled out by a player, and when it stops, the letter is called out. This letter will be the main letter that will be used for this particular round in this best online game.
  • The timer in Scattergories needs to be set to begin the round.
  • All players in the Scattergories game quickly fill the answer sheet, and every answer needs to fit the appropriate category. Also, they should begin with the selected letter.
  • As soon as the timer in Scattergories stop, players must stop writing.
  • Players will read the answers aloud and circle answers that do not match with the opponents. For every unmatched answer, players get the point.
  • The same steps have to be followed for the next rounds.
  • When the Scattergories game ends, the scores will be calculated, and the player with the highest points wins.

Here are some important Scattergories online rules for acceptable answers:

  • The words need to start with the key letter.
  • Articles like a, an, and the can never be used as key letters.
  • The same answers cannot be given repeatedly. 
  • No adjectives will be acceptable. 

The knots of your brain can be untied with amazing real money games such as Scattergories. Make sure you understand all the necessary rules to play this game perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, Scattergories is one of the fun word games that can be played online with two to six players.

Answer: To play Scattergories online with friends, you have to share the invite link with them. Once they join the game using your link, you can start playing online multiplayer games of Scattergories together.

Answer: A minimum of two to six players can play the Scattergories game online. 

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