Salazar Game

Online mobile gaming is extremely popular today, and people worldwide love to play fun mini-games online. One such amazing online game that is receiving a lot of love is Salazar. To play this interesting and free online game, you need to know all about it. Here is everything you need to know about the Salazar game to play and win big.

About Salazar Game

Salazar is a fun arcade game owned by RoboWhale. The Salazar game is well optimized with addictive graphics and the character Salazar is an alchemist who looks like Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings series. You will not be able to leave this online game once you start playing it; it is that addictive. Players have termed the Salazar game as one of the best mobile games.

How to Play?

To play the top time pass games like Salazar, you need to ensure that you know how to play the game. Here is how you can play the online multiplayer game.

  • The game will take you through a brief intro given by the good old Salazar, the Alchemist himself.
  • He will make you familiar with the game, but you need to figure out the game yourself, and we tell you, it is much harder than it looks.
  • The basic aim of the game is to combine similar-looking objects to create a new object, but there is a catch that will blow your mind away.

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Steps to Play Salazar online

Playing an online game means that you need to know every step associated with playing the free game perfectly in order to win. Here is a list of the steps associated with the online game- Salazar.

  • As easy as it may look, the Salazar game is all about being organized and putting your mathematical knowledge to the test. Inside the top layer of being an alchemist game, it hides the same principles of the game 2048 that all of us loved and could not let go of.
  • Yes, this online game does work on the principle of 2048. Just like 2048, the Salazar game is played in a 4X4 cube with a few exceptions. In 2048, we matched the smaller numbers to create a bigger one; let’s say we had to match two boxes of the number 2 to get 4, two boxes of the number 4 to get 8, and so on, till we finally reached the number 2048, and the game would end there.
  • Here, we start from a lead; the leaf turns into a mushroom, the mushroom turns into a skull, the skull turns into a crystal, the crystal turns into a cauldron, the cauldron turns into a magical potion, and so on, until you reach the final alchemist element, which is the eleventh combination and you would win the free game.
  • Unlike 2048, where we could match the boxes only horizontally or vertically, we can move them diagonally, and we also have the freedom to match more than one or two boxes to keep the 4X4 free of space.
  • You just have to keep matching similar-looking objects in the free game- Salazar and make sure that there is always enough space on the cube to allow new objects to come down and have moves to match them. The moment you run out of moves or combinations, it is game over, and you would have to start at the grass-root level again, with the leaves even if you had just reached the cauldron.
  • Make sure to take your time and figure out which object to match first so that you have enough space for the next lot and keep the cube clutter-free. Plus, keep a constant calculation in your head about what you will get if you match the two objects in the Salazar game. For example, if you need two skulls to match the current skull, you don’t have to match three mushrooms, and you can’t expect to get a skull if you match the leaves. The chronology of the objects changing is very important.

It is obvious by now that Salazar game is by far one of the best online games to play right now!

How to Win Salazar Free Game?

There is no denying that Salazar is an amazing online multiplayer game. Here are a few tips and tricks to follow to win the best online games for android.

  • This online game, although being arcade, is all about mathematics and calculations. You just have to focus on keeping the cube clean and make sure the heavier elements are at the bottom while the basic ones keep dropping from the top. Look at it as a treasury; the elements that are made by combining eight consecutive items need to be stored at the bottom. For them to be combined, you would need another element that is made up of eight combinations. Therefore, keep storing and keep sorting in this free game.
  • Do not forget about the boosters you can buy to remove an element that stops you from combining the other elements. You can buy boosters from the coins that you earn by combining other elements. The more you combine, the more coins you earn, the more boosters you can buy, and the more chances you have of finishing the Salazar game.
  • Unlike other time pass games, the Salazar game does have an end. You get to finish the game by combining the eleventh element, just like in the game 2048. The catch is you have to survive to find and combine three identical elements of that eleventh combination. Let’s just say that you make the eleventh combination, and it is called the elixir. You would have to repeat the whole process to make the second element. And then again, you have to make a match and finally finish this time pass game, and for you to do that, you need to survive that long.
  • This free game is all about practice and calculations. Still, the good thing about this free online game is that if you play it for long enough, you will figure out how to finally win by applying the right calculations at the right moment, plus you have the liberty of using power-ups. Use them just before you think you are about to run out of moves and combinations to survive.
  • Salazar game is not a time-based game but one of the best online games nonetheless, so take your time for every combination to make sure that you never run out of space or combinations.

How to Download the App?

To download the top free games to play like Salazar, here is what you should do-

  • Slide into your Play Store or App Store.
  • Type in the name of the game- Salazar, on the available search box.
  • As soon as the free online game appears, click on install.
  • Start playing the game after it has been downloaded on your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Salazar is an online game in which you have to work as the magical assistant of Salazar, the warlock. It is a matching game, which involves matching magical elements for a potion. When items are created in this free game, you gain points.

Answer: To play the Salazar game, you have to match different items on the cube to turn them into magical items and finally into the magic potion that the Warlock Salazar requires.

Answer: To score high in the Salazar free online game, you need to be extremely mindful when matching items. Also, you can use boosters and power-ups to up your game. You may also play real money games on BMG and earn money playing simple fun games like Ludo, Carrom, Chess and even Rummy!

Answer: To win money, staying on top of the leaderboard is a must! The higher you score in the game, the better your chances of winning money. Play similar real money games like Poker, Rummy, Chess and Fruit Chop daily and earn real money by staying home safe!

Answer: To play this online multiplayer game, you can directly invite your friends from the platform or share the game link to join directly. BMG is one of the best multiplayer gaming platforms to play the best mobile games with your friends and earn real money. Download the app from the official website to start earning daily!

Answer: Yes, you can play some of the best mobile games for free on Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) for fun and even double the fun by playing them for real money!

Answer: Yes, one of the best online games, Salazar, is free to play. You can also play simple mind games like Ludo, Fruit Chop, Bottle Shoot and earn real money every day on BMG.

Answer: This is a matching game in which the warlock Salazar wants to make a magical potion for reasons unknown. You will be his assistant in this online mobile game, mix all the right ingredients, create items, and win points.