Rummy Game

The Classic Strategy Card Game

One of India’s favorite and most famous card games, online rummy has taken the world by storm. On Baazi Mobile Gaming, you can play against thousands of other rummy enthusiasts to test your skills and win real cash. Enjoy free games, deposit offers, exclusive tournaments, and more!

One of the most exciting card games, which is played with two card decks and two jokers, is Rummy. Playing Online Rummy involves skill, and it is also known to be a fantastic brain booster.


The primary objective of playing rummy online is arranging all 13 cards in proper sequences and sets (known as melding). To emerge as the winner, the player needs to work on making two sequences, minimum. Out of these two sequences, one has to be a completely pure sequence, while the other one can be a valid set or sequence. If there is no pure sequence, a valid rummy declaration cannot be made.

Rummy can be played between two to six players, and a standard deck of 52 cards is necessary.

The deck of cards will be shuffled, and a dealer will be chosen. When you play rummy card games online, the dealing, shuffling, and scoring is automated in the app. The responsibility of the dealer is to deal cards to the players in the given order:

  • If there are two players, ten cards to each.
  • If there are 3 to 4 players, each will get seven cards.
  • If there are 5 or 6 players, each will get six cards.

All the cards that have not been dealt with are going to be placed face down in the center of the table, which forms the draw pile. The top-most card from the drop pile has to be placed face up and set right beside the draw pile. This top-most card is known to create the discarded pile.

As soon as the player starts playing and the pile becomes exhausted, all the cards will have to be shuffled. The exception will be the top-most card. This will form a new pile.

With every turn, the following sequence has to be followed:

  • One card has to be drawn either from the discard pile or the draw pile.
  • The player has to discard one card, and it has to be placed face-up right on top of the discarded deck.
  • However, one exception has to be kept in mind- if a player melds all the cards, he will not have to discard cards.
  • Also, if a player is drawing the top-most card from the discard pile, then he might not discard this card in the third step when his turn comes.

The melding of cards

  • There are two conditions to meld the cards.
  • Books or Groups- Three to four cards of a kind.
  • Runs or Sequences- Three or more consecutive cards belonging to one suit.

Finishing a round/hand

  • To make sure that a player is winning in this game, a declaration has to be made by the player. This is done by picking up one from the closed deck/open pile one last time and discarding another by clicking on the declare button.
  • The player has to make sure that his 13-card hand is arranged into proper melds of valid sets and sequences with no idle card remaining.
  • The 13-card hand must also include a Pure Sequence when playing 13-card rummy card games online.

Rummy Scoring- Whenever a player is going out, that round will be scored. All the cards that are present in the hands of the other players will be credited to the winning member in the following manner:

  • Aces will be worth 10 points each.
  • Number cards are equal to face value.
  • Face cards will be equal to 10 points each.

Winning Rummy- The player who reaches a particular number of points or has the maximum points after a certain number of hands have been played is the ultimate winner of the game.

Laying Off
Players can choose to play one or multiple cards that are in their hand and fit the meld currently present. This is termed “Laying Off.” All the cards that are being laid off are placed on the table right in front of the players who are playing them.

There are many variants of online rummy card games and they differ in some way or the other. Laying off isn’t an option in 13-card rummy games but is available in other rummy variants such as Rummy 500, Gin Rummy, and Knock Rummy.

Let us take an example into consideration-

One player has already melded cards, including three eights. The second player can choose to lay off one eight from his hand.

13 Card Rummy

The 13 Card Rummy game, also known as Indian Rummy is an extension of Gin Rummy variation. All players are dealt 13 cards each that they must group into valid sets and sequences by picking and discarding cards from the open/closed pile. Jokers can be used as substitutes for missing cards in combinations. To declare, you must include at least one pure sequence in all your combinations.

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is a beginner’s favorite as it is the simplest and the most basic form of 13 card Rummy. It is also the most popular because deals are quick and rounds are brief, 2 to 3 minutes tops, although it may extend if you have more players on the table. The winner is the player who makes a valid declaration first among all opponents and scores zero penalty points.

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is similar to Points Rummy but is played as per a predetermined number of deals. At the beginning, all players get an equal amount of chips but they must give them away to the winning player after the completion of each deal. After all the deals, the player that collects the maximum number of chips is declared the winner.

Pool Rummy

In the Pool Rummy variant, the players pool in their money to play. This also forms the prize pool in real money games. This game has two sub-variations of its own, namely 101 Pool rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. Pool Rummy game rules are similar to Points Rummy, where there's just one winner; however, the rest are eliminated once they receive 101 or 201 points or more, based on whichever variant is being played.

Here is the complete list of online rummy terms commonly used to play 13 card rummy games and its popular variants. If you are new to playing rummy online on BMG, this glossary of online rummy terms will help you settle in the game with ease.

Ace can be used as the highest card and the lowest card in a 13 card rummy game. You can create a sequence of A,K,Q where Ace acts the highest, and A,2,3 where Ace is the lowest denominator.

Best of three
This form is used in Deals rummy, a variation of 13 card rummy game where players play for 3 pre-decided deals. The player collecting the highest number of chips by the end of 3 deals is the winner.

It is the entry fee used to play real cash rummy games or online rummy tournaments on BMG.

Chips are a virtual representation of real money. Chips are used to play practice games of online rummy in BMG.

The player who deals the cards to all players is the dealer. In online rummy, the function of the Dealer is automated while in offline rummy games, the dealer is decided among the players themselves.

Unmatched cards in a rummy game

Discard Pile
A discard pile in a 13 card rummy game is the open pile of cards where players throw their 14th unwanted card every time they pick one from the face down deck/discard pile itself.

When you play the online rummy variant of 13 card rummy game, to declare is to meld all your group of valid sets and sequences together and hit the “declare” button to finish your game.

Draw Pile
It is the face down deck of cards from which players pick up one card each on their turn to form their combinations in a 13 card rummy game.

To drop is to quit a game of rummy either before it has begun or after players have played a couple of turns. A player can drop out of an online rummy game in three different stages and choosing to do so shall cost them penalty points accordingly.

Face card
Kings, Queens, Aces and Jacks of all suits are called Face cards

Hand is the total number of cards in a particular deal/round of 13 card rummy game.

Impure Sequence
The arrangement of three or more cards of the same suit in a serial manner with the help of a joker or a wild card.

Joker is a wild card used as a trump card to substitute or represent a missing card in a set or sequence in 13 card rummy.

Lay off
It means to discard individual cards in a rummy game in an opponent’s meld to reduce your own.

Grouping or organizing your cards into valid sets and sequences

Pure Sequence
A serial arrangement of three or more cards of the same suit in 13 card rummy game

Printed Joker
The card with the face of a Joker, also known as the wild card

Prize Pool
It is the prize money that is pooled in by the collective entry fee of all participants in a rummy tournament. Winners claim their share of the prize pool according to their scores in the leaderboard on BMG.

Run is a Sequence formed by arranging three or more cards of the same suit

Arrangement of three or more cards of the same suit with or without the help of a Joker/Wild Card

A group of three or more cards of the same rank but of different suits.

All cards are divided into four kinds or suits- Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds

Wild Card
A random card that is selected in a fresh 13-card rummy game to be the trump card and plays the role of a Joker

On BMG, you can play two popular types of online rummy games- cash games and tournaments. Both formats carry their own unique appeal and motivation.

Cash Rummy Games

  • Cash rummy games are the quick and fun format of 13 Card rummy games that you can play across stakes on BMG. You can pick and choose these cash rummy games from three popular variations of 13 card rummy.
  • Points Rummy, 101 Pool Rummy, 201 Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy
  • All cash rummy games are available across a wide range of stakes- micro/low/mid/high
  • Real cash rummy games are available 24*7 on the app

Cash Rummy Game Benefits:

  • Relentless monthly and year-long promotions such as Happy Hours run on real cash rummy games on BMG.
  • All cash games are laced with BMG’s top-of-the-line lifetime Loyalty Rewards program, Baazi Rewards.
  • You play real cash rummy games and earn Reward Points for free and unlock luxurious rewards throughout your gaming run on BMG.
  • Cash rummy games are perfect to kill stress and earn some extra dough on the go.

Rummy Tournaments

  • Rummy tournaments are a series of multi=table multi-player rummy games where players play multiple rounds of rummy games and the last player standing wins the tournament. All players pool in an entry fee to register and participate in the rummy tournament and top scorers can win Leaderboard rewards and cash prizes from the total prize pool.
  • Perhaps, the best highlight of online rummy tournaments compared to cash games is that you get to win from incredible prize pools just by playing well in a single tournament. The amount of dedication, skill and focus required to win in online rummy tournaments is fairly deeper than cash games as you compete in a larger pool of regular rummy players who are in it to win it.

How are rummy tournaments different from cash games?

  • Cash rummy games are one off games with just one deal. You sit at a table, play the game and the person who validly declares one’s game first among all wins the game and the cash prize.
  • An online rummy tournament doesn’t end in one deal. Players must play multiple deals with several tables running simultaneously. Tables merge as players get eliminated until there’s only one table left. Each table plays a fixed number of deals. If one table has finished their deals, it has to wait until the rest finishes theirs.
  • Unlike real cash rummy games, some online rummy tournaments can be played for free on BMG without any buy-in fee. Another key difference is due to the larger number of participants and multiple rounds, online rummy tournaments are played for longer durations.

Rummy has always been popular traditionally, and nowadays, with everyone becoming busy and drowning in work, people have shifted to online gaming platforms to play this interesting and rewarding card game digitally, not to mention, with the help of online rummy, players have even started winning real cash. Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) offers tones of bonus offers and welcome bonus money to kickstart your run.

You can also download the rummy app to make sure that you are playing on the go even when you are traveling to official or elsewhere.

Playing Rummy on BMG will offer players loads of innovative and exciting experiences, which they might not get on the other platforms. BMG has constantly been supercharging the level of online rummy by offering a versatile palette of tournaments, new formats and promotions. As a player, you can be assured that you are going to be rewarded every time you play cash games through a bunch of Loyalty Rewards, irrespective of the results at the tables.

BMG is responsible for offering attractive deals on a daily basis along with new events and tournaments each week. Here is why you should choose to play Rummy on BMG-

  • The online payment gateways have been powered by bank-grade security for safe and secure transactions.
  • Best in class lifetime Loyalty Rewards program on the cash tables.
  • Whenever you are playing, it is your money, and your withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours.
  • The cheapest buy-ins for the biggest guarantees!
  • Awesome bonus offers on deposits to boost your winnings every day.

Furthermore, you have the option to play rummy for free on BMG and up your gaming skills. You can play practice games and free entry tournaments of rummy on BMG anytime and switch to real money games when you are ready.

Here are all the rummy rules for you to garner knowledge before you start playing this skillful game.

13 Card Rummy

  •  This is the traditional form of Rummy, which is played with two decks of cards that also includes the jokers, one joker in each deck. In Indian Rummy, the Aces have a high rank. This is why the cards in a deck rank in the following order:

Ace is normally used as a face card or value 1 when the set is made like- Queen King Ace. The values are:

  • Face cards (King, Queen, and Joker)- 10 points.
  • Ace- 10 points
  • The remaining cards are valued as per their value- Like 2 of Spade will be valued at 2 points.

10 Card Rummy

  • 10 Card rummy game is the shortest possible version of online Rummy. This game leads to instant rewards because of the quick gaming technique. This game can have between two to six players.
  • When more than two players are at the table, two decks of cards with 53 cards per deck are used.
    The game can be played with a single deck of cards when two players are at the table.

21 Card Rummy

This game of Rummy is normally played with the Points Rummy Variant. Two to six players can play this game with three card decks. Furthermore, extra pairs of UP and DOWN joker cards, respectively, are used.

27 Card Rummy

This rummy game is also played with the Points Rummy Variant. Two to five players play this game, and three-card decks are used. Apart from that, extra pairs of UP and Down joker cards are used.

Online rummy has undoubtedly amped up the enthusiasm of rummy lovers as they can play on the go. However, one important thing to understand is that even with the evolving technology, the only constant thing about Indian Rummy is that it is completely based on the skillset of the players. Therefore, players need to work on constantly fine-tuning their skills by following the necessary tips and tricks.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you should follow when playing online rummy.

  • Make sure that you are choosing the right game- Whether you play rummy online for free or real money, you will get the opportunity of choosing from several varieties. Ensure that you decide to play a game you have proper knowledge in so that defeating your opponent is not a tough job for you.
  • Watch the game of other players- You need to constantly hone your skills for rummy online games. Therefore, you can always watch other experienced players and understand all the unique strategies that they are using to win hands. You can choose to watch videos or observe the game of your opponents to understand the tactics they use against you.
  • Practice rigorously- Rummy is highly skill-based; therefore, the more you practice, the better you get at the gameplay. Baazi Mobile Gaming offers free rummy games for you to hone your skills and come up with interesting strategies to win the game.
  • Understanding when to drop out- It is significant to decipher exactly when you can drop out. If you have already understood that you have been served a bad hand, you can drop out, especially when you play rummy online for real money.
  • Bluffing and masking your ways- Experienced rummy players keep their game masked so that it gets highly difficult for the opponents to understand their game. Consider doing the same. Try to understand the combinations being attempted by your opponents and hold the cards they are in dire need of.
  • Track the moves of the opponent- Apart from your own skill, this game also involves understanding what your opponents are about to do. Keep an eye on all the cards they are picking up or discarding, and consider tweaking your strategies.
  • Make sure you are using the joker wisely- Joker is one of the most important cards in online rummy card games, and it has the capability to set you free instantly. Joker cards in Indian Rummy can be used to create second sequences even when your in-hand sequence is pure.
  • Discard high-value cards- It is true that it is important to create a sequence, but it is also significant to discard the cards with high points. High-value cards can prove to be dangerous.
  • Aim for pure sequences- Right from the start; the rummy rules state that your primary objective is to create a truly pure sequence. This comprises at least three or more cards belonging to the same suit. Pure sequences do not include wildcards or joker cards. This sequence will help you to reduce your collected points when the game ends.
  • Arrange the cards- As soon as you choose your game and your hand has been dealt, make sure that you arrange the in-hand cards on the basis of suits. Few gaming platforms offer sort buttons, which will help you to arrange your cards accordingly.
  • Hold on to the middle cards- When It is also significant to go for the middle cards. Middle cards in Indian rummy are capable of creating more combinations along with the other middle cards in comparison to the cards that have a low or high value.
  • Use alternate colors to avoid confusion- The cards should be arranged in the combination of black-red-black or red-black-red so that confusion is reduced and no important card is discarded by mistake.
  • Make sure you are not quitting- When you are playing rummy online for free, you should not drop out because no points are at stake. In fact, you will be able to practice changing weak hands into strong ones.
  • Understand which cards to keep- When playing Indian Rummy, it is obvious that you will face several ups and downs, but ensure that you are maintaining your calm. Understand the cards you should keep. Keep the cards that will help you to form pure sequences. Joker cards should also be kept as they help in the gameplay.
  • Cards should not be detained for long- It will be a smart move to discard those cards that are not in use, particularly if the value is high.
  • Keep track of your points- It is imperative for you to keep a record of the points that you have in your hand. Your goal should be to keep your score low. All cards have separate values, and whenever you are discarding or drawing cards, do not forget to make mental additions. This tip has to be particularly followed when you play online rummy for real money.
  • The more you understand the tips to play rummy online, the better you will get at it. Therefore, make sure that you are following all the tips stated above to hone your skills perfectly at the rummy tables.
  • Baazi Mobile Gaming encourages all rummy players to play safely and responsibly. Every player must be 18 years of age to play Rummy online for real money responsibly. If players opt to provide any kind of dishonest information, not only will/her winnings be forfeited, but he/she might also have to face criminal prosecution. All online rummy card games are conducted safely in a secure environment. Therefore, even when you have decided to play rummy online, you can be assured that you will be safe.
  • If any player is suspected of behaving unlikely, they will be blocked from playing further games irrespective of the platform they were playing in. Apart from that, severe policies associated with anti-money laundering are followed. Therefore, as a player, if you want to play rummy online for real money, the information you put in should not be fraudulent or misleading in any form.

Rummy has been responsible for infusing life into the boring weekends of individuals, and with the help of the rummy cash games, winning money is also not a dream anymore. Since both free rummy and cash rummy stepped online, more and more people joined the bandwagon to play and improve their rummy playing skills and playing for real money.

Here is how you can play rummy online to win real cash.

  • Your first step will be to decide the platform where you want to play rummy. If it is BMG, you will be happy to know that several perks are offered. You need to directly visit our website or download the rummy app to benefit from them.
  • Next, you have to create your account by creating a unique username and giving a strong password. Once done, a valid email address has to be entered, and right after that, enter your mobile number. Hit ‘Join Now’ and hurray! Your account will be ready.
  • Follow the steps mentioned earlier to register yourself as a player on BMG.
  • To play and win cash, you need to make a minimum deposit. Also, you can deposit any amount of your choice so as to play rummy for real money.
  • To ensure your winnings, do not forget to follow the tips, tricks, and online rummy strategies. The more you hone your skills, the better you will get at playing online rummy and hence win more cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Rummy is a unique card game, played with two card decks with two Jokers. Rummy is played by players all over the globe for entertainment and rewards. To win, players have to make valid declarations by picking up cards and discarding them wisely from the given piles. Players will go “Rummy” when they are getting rid of all the cards present in their hands at one go, without laying off cards.

Answer: Without a doubt, Baazi Mobile Gaming is the best app to earn money by playing rummy. BMG promotes responsible gaming by allowing players to set limits on their deposits the way they want. The tournaments range across micro/low/mid/high stakes so as to offer maximum choices to players of all calibre and regular promotions to keep your bankroll afloat.

Answer: Without a doubt, BMG provides players with a welcome bonus as soon as they make their very first deposit. A minimum deposit of INR 100 has to be made by using the promo code WELCOMERB. The player will earn up to 3000 RCB or Real Chip Bonus. This RCB can be utilized for playing all the available rummy variants at the cash tables.

Answer: Rummy is undoubtedly a great card game that you can play with your friends online. RummyBaazi allows you to play with your friends online as one table can have around 2 to 6 players. However, you need to make sure that you are of age and are aware of all the rules associated with online rummy card games.

Answer: As long as the age protocol and other legal criteria are respected and followed without committing fraudulent activities or crime, it is completely legal to play rummy online without any second thoughts.

Free rummy games are allowed in parts of India, however, playing rummy online for real money is restricted in the states of Assam, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh as per their respective state laws. You can still play free rummy games online on BMG all across India.