Rules of Survival Game: Online Multiplayer Battle Royale Game

About Rules of Survival Game

Rules of Survival is an online multiplayer battle royale game where players from around the world fight to be the last man standing. Released in November  2017, you can get Rules of Survival downloaded from the most viable platforms, Play Store, App Store, Microsoft Windows as well as play it online on Steam! The initial popularity of the Rules of Survival gameplay resulted in over 230 million downloads within the 1st year of its release!

Unfortunately, the Rules of Survival game download was banned in India in 2020 due to the running border tensions between the two countries. However, learning the rules of this insanely famous game is worth your time. Just so you know, Rules of Survival isn’t one of the real money earning games like PubG. You cannot earn money playing games of Rules of Survival but you can play this game to add fuel to your boring weekends. Let's know more about Rules of Survival download.

How to Install BMG on Android Device ?

How to Play Rules of Survival game?

The Rules of Survival game download mimics the standard framework of battle royale games where players are thrown into an open battle ground location and you gotta fight each other and eliminate each opponent until you are the last man or team remaining alive. When you go for Rules of Survival download, you can play in popular formats like Solo, Squad of 4 players and Fireteam of 5 players.  

There are 2 maps in the Rules of Survival apk game. The 1st one’s called Ghillie Island and supports 120 players in Rules of Survival gameplay. The 2nd map in Rules of Survival apk is known as Fearless Fiord and can accommodate up to 300 players and is double the size of Ghillie Island. It also features a new kind of match called the Blitzkrieg where players land only on a specific part of the map loaded with a pistol, backpack and standard armour. In Rules of Survival apk, Blitzkrieg is nothing but a head-on clash among different players.

Rules of Survival Gameplay

When you go for Rules of Survival game download, each round starts with a countdown where players assemble in a single location on an island. As soon as the countdown is over, all players descend from a plane onto the island in a parachute. Your goal in Rules of Survival download is to collect scattered items throughout the island such as armour, weapons, medical kits and ride vehicles to transport from one part of the island to another. You can also loot your opponent’s gear once you kill them. Rules of Survival game download also features a 3rd person perspective, besides the fps mode and you can switch between both anytime.

Rules of Survival apk mimics the standard gameplay of PUBG in which as the game runs deeper, it's safe zone shrinks in size and players roaming outside the zone shall sustain damage. This is done in battle Royale games such as Rules of Survival download in order to spike the chances of encounters between players. In the Rules of Survival game, random supply drops drop random items to be picked by players during matches which don't occur otherwise.

In the end, when you finish a match in Rules of Survival apk, you receive in-game currencies based on the duration of your survival, the number of players you killed and your current player rank. You can use these currencies to buy supply that includes various cosmetic items that you can use to customize your characters and weapons in Rules of Survival game download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You can play Rules of Survival games solo or in teams. Once the game starts, collect various items in the island and kill other players to be the last man alive and win.

Answer: You can go for Rules of Survival game download from the Play store or the App store. Unfortunately, Rules of Survival download isn’t available in India right now as the game has been banned due to ongoing China-India border tensions.

Answer: Yes, Rules of Survival apk is an online multiplayer battle royal game you can play with friends in teams. Rules of Survival are not win real money games.

Answer: BMG is one of the best gaming apps out there in 2021 where you enjoy a stunning collection of free and real money earning games and win real money through your skills on a safe and secure platform.

Answer: BMG is one of the fastest growing online gaming communities for mobile gamers where you can earn money playing games of the best variety. Play free games as well as real money earning games like Poker, Rummy and Fantasy Sports and enjoy instant winnings transferred to your account.

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