Rocket Star Game

Are you an astrophile? Do you fancy building your own team of astronauts and maybe launching a spaceship of your own someday? If that’s a yes, we bring you a unique tycoon game called the Rocket Star, in which you can recruit the best talent to work in your spaceship factory. How cool is that?  Rated 4.4 on Google Play Store, Rocket Star is one of the best online games for Android and iOS that you can play on your smartphone for free.

To know how to play this game, read on. On a side note, we also have one of the best collections of real money games in India that you can play and win cash daily on India’s most rewarding gaming app. But more on that later.

How to Play Rocket Star?

The gameplay of Rocket Star requires you to build the space crew that shall help you build advanced rockets while you research new technologies and launch plenty of spaceships to explore new planets in the universe.

Rocket Star isn’t one of those online money-earning games per se, but it enables you to become a millionaire in this simulation game. When you manage your space center, you get free idle cash to save your progress in the game. Rocket Star features plenty of challenging missions that you must complete to become the next star tycoon. To achieve this high-end goal in one of the best online games for Android, you must set foot on the Moon and planets of the Solar System by crafting many starships and generating profit.

The game controls of these online cash-winning games are on point. Simply tap, build and launch. Boost and expand your spacecraft production, fire all the thrusters on the launchpad and send the rockets to space.

How to Win in Rocket Star?

Here is the list of tasks you need to complete in order to win in Rocket Star.

  • Bring together your team in Rocket Star and set them to work while you’re busy researching and getting idle cash.
  • Upgrade your spaceship factory to boost your rocket production in these online money-earning games.
  • Take care of your resources and automate tasks to maximize income to launch your ships.
  • Enjoy watching your rockets take the ship in real-time with stunning 3D graphics
  • Complete the most exciting missions- launch satellites, build a base on the Moon, send amazing stuff to different planets in Rocket Star
  •  In these best online games for Android, you get to hire genius minds and aspiring entrepreneurs to work in your company.
  • As the Rocket Star yourself, launch spaceships from the command center.

Rocket Star is available to play on the Google Play Store and the App Store, you can download it for free and get gaming at any time. Go ahead, tap on “Download” get one of the best online money-earning games on your smartphone, and play to become the Space Tycoon in this simulation game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: In the Rocket Star game, you need to recruit your team of genius minds and entrepreneurs to build spaceships and rockets and launch them into space. Complete various challenging missions throughout space and become the ultimate tycoon.

Answer: There is no way to play Rocket Star with friends online since it is a single-player game. To play multiplayer online money-earning games with friends, visit and download the app to play and win cash daily. 

Answer: Players need to deposit a minimum amount on their BMG account to earn bonus money and use the deposit to play for stakes and win real money. BMG features the best online games for Android and iOS devices. Have heaps of fun with your friends and play and win cash and incredible rewards daily.

Answer: Yes, you can play BMG games on iOS devices by downloading the app on your iOS device from the official website. Create a free account and you’re good to go.