Pool Game

  • Pool games are considered the safest sport worldwide; the game has gained immense popularity due to its classy way of playing. Pool is played on a table with six pockets and a specified number of balls placed in the center. The Pool game rules need you to move the ball in such a way that they enter the pockets of the table. With every win, you will be rewarded specific points that are cumulated to decide the match-winner.
  • The game was first played on lawns with a similar concept in the 15th century. However, it was then shifted indoors, forming the structure of the latest pool. It might seem easy to play, but the game has multiple rules that you need to keep in mind.
  • Now, you can also play pool games online without physically hitting the ball on the table. The Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) platform offers you multiple online pool games which can be played by beginners and experts alike. You can also invite your friends and ask them to join you to play free pool games online.
  • Gone are the days of the past, now you can play free online pool games and even cash games if you want. What better way to earn some quick money with a game that you are really good at?
    Millions of people have joined our portal and are actively playing to win. BMG offers multiple free online pool games to ensure that you understand the game’s concept well before playing for money.

History of Pool Game

  • Earlier, the term “pool” was used for collective bets. This means people can bet on a certain thing and win money. However, “Pool room” was very different from a simple “pool.” A poolroom symbolized horse bets, so whenever the participants were bored, they played pool games to keep themselves entertained.
  • Pool games have been with us for more than 200 years. In the 80s, the game was associated with only the rich, where they played pool in their lawns and discussed politics. However, people started to find difficulty playing pool on the ground, and shifted it on a table. These tables were covered with green cloth to symbolize the grass with mac sticks to shove the balls.
  • Earlier, these balls were made of clay and wood, which developed cracks very easily. Hence, the rich started to use balls made out of an elephant’s tusk. Thousands of elephants were slaughtered to make a few balls. The idea went downhill due to continuous protests. However, now the balls are made from plastic which is durable and easy to play.
  • The mac used previously in the lawn further evolved to a cue. Initially, the pool game balls were shoved (rather than hit) with wooden sticks called the maces. They had a large head which made it difficult to hit shots; this gave rise to using the cue as an alternative. A cue has a narrow and slippery tip which ensures that the ball hits into the pockets.

Different Types of Online Pool Game

Now, you can play pool games online and its many variants including-

1. One Pocket Pool

This game is one step ahead of the regular pool. The player selects a single pool pocket to hit the shot. You will be rewarded points if you pot balls in your chosen pocket; however, if you do it in your competitor’s pocket, they will get that point. The player who scores the most points than its competitor wins in this pool game online.

2. Bumper Pool

You play this pool game online with five red balls and five white balls. Bumper Pool is very different from any other pool game online. The table used here is either regular or octagonal. You have to pot more balls from your competitor to win the game. The Bumper pool has no cue balls; any ball can be used to pocket first.

3. Cutthroat Pool

Cutthroat pool is an extensive game played with three or more members. It contains 15 balls, with a white-colored cue ball. According to this pool game rules, players must pocket the other players’ balls to win the game. However, you can also pocket your ball to fetch the extra turn.

4. 9-Ball Pool

The 9-Ball pool game rules allow ten balls, with no fixed color pattern. They are arranged in a diamond with nine pot balls and one cue ball. The winner of such online pool games shots the maximum ball on the table pocket.

5. 8-Ball Pool

8-Ball pools are also called “stripes and solids” as half of the pool balls have solid colors and others contain strips. There are 16-numbered balls, in which 1-7 are solid balls, and 9-15 are striped colors. The number 8 is a black ball, and the cue ball is white. 8-ball pool is the most commonly played free online pool game.

How to Play Pool?

The pool is a fun game that can be learned very easily. However, to become a winning player in the pool, it’s important that you know solid playing tactics. Our platform, BMG, encourages players to play pool games online for free and then switch to real money games. Here are some pointers that you can adopt to master Pool-

1. Learn about the equipment and game terminologies

A pool game revolves around three items- a table, pool balls, and cue stick. You can go on the internet or download our pool game app to understand the equipment better. Once you are done, proceed with understanding the basic terminologies used in the game. This will help you over perform against your competitors.

2. Grasp all rules

A pool game has many variants; hence it requires different rules for unique matches. You need to learn all the pool game rules, unique to their variants before you start playing for money. We provide online pool games guidelines to ensure our users are competent enough to fight against their opponents.

3. Practice, practice, and practice

Free or practice games are an excellent way to improve your skills and gain mastery. From practicing your grip to working on your stance after mastering all the rules and learning about the different terminologies, you can start playing online pool games for free and real money.

4. Start earning through pool games

Yes! You can earn good money by playing pool games on BMG. If you play for real money, you will be rewarded specific points with every win that can be further redeemed into actual cash.

How to Win Real Cash by Playing Pool Games Online?

The Baazi Mobile Gaming platform offers both free and cash games of pool online. Here, you can start by playing the beginner’s level matches and further evolve to games involving money. These matches will be comparatively more tricky than cash games as the level of competition steepens as the stakes rise, however, practice and experience pay off. You can also collaborate with your friends and enjoy the multiple online pool games available.

Tips to Play Online Pool Games

1. Take time

Pool is all about accuracy; you need to have a detailed eye on what ball you want to hit. So, take your time, understand the scenario, and analyze your opponent’s next move. This will help you visualize your aim and increase the chances of you pooling the ball directly into the table pockets.

2. Find your best break angle

As a beginner, you need to understand where to hit the ball. You cannot pot at a crazy angle, missing out on the first hit advantage. If nothing fits right, you can start by breaking the triangular rack of balls from the center. This is a great spot and might give you a point. You can test this method by playing online pool games and expertise this short by repetitive practice.

3. Figure out your pro-shot

Every player has that one shot that allows you to perform better than your competitors. You just need to find that and master it by heart. Our platform offers multiple free online pool games that you can use to specialize in any specific pool game.

Rules to Play Pool Game

1. The pool balls have to be placed in a triangle manner without worrying about the numbers. However, ball no.8 has to be present in the middle of the third row.
2. The pool game rules state that for the first match, you can coin a toss to determine who will go first.
3. The player to first pot a ball either of stripes or solids has to continue with the same group for the entire match. Your competitor has to choose the latter.
4. The last ball to the pot is number 8. Both the competitors have to decide which table pocket they aim to hit the ball. The game will be forfeited if you shoot the ball in any other pocket apart from the chosen one.
5. There are many pool foul rules that you need to take care of while playing the game-
· Potting the object ball of your competitor
· Failing to hit your target balls.
· Striking the cue ball twice

Ages & Abilities

  • BMG promotes users above the age of 18 years. To ensure our guidelines are followed, we ask our users to attach their PAN card numbers and bank details. This helps us conduct a complete KYC and blocks any suspicious activity from unknown third parties.
  • To become our star pool player, you must acknowledge skills over knowledge. Pool is a sport that requires the skills to hit the right shot that gets the ball inside the table pocket. It doesn’t matter how many books you read in the pool; if you cannot apply the knowledge to the table, it’s of no use. You can play free online pool games on the BMG platform and learn some stellar moves.
  • Another excellent quality of an efficient pool player is “Patience.” You must have a calm mind to fight in difficult situations. And you can only develop this through practice. The amount of practice you do today will determine your success rate tomorrow.

Why Play Pool Games Online on BMG?

The Baazi Mobile Gaming platform offers multiple online pool games that are incredibly engaging and help you monetize your pool playing skills. If you are someone who is actively looking to play pool game online, then we can offer you the following merits-

1. Safest Platform

Our platform is extremely safe to use; we prioritize user security and ensure that no information is leaked out from the app. To enable this, the BMG is covered with 128 SSL encryption that adds an extra layer of protection. We have also integrated a strict KYC policy, which blocks suspicious activity and maintains the age limit of 18 years.

2. Responsible Gaming

We surely want our users to enjoy our platform; however, we make sure to block self-damaging gaming patterns. Our platform promotes financial health; we advise our users to keep a tab of the total time and money on the BMG. Any overdoing might result in financial and mental breakdowns. We strictly condemn borrowing to play our paid matches, and our teammates will monitor your activity if the losses increase above 20k. The Baazi Mobile Gaming platform will send you regular emails to ensure that you channel your flow of money appropriately into the game.

3. Strict Age Limit

Baazi Mobile Gaming promotes users above 18 years of age. We would also request other BMG users not to share their user ID with any minor. Any suspected fraudulent activity will instantly come to our notice, and we can even block your BMG user id from our side.

4. Self-exclusion

The BMG loves to hear our users’ winning stories; however, we also support self-exclusion for your betterment. If you find yourself out of time due to excessive playing, you can block your user account for a specified period of time. This will help you invest more time in other works and enjoy our games regularly.

5. Simple withdrawal policy

Deposits and withdrawals are simple, fast and seamless. While deposits reflect in your account immediately, withdrawals do not take more than 24 hours. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted online pool games without worrying about your bankroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The online market has multiple pool games, but the BMG outperforms them. Baazi Mobile Gaming platform allows people to experience the fun of playing virtual pool and also monetizes their skills. It is a safe platform that can offer you good money when you win pool tournaments.

Answer: Yes! You can play pool online by downloading an application specializing in offering pool games. One of them includes the Baazi Mobile Gaming Pool (BMG) app, which provides multiple online pool games both for free and real cash.

Answer: The Baazi Mobile Gaming platform offers a fantastic pool app that gives you a virtual environment to play your favorite game. You can also invite over your friends, compete with and win tournaments. Our platform also offers you cash games and tournaments where you can play money earning games and win actual cash.

Answer: A pool is played on a table with six pockets with a certain number of balls in the middle. The player has to shoot the ball and ensure it reaches the hole. It is played turn-wise; the person who shoots the balls gets double turns.

Answer: Yes! The BMG platform offers an advanced online pool game, which can be played for money. If you choose the latter, you can select the game you want to play, and with every win, your user account will be credited by specific points, which can be redeemed into actual cash. The Baazi Mobile Gaming has an effortless withdrawal policy, where your transaction is processed in a small span of 24-48 hrs.

Answer: If you play an online pool game on BMG, we provide you an option to invite over your friends and fight against them to win the tournament. This is super-fun and interesting; you just have to offer them the game’s link, and they can further join the match.
Pool is an amazing game that has conquered the world. Both millennials and adults enjoy it. The pandemic has made it difficult to physically reach out to gaming centres. However, you can now play pool on your smartphone on BMG. Our platform provides various pool games that you can play with your friends or with people worldwide.
Here is what you need to do, just go to your Android or Apple app store and search Baazi Mobile Gaming “Pool game,” and download for free . Through our platform, you can also earn good money simply through your fantastic pool skills!

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