Pokemon Go Game

With the advent of mobile gaming, all other forms of video gaming have had a slash. Online mobile games have been shown to increase IQ and also increase attention and focus among the younger lot besides being great stressbusters. One of these famous online mobile games is Pokémon Go, loved by both kids and adults. Pokémon Go download is easy, and it is a free online game. Like most free online games, to play Pokémon Go, you need a good internet connection. The fun game ranks as one of the best free online games even today.

Here is everything that you need to know before you play the Pokémon Go game.

About Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an online free game that is loved by all. If you like to play online games, the Pokémon Go game should be on your list as it is an augmented reality game. Unlike shooting games, the Pokémon Go game uses GPS to locate, capture and train virtual creatures called Pokémon. Adults and children of all ages can play Pokémon Go. This online free game was launched in 2016. It became popular very soon and is one of the best free online game downloads.

Read on to know how to play Pokémon Go and understand the Pokémon Go tips and tricks to play online.

How to Play a Pokémon Go Game?

People adore augmented reality games because of the realistic feel that they provide. The Pokémon Go game online has provided players with a lot of enjoyment and excitement. If you are new to this game, here is a list of steps that will guide you to play the free game Pokémon Go.

  • Firstly, you need to have the Pokémon Go game online installed on your phone, iOS, or Android.
  • After you do that, you can launch the game, and then you will have to choose your starting Pokémon character.
  • You will get a brief introduction from Professor Willow. Your starter Pokémon can be any of the following – Charmander, Squirtle, or a Bulbasaur. If you were someone who watched Pokémon Go as a child, you would know.
  • After you have done the above, you need to go around to places and keep up with the game. This will include catching Pokémons from locations using the map, visiting PokeStops, and having gym battles in the Pokémon Go game online.

If you want to switch to playing games other than shooting games, go for the best mobile games like Pokémon Go.

Steps To Play Pokémon Go Game

Here are the steps to play amazing and free online games like Pokémon Go.

How to Catch a Pokémon?

  • To catch a Pokémon in the Pokémon Go game online, you have to walk around your neighborhood and city or your apartment corridors with your app open on your device, and the app itself will trigger you when you have a Pokémon nearby.
  • Once you tap on the Pokémon in this free online game that will show up on the map, you will be redirected to the catching interface.
  • Also, the Pokémon will be accompanied by a ring surrounding the Pokémon. This will indicate how difficult it will be to catch the Pokémon. For starters – the toughest Pokémon will have a red ring, an intermediate Pokémon will have a yellow ring, and a green ring indicates that the Pokémon is the easiest.
  • You will also find Pokémon of varying Combat Power or CP levels if you play Pokémon Go online. To increase the CP of any Pokémon, you will have to acquire two resources, namely Stardust and the Candy associated with the specific Pokémon in this free online game. The further you try, the further you can increase the CP of your Pokémon in Pokémon Go online.

All About Online PokeStops

PokeStops are simply important locations that you need to visit on the map to find essential elements and obtain all the primary items when you play Pokémon Go online. You can find all kinds of items here: poke balls, eggs, revives, and potions. Also, one can launch lure modules at PokeStops. These are marked by a cluster of hearts on the map, increasing the chances of finding a Pokémon there.

Also, some items like poke coins in the Pokémon Go game online can be acquired by making in-app purchases in the app.

How to Upgrade Your Character

The way to upgrade your Pokémon in Pokémon Go online is simple. The more you play the game, the more chances you have of earning experience. You will earn experience through catching Pokémon, fighting at the gym, or visiting PokeStops.

Also, once you reach level 5 when you play online games Pokémon Go, you will have the chance to join any of the three factions, Team Valor, Team Instinct, or Team Mystic. This will allow you to battle with other trainers in the gym.

All About Gyms in Pokémon Go

Gyms are located inside the Pokémon Go online game. These are attached very smoothly with real-life places like Times Square, Bryant Park Fountain, etc., where a player can battle with other trainers. The more you train your Pokémon with other members in the team of your faction, the more prestige points get added to the gym. You can also battle for gyms along with the help of your team.

When you learn how to play Pokémon Go online, these are gyms that are owned by rival factions. Every time you win and acquire the gym, the gym’s prestige gets lowered to neutral levels, and then you can increase by battling and training inside the gym. Battling also will give you Pokémon experience points, and in turn, their Combat Points and Health Points are increased. Know every Pokémon Go tips and tricks to play perfectly, even as an amateur.

All About Battling

Battling is fairly easy in this game, and you have two options while fighting with your Pokémon in the Pokémon Go game. You can do two kinds of attacks – one is with a single tap that will trigger low-level and low-intensity attacks, and if you tap and hold your enemy, it will unleash special attacks. Special attacks can only be triggered once your meter is full. You can also dodge your enemy by swiping left or right. Also, you need to know that water Pokémons are effective against fire types, fire Pokémons are effective against grass, etc. Understand how to play Pokémon Go so that you can understand battling perfectly.

Pokémon can also be healed in the Pokémon Go game. That means you can revive your Pokémon using manna and other revives that you can obtain when you visit important PokeStops. So, you should go for the Pokémon Go download if you are looking for stress-free games.

Different Important In-game Items in Pokémon Go online.

  • Pokeball – These are balls that will help you acquire Pokémons, and the higher the level of the ball, the higher Pokémon you will get.
  • Potion – These allow your Pokémon to be healed or revived in between battles
  • Revives – These allow your Pokémon to get revived after they have fainted in a battle.
  • Lucky egg – This item helps you double the experience that can be used for the next 30 minutes after usage.
  • Razz Berries – This item can be found only after reaching level 8. These help Pokémon from running away.
  • Egg Incubator- Used to hatch eggs that contain rare species of Pokémon.
  • Lure Module – This is a temporary use item that can be used at a PokeStop that gives you higher chances of getting a wild Pokémon. You can buy these using pokecoins inside the store.
  • Incense – This is also a temporary use item that will help you to get wild Pokémon for the next 30 minutes. These can be acquired through PokeStops and pokecoins when you learn how to play Pokémon Go online.

Also, you should know the Pokémon Go tips and tricks to play the game diligently.

Pokémon Go download

The Pokémon Go download is relatively easy. Once downloaded, you can play the game at ease. However, make sure you know how to play Pokémon Go as well. Here is how you can download Pokémon Go.

  • Open the Android Play Store if you have an Android phone or the iOS App Store if you have an Apple device.
  • Enter the name of the game, which is Pokémon Go.
  • As soon as the game appears, tap on install or download.
  • Once downloaded, start playing the game.

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How to Win a Pokémon Go Game online?

Everyone plays a game with one intention- winning at it. Even in the Pokémon Go game, the situation is similar; you want to win. So, here is a list of Pokémon Go tips and tricks that will help you to play amazingly.

  • One great way to reduce the time that you need to get Pokémon is by cycling. It is fun and also helps with time. Also, it can be a fun way to work out.
  • Carry a water bottle when you step outside on your journey to catch Pokémon.
  • Carry a battery or power bank. Pokémon Go games online will likely lower your battery and make it drain like crazy. It is always advisable to carry a power bank so that your gameplay is not hindered.
  • You can transfer your Pokémon for extra candies. For instance, if you have around fifteen Rattata, you have the option to exchange them for candies.
  • Focus on gaining potions and revives when you play Pokémon Go games online. There is no other way to wake up a fainted Pokémon.
  • Since the game works with the help of Google Maps, you can download the maps using Google in advance so that it does not cause extra data or battery problems when playing the game online.
  • To save battery, you can turn off the AR feature inside of the game.
  • You need to analyze your environment and also have an idea of people nearby.
  • Hatch the eggs and make use of the incubators wisely when you play the Pokémon Go game online.
  • Every egg you are collecting at PokeStops or receiving as gifts will assist you in gaining Pokémon, boost candies, and gain XP if you put them through the incubator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To play Pokémon Go online, firstly, the app has to be downloaded. Once done in the Pokémon Go game, you need to choose a starter Pokémon, like Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle. After that, you have to move around with your mobile device to play the Pokémon Go game. While moving around, you will spot the Pokémons, and you need to catch them.

Answer: To win at Pokémon Go, firstly, you need to know how to play Pokémon Go. Also, Pokémon Go online involves certain tips and tricks, which, if understood properly, will help you win. For instance, analyzing the environment around you in this free game is a must; you need to gain revives and potions, and so on.

Answer: When players in India were playing this free online game, some people stated that the game was hurting religious sentiments as the eggs were located inside the temples. People failed to understand the science behind the Pokémon Go online game. This is why Niantic decided to sidestep India.

Answer: Yes, Pokémon Go is one of the best free games to play and is still highly popular. If you are hunting for similar free games to play, download the BMG app from the official website and play easy fun games like Rummy, online carrom, Knife Hit and Fruit Chop and earn real money online!

Answer: When downloading the game and playing it, people need to be alert about where and how they are moving. They should not cross busy streets to look for an egg or land up in any dangerous factory-like locations. However, if the game is played carefully, it is not dangerous.

Answer: Pokémon Go is still not dead as many players are still playing the game. However, in India, the game faced several complications as it hurt religious sentiments as eggs were located inside the temples. This made the game face several litigations.

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