Pokémon Café Mix Game

Even if you have been a fan of Pokémon free games all this while, we bet you never thought that they would visit you in your cafe for a meal. Well, yeah, that's exactly what this fun new puzzle game is all about! Nintendo and The Pokémon Company together introduced this free-to-play new Pokémon puzzle game called Pokémon Cafe Mix in June 2020. Pokémon Cafe Mix is a delightful and delicious-looking single-player video game in which you play the owner of an awesome cafe and you get to serve lovely Pokémon-themed drinks and meals to your customers who are Pokémon themselves!

Available to a favorite among fans with a 4.6 rating on Play Store and an impressive 4.8 rating on the App Store. It is played on Android, and iOS platforms as well as Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Cafe Mix online games became instantrrently one of the hottest free online games with delicious cartoonish graphics and fun unique Pokémon puzzle games that do not disappoint. Hit the download button on the Pokémon Cafe Mix single-player video game without second thoughts because there’s a lot to indulge in Pokémon café besides serving hot and cold meals. Let’s find out all about the Pokémon Cafe Mix puzzle game and taste its delicious flavors!

How to Play Pokémon Cafe Mix?

Online games like Pokémon Cafe Mix are ideal to soothe your tired minds due to their ecstatic colors, graphics, and flavourful elements. Let’s know more about how to play this cracking puzzle game full of rampant Pokémon everywhere.

In the Pokémon Cafe Mix free game, you own the cafe that’s synonymous with the name of the game. Your customers are none other than famous Pokémon characters that visit you early on such as Charmander and Mewtwo. In this single-player video game, different Pokémon come and visit your cafe and you need to serve them juicy drinks and meals by solving fun linking puzzles to prepare their orders. In these puzzle games of Pokémon Cafe Mix, you need to clear various Pokémon icons by linking them in rings. Collect enough items displayed on the side screen on the customer’s list as well as extra key objects in some puzzles within a given number of moves and you serve a successful order to your Pokémon customers. 

When you play the single-player video game, try and make each order successful on the first go to create friendships with the Pokémon. When you befriend a Pokémon customer in Pokémon Cafe Mix, the Pokémon café guys will offer to help you out with your cafe by becoming a staff member of your cafe! As you continue to play Pokémon café free online games, you solve more puzzle games and unlock new areas in your colorful cafe, upgrade and expand it by creating new rooms and floors and turning it beautiful. In this single-player video game, your Pokémon café staff members can also help you out with your puzzles by untangling them and linking one icon to another. If you make more successful orders you make, you also get to add new drinks and Pokemon meals on your menu to serve your customers and inspire them to join your cafe in the Pokémon Cafe Mix. 

The typical gameplay in Pokémon Cafe Mix free online games is to meet the goals in each puzzle game without running out of turns. Simply link the maximum number of icons to get high scores and also destroy obstacles such as sugar cubes and whipped cream dollops with special icons that pop up in the puzzles and serve your customer's yummy Pokémon-themed lattes, pancakes and wait for it, yummy piquant Pikachu curries! Each Pokémon café stuff carries a specialty. If you match one’s specialty with the meal or dish you are making for him in these touch-based puzzle games, you earn bonus points.

The look and feel of the Pokémon Cafe Mix single-player video game are quite playful, cute and cartoonish, and filled with colors which makes it a perfect pick for kids and all Pokémon fans. Pokémon Cafe Mix is a single-player video game that falls in the genre of free online games and consumes 119 MB of your phone memory. If you are missing out on some love and hugs, this puzzle-free game assures you warmth and coziness in the form of a lovely puzzle game that you will truly enjoy. Go hit the download button now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You can play Pokémon Café Mix single-player video games where you are the owner of a cafe where your customers are Pokémon. Pokémon Café Mix is a free online game where you need to solve puzzle games to serve Pokémon-themed drinks and meals to your customers and expand your cafe.

Answer: Pokémon Café Mix is a free game that can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store. Pokémon Café was released as a free online game in 2020 by the Pokémon company. You cannot play Pokémon Café as an online money-earning game.

Answer: Pokémon Café Mix is a single-player video game. Sadly, you cannot play with friends but you can check your friend's progress’ online by adding them to your friend list by visiting the menu and inviting them with their id.

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