Pictionary Game

The Pictionary game online is a word game that is played in teams where players try to identify words that are being drawn by their teammates. Now, you have the option to play Pictionary on your smartphones and tablets too, with the Pictionary for android game. Pictionary online games can be played on free mobile gaming apps and you can have fun drawing unlimited stuff as you wish. You can play Pictionary, the best-selling board game of all time without the need for a physical board.

You can count on big laughs while playing the online drawing game with your friends as you will find out who’s an artist, who’s creative, who’s weird, and what not in the Pictionary online game as the guesses can be as funny as the drawings and such, it is a great way to get the party going. The Pictionary game was first played in the year 1985 and since then, it never looked back.

How to Play a Pictionary online?

The Pictionary game online is amazing to play in person but now with the internet and various apps for the online drawing game, you can play Pictionary online also. The rules in the Pictionary online game are very much the same as that of the real Pictionary game, where the main objective of the game is to guess the words which your teammate is drawing from the list. The only difference between the real Pictionary game and the Pictionary online game is that you don’t have a board to draw the words in the online version of the word game.

Each team must choose a person to draw the words and it keeps on rotating with each word in the online drawing game. The person who is drawing chooses a card out of the deck of Pictionary cards and tries to suggest the word printed in the card of the word game. The person who is drawing is not allowed to use any verbal cues about the subject that he/she is drawing in the Pictionary game online and so, the pictures cannot contain any numbers or letters. 

There are 5 different categories of words in the Pictionary online game, which are P which stands for a person/place/animal, O which stands for objects, A for action, D for difficult words to represent, and finally, AP which means all play. While in some versions of the Pictionary game online, the cards are randomly given to the players and in others, the players can choose the card from which he/she wants to play.

In the Pictionary online game, the team which succeeds in guessing the word at first scores a point and also takes the next turn. If none of the team is able to guess the word correctly in the online drawing game, the turn passes to whichever team is next. Each team gets a certain time limit to draw as well as guess the word in the Pictionary game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The Pictionary online game is an online drawing game to play with your friends and family. You can invite them by typing their ID and sending them a  request in Pictionary games online.

Answer: The Pictionary game was developed as a word game to be played by people in real life but now there are many different Pictionary online games available that can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Answer: The Pictionary game is a word game that is played in teams. A player from each team will draw a particular word and the others in the team have to guess what the word is. The Pictionary game is a fun game to get the party started.

Answer: You will find a lot of free games online on BMG to play for real money. You can play online games like Carrom, Poker, Bubble Shooter, and Fantasy Sports. Play games like this online daily to win real cash with your skills.

Answer: No, the Pictionary game isn’t a real money game, so to play online games and win cash prizes, you can download the BMG app from our official website and play easy fun games like Carrom and 8 ball Pool to win real money.