Patience Card Game

Assuming you love to play games involving cards, today we’ve got the most exciting bunch of free online games played with cards. We’re about to discuss a bunch of exciting card games from the most popular family in the history of cards: Patience games.

Introduction to Patience Card Games

Patience games are a genre of card games from the United States. The common feature of all Patience games is that you need to arrange the cards in a systematic order on some variations and pair them off to discard them. Most Patience games online are single-player but then there are two-player and multiplayer versions that include the likes of Solitaire Patience card games too.

Card Game Patience is one of the most interesting and popular games and a favorite pastime of many card enthusiasts. Due to the easy and simple to understand rules and exciting gameplay structure, there are many fans of Card Game Patience.

This fun game is suitable for people of all ages. The players love arranging the cards in alternate black and red colors. Playing One Card Patience Solitaire will gradually improve your card game skills and you can keep recording a high score and add to your accomplishments.

If you are yet to play solitaire 24*7, then this is the time to enter the world of solitaire and know how to play this game and learn the solitaire card game rules.

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Is Solitaire the Same as Patience Card Game?

Solitaire also called Patience or Cabale belongs to the same family of card games. Solitaire is also called Patience or Cabale in Scandinavian countries. The terms patience and solitaire are used for one-player card games. They imply making the card house, flipping the cards, and arranging them into squares. Guarded by the solitaire card game rules, the cards need to be arranged in numerical order into their component suits.

To cite a few differences, while Patience is a card game that can be played with more than one player, Solitaire is usually a one-player game. Also, any game of patience can be played by two or more players too though most of them are designed for one player. However, in the world of solitaire, only one player can play. Both Solitaire and Patience are sometimes used together to refer to the game of Solitaire Klondike.

Why is the Card Game Called Patience?

‘Patience' was one of the earliest names given to these types of card games in British and American countries, though the word is considered French in origin. These games are treated as an exercise of patience. Though the name solitaire became common for this type of game in the 20th century, some players wanted to go ahead with the name 'patience'.  

How to Play Patience Card Games Online?

Patience is one of the oldest games with one of its very common names being Solitaire that’s often used interchangeably. Typically, Solitaire Patience card games include any card game that is one player and may include dominoes and board games too, however, Patience card games include those that can be played with more than one player. They can be a game of skill and chance or a combination of both. 

The common feature of free online games of Patience card games is dealing cards from a shuffled pack in a specific layout on the table. Players move and place these cards to eventually arrange them in ascending or descending sequence order in all Patience games online. The sequence usually begins with the foundation or base upon which the sequence will build, as per the same suit or otherwise depending on the variation of these free online games.

You can also create auxiliary sequences in a few versions of Patience games online. You can also pair cards to discard them and if you do this throughout the game and throw them all out, you win. Players can also use a third strategy- discard any two cards whose total value forms a specific number and if you discard all your cards this way, you win.

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Rules of Patience Online Card Game

Patience is one of the finest games in the world of Solitaire. In a typical Patience game, after shuffling the pack thoroughly, the player at Solitaire 247 aims to get the cards in order as per the rules of the gameplay.

Here are the rules of the Solitaire card games you need to know:

  • In free online solitaire games, a tableau of seven columns is used.
  • Starting from left to right, the first column will have one card, the second one will have two, the third one will have three, and so on.
  • In each column, the top card is a face-up card and the rest of the cards are kept face down.
  • The game starts when one card is placed face-up on the table. To this card's right, there are six more cards that are the face-down cards.
  • You need to repeat the game row by row and keep dealing one less card every time you play.
  • Along with the face-up cards on the board, you also need to play every third card in the leftover pack of cards, playing one at a time.
  • You can move through the pack by picking three cards from the top. Now, turn them over and make a new face-up pile.
  • The card in the tableau which is from the pack can be kept on another card. This card will be a rank higher than the previous card and also in the opposite color. To cite an example, if there are seven hearts, it can be placed on an eight of spades or an eight of clubs, as both are black suits.
  • The sequences of grouped cards travel as per the card game Patience rules and as individual cards.
  • Like Solitaire Klondike, once the column is over, you can shift the cards and sequence into it.
  • In case of an ace in the game, keep it face up above the tableau. This is how you can start the foundation, which starts from ace to king.
  • Once all the four foundations are complete, you win the solitaire card game.
  • In case you are left with no more legal moves while playing solitaire 247, then the game is over and you can put the deck down.

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How Many Cards do you Layout for Patience?

In the end, the player lays out four piles of 13 cards or eight piles in case of a double-pack game. Every pile will contain all the cards of a suit in the right order which is Ace low to King high.

However, there are variations in this game of the world of solitaire like Spider Solitaire 247, where the piles may not follow suit within themselves and the sequences need to be made in the opposite order. In the Patience Elimination games, the objective of the game is not to arrange cards in order but to eliminate them from the layout. They need to be in matching pairs and patterns. Patience Solitaire card games allow the individual to create imaginative layouts or tableaux before they are shifted to their final sequences.

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Game Strategy to Win Patience Card Games

This addictive game like Spider Solitaire 247 can be enjoyed on your personal device nowadays. These single-player card games from the world of Solitaire can be upscaled by learning some smart strategies and tips. Here are the top tips and tricks to ace free online solitaire games.

  • When you want the hidden cards to expose, you must start with the columns having huge stacks first. These columns of hidden cards will allow you a better chance of revealing helpful cards.
  • The most common mistake many players do while playing Solitaire 247 is to empty the tableau to remove all the cards from the slot. If there is no King on the spot, the space will remain empty, blocking the entire column.
  • It is imperative to be mindful of choosing a red or black color King to fill the empty spot. It will determine the color order for a pile.
  • Also, many players start building their piles and moving cards before flipping the first hidden card in the upper deck. It is a must to reveal this card before moving. This card helps you build foundation decks and piles below.
  • In free online solitaire games, be careful before building Ace stacks because it gets challenging to recover the cards in those stacks.
  • It is also recommended that you should not keep shuffling the cards without any reason. It may lead to locking the valuable cards. You must ensure to move cards only when you see a clear benefit or show up the hidden card.
  • In case you happen to reveal an Ace or Two from the pile, you must play them and not end up just drawing more cards from the pile. Most the Solitaire pros consider this one as the best move in the game. As Aces always go to the foundation and then, deuces follow after.

Use these tips and strategies to win this game from the world of Solitaire faster!


Patience Solitaire is one of the most popular card games that doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. People who enjoy playing card games patience and spider solitaire 247 find it one of the best ways to relax and escape from stress. However, to ace the Solitaire card games and win the game every time you play solitaire 247 by using strategy. It may take some time and patience to become a pro in this world of Solitaire games, but when you know how to play your cards, the game will become irresistible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: There are many Patience card games with variations. They can be commonly categorized among- Open games and Closed Patience games online. Open Patience card games include- Open builders, Open packers, Open nonbuilders. Closed games feature-Simple Builders, Reserved Builders, Simple Packers, Reserved Packers, and Non-Builders.

Answer: Follow these steps to play the Patience card games correctly.

  • Place any Ace at the bottom row in one of any four foundation piles
  • Turn the top card face-up on the deck
  • Try and place the card in the right spot
  • Remember, all cards must switch alternate colors in sequential order
  • Your goal in Patience games online is to move all the cards into the four foundation piles
  • All Foundation piles must be of the same suit and in sequence
  • That will allow you to move any card to the foundation card 

Answer: Solitaire Patience card games belong to the family of Patience games online. Solitaire Patience card games are simply any Patience games that are enjoyed in Single Player mode, hence the name. Other Patience games are typically multiplayer.

Answer: Solitaire Patience card game is played by transferring cards from one pile to another in sequential order from Ace to King as per the suit. As you go on completing these foundational piles by transferring cards face up suit-wise, you win in Solitaire Patience card games.

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