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Life is not just about work, it goes much beyond that. There is no denying that work is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. However, you should not forget the little joys of life because of your work pressure. Even if you do not have time to relax, why not look up a few games to play with friends during free hours to give yourself freedom?
Being able to enjoy online mobile games at the tip of one’s fingertips has managed to liberate people and take care of their anxiety and stress. People like to play games online for more than just having pure fun. Research has proven that playing games can lighten the mood, reduce depression, and increase vision. Your ability to multi-task will go up a notch, and your decision-making skills will be highly impacted in the best possible way.
Most people like to spend their leisure time sitting in front of their TV, glued to the news or TV series. However, what if you could go back to your younger self and rejuvenate? Or, what if you could earn money simply by playing games online?

Wouldn’t it be just amazing? Gaming apps of the day have now introduced not just free online games but also cash games that are loved by people globally, and it is time that you jump onto the bandwagon.
However, it is always suggested that you play online mobile games responsibly to avoid addiction. Also, make sure that you try your hands on free online games before you join cash games to acquire the necessary skills to be a consistent winner.

The best online games are those that require accurate skills and knowledge to win them. Most people believe that winning money by playing the best online mobile games and video games is a matter of luck. But here’s bursting your myth bubble- it is nothing like that. You will not even complete a single level of any arcade game like Knife Hit or Fruit Chop if you are not accustomed to playing the game. Therefore, it can be safely said that whether you are a professional or a novice online mobile games player, your luck shall wear out, but your skills won’t.
Before you play online games for mobile that will help you earn money, you need to make sure that you choose a top game-earning app, which will keep you safe and your information duly protected. Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) is one such platform with thousands of registered players enjoying online games with friends and winning money!

Here are the best free online games to play with friends.

  • Rummy
  • Tomato Crush
  • Poker
  • Tower Twist
  • Fantasy Games
  • Call Break
  • Falling Through
  • Bottle Shoot
  • Knife Hit
  • Forest Warrior
  • Speedy Boat
  • Stud Rider
  • Ninja Action 2
  • Goblins vs Skeletons
  • Krishna Jump
  • Ram the Yoddha
  • Bowling Stars
  • City Cricket
  • Ludo game
  • Rise up game

And many more new games to play every week. Here’s a quick scan of all online mobile games you can play with your friends today.

In Rummy games, players will have to arrange their cards (rummy is played with one deck of cards) in the right sequences and sets as per the rules associated. Once that is done, a valid declaration has to be made.
This is one of the top online skill-based games, which requires smart planning and making strategic decisions. The right sets and sequences have to be formed in this card game to beat your opponents.

Chess is one of the ancient board games being played by hundreds of people globally. The chessboard represents a battlefield, and it consists of chess pieces- pawns, knights, rooks, bishops, king, and the queen. In a game of Chess, you have to understand the move of every chess piece and capture the king of your opponent. To checkmate the opponent, you cannot forget to follow the important tips to help you win.

Poker is one of the best multiplayer skill-based games of cards that has boomed in popularity since the online poker boom of the 2003 WSOP Event where a layman won the Main Event and bagged over a million dollars. In this game, players have to call a bet, raise, or fold as per the strength of their hand and make the best five-card hand keeping in accordance with the poker hand rankings and using player-specific strategic moves to defeat an opponent.

Call Break
When looking to play card games online, Call Break is one amazing trick-taking game you should consider. Also known as Call Bridge, here you need to collect tricks and score a maximum number of points to win. Spades are the trump card in Call Break which should be used wisely to collect your tricks.

Ludo Game
Ludo became the top game that broke the monotony of the evenings during the lockdown. Probably during that time in 2020, Ludo should have received the national game award, just a thought! Truth be told, online Ludo games are super fun today as you can get together with your friends even from a distance and enjoy virtual game nights and cut through boredom. Plus, the graphics are pleasing and colorful and has your full attention.

Falling Through
Falling Through is an addictive and interesting maze game where you have to control a ball through the maze which has several ledges and openings. Your job is to find the gaps that are close enough to help your ball pass through.

Fruit Chop
Fruit Chop is an online mobile game that includes chopping colorful fruits constantly! The fruits are going to appear on the screen constantly, which means you just can’t stop. To make sure that you score high, try to slice different fruits in combinations. Also, there will be an occasional bomb, which you have to avoid slicing. In case you slice the bomb, you lose a life.

Knife Hit
Another interesting arcade game that people play to win is Knife Hit. This game includes plenty of knives and a rotating surface. The players have to shoot knives at the rotating surface and make sure that they are not hitting the already present objects on the surface. This online game is all about speed and precision. Watching the expert players' gameplay is highly recommended to understand how to win in Knife Hit.

City Cricket
In City Cricket, all you have to do is join a favorite team and start showing your batting skills to chase specific targets. One can join any team like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc., and play to score maximum points for your team.

Fantasy Sports
Fantasy games are a dream come true for every sports lover out there. If you choose to play fantasy games of your preferred sport, you can win real money. All a player has to do is follow the fantasy game rules and create the best performing team of eleven players, say in Fantasy Cricket, and score points as per their performance in the real match.

The more points your team earns, the higher you rank on the league leaderboard and win real money. New players can start with practice leagues and grasp the rules of the game before choosing to play for stakes.
Now, you know the kind of options you have in the online gaming world, pick and play your favorite games online as per your choice and immerse yourself guilt-free and reap the rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The top online mobile games currently ruling the industry of online games include chess, fruit chop, knife hit, city cricket, fantasy sports, rummy, poker, subway surfers, and more. You can choose from the top games to play with friends on the best-earning game app to win money! The top online games for android will amaze you as you can play them both for free and for money.

Answer: You can now play your favorite mobile games for money. You can play the best online games on the top game-earning app. The best online games that can be played include ludo, chess, carrom board game, bottle shoot, knife hit, city cricket, and more. You can play free games online as well.

Answer: You can play the newest mobile games with your friends. These games are carrom, chess, ludo, bottle shoot, fantasy games, and so much more. These online earning games will help you pass your time as well as earn money for free mobile recharge. You can also play free games whenever you want to practice. Moreover, you can also download online games to play on the move.

Answer: You can play the best online multiplayer games on your mobile phone. These games are carrom, fantasy sports, city cricket, fantasy picks, ludo, knife hit, and so much more. Play the best free online games so that you can enjoy them anywhere. The android multiplayer games, if practiced, can help in winning big.

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