No Internet Games- Play Games Anywhere You Go

There can be several situations in your daily lives where you might not have uninterrupted access to WiFi or cellular data. It can be while traveling in an underground metro to work, or you are on a flight, or you have kept your phone on flight mode to avoid someone. None of it should deter you from playing games on your mobiles, and that is where the role of no internet games comes in. 

Before playing any no internet game on BMG, you need to know all about them. So, here is everything you should know about the best games to play without the internet, which will keep you entertained. Baazi Mobile Gaming has the best online games for android and ios too,which will make you more entertained.

What are No Internet Games?

As the name suggests, no internet games, also known as without internet games, are the ones that you do not need to have an active internet connection to play. Just download it once from the Play Store or App Store, and you will be good to go. If you search for the best offline games for Android or iOS on the internet, you will get the recommendation of several games to play without the internet.

Once that is done, you do not have to worry about WiFi signals or a data pack when playing the no internet games. All you need is a working mobile device. You will be amazed to know that these games without the internet can be pretty addictive too and can keep you entertained for hours. Therefore, it is important to look into these no internet games to understand how you can play them.

Why play no download games on BMG?

Playing no internet games is exciting and thrilling because you do not need to worry about losing connectivity. You can play several no internet games on Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) to your heart’s content. Here is a list of the no internet games no download games that you can play on BMG-

Here is why you should play no internet games on BMG-

  • Irrespective of where you are headed to, whether it is your workplace or a boring invitation, you can always stay in the no internet game.
  • The security and safety of the players’ data and information is one of the top priorities of the platform.
  • Therefore, you can be assured that all of the information being provided by you to register on the platform is safe!
  • Apart from playing no internet games, you can also enjoy online mobile games, especially if you want to win real money.
  • BMG stresses on Responsible Gaming so that you are mindful about your gaming behavior and your investments.
  • The no download games/without internet games on BMG will keep you hooked on to the platform for hours at stretch so that the blues can’t get to you.

How to download offline games?

  • Downloading the games to play without the internet is also very simple. Most of these no internet games are available on the Android and Apple Store.
  • Search for the best offline games for Android in the Play Store or the corresponding title in the iOS Store.
  • Once you get the no internet games of your choice, like Feed Bobo, Stud rider, Speedy Boat, Aqua Blocks, Halloween Night, Piggy Night, Egypt Stone War, Krishna Jump, Ninja Action 2 etc. You just have to download it. Once the download is completed, you do not need to have an internet connection to play.
    Just click on the open button directly, and the no internet game loads. Generally, there is an online option present, but you can always choose to play it offline.
  • When playing the games without the internet, ensure that you understand the games thoroughly to get stuck in the middle of the game.

How to play offline games?

To play the games without the internet, all you have to do is download the BMG app to earn money from the Play Store or Apple store as required, install it and then run it. After that, you can either create teams and then share the invite code with everyone manually, or different people can take part in the no internet game by using the same device.

Best offline games on Android

Given below is a list of the best offline games that you can play.


It is one of the classic no internet games available as one of the best offline games for Android these days. The rules are simple and similar to this best offline game. Four people using four different-colored coins play the no internet game, and the first one to get all of them home wins.

Tips to play the no internet game- Ludo offline

  • Play the coins simultaneously in this game without the internet. Do not keep moving one coin till it reaches the target.
  • Always risk the coin that has traveled the least distance so that even if it gets compromised, the loss incurred will be less.

Knife Hit

This is an offline without internet game that checks your accuracy and hand-eye coordination. A board with markings keeps rotating, and you have to throw knives at it to gain maximum points. The one with the highest score in the no internet game wins.

Tips to play the no internet game- Knife Hit

  • The knives should not be thrown in a cluster. Instead, take a brief pause between the throwing of two knives. This helps to aim at the rotating board better.
  • Make sure that a knife does not hit the previous one as it means that the no internet game is over and you are out of it.

Bottle Shoot

You cannot shoot down bottles in real life, but doing so on your mobile can be a lot of fun especially when it is one of the best stress-busting no download games. Your aim as a player is to shoot down as many bottles as you can in this best offline game and gain maximum points. It is one of the best mobile games without the internet, mainly because of its addictiveness. Once you start this no internet game, you cannot stop.

Tips to play Bottle shoot-

  • If the bottles are kept as piles, go for the ones that are placed at the bottom. This increases the chances of scoring more.
  • If bottles get thrown into the screen, break more than one bottle in one shot to gain bonus points. You can set a good high score using it.

Fruit Chop

Imagine chopping fruits and vegetables with the swipe of your fingers. It might sound a little different, but it is exactly what the description says. Fruits of different colors and varieties will keep coming to the screen in this no internet game. Swipe across it before the fruit disappears. It is included as one of the most efficient games without the internet.

Tips for playing Fruit Chop are-

  • Chop the fruits in such a manner that more than one fruit gets cut at once. This gives a lot of bonus points at once.
  • Sometimes bombs get tossed up on the screen. Make sure you avoid doing so, or the game might get over.


This is another classic no internet game that needs brainstorming to come out as a winner. It is a battle between the white and black color, and whoever manages to capture the king of the opposition first, wins the game. It is advocated as the best game without the internet these days.


This game certainly takes most of us back to childhood when no download games weren't even a concept. One of the best offline games to be played, Carrom, involves concentration and precision. 4 people can play the game online, and the first one who pockets all the coins wins the no internet game. It is a perfect bonding exercise and has been known to be a lot of fun as well.

How to make a team on offline games?

Since these no internet games thrive without using the internet, making teams can be slightly cumbersome. However, it can be done by making a joining code and sharing it. This will ensure that you team up with your partners and remain in the same club domain. However, this rule might not apply to all no download games.

It must have become clear by now that people love to play no internet games these days. It is mainly because you do not need an active Internet connection to play these games. Therefore, download the BMG App and enjoy the games without the internet along with family and friends and beat the blues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Play no internet games like Ludo game, Chess, Carrom, Knife Hit, Fruit Chop on BMG and win real money on a safe and secure platform in India. You can download and play any internet games irrespective of your location for free. However, be mindful of playing real money games if you belong to states such as Assam, Telangana, Odisha, Tamil Nadu.

Answer: To play the best offline games, you need to first download them. As the name suggests, the games to play without the internet do not require internet connectivity once they have been installed on your smartphone. Also, every internet game is played differently. For example, Chess has a different set of steps to play than Ludo, and so on. As soon as you understand them, you will be good to go.

Answer: The best offline games on Android like Ludo, Chess, Carrom, Bottle Shoot, Fruit Chop, etc., when played offline, do not allow you to create a team, as you require internet connectivity to stay connected to your friends. However, you can share an invite code to see if you can create a team on BMG and enjoy online multiplayer games.

Answer: Many games without the internet have received loads of love from players. These top offline games for Android include Knife Hit, Bottle Shoot, Carrom, Chess, Ludo, and more! So play these best mobile games without the internet and enjoy your dull days!