Monument Valley Game

Monument Valley is a game that concentrates on amazing geometry and breathtaking architecture. One of the most loved time pass games, Monument Valley has become highly popular among online game lovers.

In this puzzle game, players will have to guide Ida, the silent princess, through a series of mysterious monuments, and uncover many hidden paths and illusions while tackling the Crow People. If you are looking for a game with pure fun, Monument Valley is the game you should surely play. You can download the Monument Valley apk to play this online game on your smartphone.

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History of Monument Valley Online Mobile Game

An amazing Indie puzzle game, Monument Valley, has been published by the famous Ustwo Games. This is one of the top time pass games involving guiding Ida, a silent princess, through several obstacles while manipulating the Crow People.

Monument Valley was first released only for iOS devices, but this puzzle game was later released for Windows and Android devices. You can now download the Monument Valley apk to easily download the game and have fun!

In 2017, a sequel to the game, Monument Valley 2 was released for Android and iOS platforms. Since then, many people have been downloading the Monument Valley 2 apk to experience the beauty of this game. Slightly different from the previous game, Monument Valley 2 guides Ro and her kid through several mazes of objects and illusions. Also known as the game of forgiveness, Monument Valley is all about Princess Ida journeying through difficult mazes to receive forgiveness for something.

Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are both equally interesting puzzles online. They require just the right smartness to get past the optical illusions and the maze to guide Ida and Ro, respectively. Play these puzzles online and fire up your weekends.

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Steps to Play Monument Valley Mobile Game

With simple gameplay yet complicated architecture, Monument Valley is an all-time favorite of puzzle game lovers. Also, with the introduction of the sequel, Monument Valley 2, puzzles online lovers now have two interesting games to choose from and play. To play Monument Valley 2, downloading the Monument Valley 2 apk is a must. 

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Here is how you can play Monument Valley

  • Princess Ida, the central character of the puzzle game, journeys through the mazes of objects and optical illusions. These are known as Sacred Geometry. 
  • The player will interact with the game’s environment to look for several hidden passages while the princess progresses to the map's exit.
  • Each of the 10 levels in the Monument Valley game has interactions, including creating bridges, moving the pillars, platforms, etc. 
  • The player can be misguided by several design elements like color and obstructed by the Crow People. 

The ultimate objective of the player after downloading the Monument Valley apk will be to guide Ida through this maze and ensure that she escapes the map quickly. Play Monument Valley 2 to experience the same level of fun. The only difference will be that you will have to guide Ro and her kid out of the maze after the Monument Valley 2 apk download. Both are among the top free games to play that you will enjoy today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, Monument Valley is available for free. In addition, you can download the Monument Valley apk to get the game on your smartphone. 

Answer: Yes, this puzzle game is free on Android. You can also download the Monument Valley 2 apk to enjoy the amazing sequel of the Monument Valley game. 

Answer: Yes, both the puzzles online, namely Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2, are free to play online.

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