Monster Strike Game

Monster Strike is a mobile Japanese role-playing game that involves elements of puzzle, strategy, and cooperative multiplayer. Monster Strike is one of the best online games for android. The game has also been adapted into an anime series and also film.  Monster download ranks among the top-grossing mobile apps on both Android and iOS, over 40 million downloads, and has spawned a devoted fan base who watch anime adaptations, go to special Monster Strike-themed live events, and even attend concerts featuring the game’s music.

In the Monster Strike game, the player battles waves of monsters to collect, fuse and evolve them to earn gold and other items to make stronger monsters. The main aim of the players in the Monster Strike game is to collect monsters and face up to other players in battles to discover who's got the strongest creatures. With upgrades, your monsters in the game will gradually increase their level, acquire new skills and greater capacity to inflict damage on your rivals.

How to Play a Monster Strike game?

Monster Strike is one of the best online games for Android ever. In this Japanese role-playing game, the player aims to collect different monsters and keep on upgrading them for the battles. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to play the Monster Strike game.

Boost Your Early-game Luck in the Monster Strike game. Luck is super important for getting better monster eggs and Catalyst drops.
Play Monster download on weekends for timed weekend-only quests which offer some of the best loot out there.
Evolve your monsters in the Monster Strike game and then ascend. Gathering the catalyst materials and monsters necessary to ascend a monster of your choice usually takes time, so go ahead and evolve them while you wait.
Orbs are Monster Strike game’s player currency and are used for replenishing stamina, continuing after a defeat, and hatching randomized monster eggs. While the game’s developer is pretty generous about giving away free Orbs for all kinds of reasons, they’re still a precious resource.
The real fun of the Monster Strike game is in the rotating event quests where you can get your hands on cool new monsters and valuable catalyst items. Make sure to see the normal quest campaign through to the end because the last handful of normal quests give huge EXP bonuses to your player profile, which means you can farm them to rank up.

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Steps to Play Monsters Strike?

The gameplay of Monster download is fairly simple but there are a large number of quests and ways to progress your monsters that may seem confusing at first. While how you want to play the game is entirely up to you, here are some general steps to get started on if you're feeling a bit lost.

  • Obtain orbs which can be bought for real money in the Monster Strike game, but can also be obtained for free games by playing with new strikers.
  • As a new player, it is very important to level up regardless of what sort of dungeons or loot grinding you want to do later on. You will always need stamina, and increasing your player level is the best way to get more.
  • In Monster download, the easiest way to increase the power of your monsters is by raising their level, so always level up your monsters too.
  • Try to get as many monsters as possible in the game because each one of them comes with a wide variety of attributes that can be beneficial or detrimental to your success in a quest.

How to Opt for Monster download?

Monster Strike is one of the best online games for android to play with your family and friends. The Monster Strike game is completely free to download and play. You can easily download Monster by finding an app file of the game from a genuine cloud server. The game isn’t available in the Play Store or Apple store in India so you have to download the free game on your mobile devices by finding an apk file of Monster Strike download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Monster Strike is a Japanese role play game where you need to collect monsters, upgrade them and fight with your monsters against the enemies. You can play this game by Monster downloading an apk file from a genuine cloud server on your PCs or mobile phones.

Answer: Yes, the Monster Strike game is free and doesn’t feature real cash games. You can easily download it by finding a genuine apk file and installing it on your PCs or mobile phones. All these Monster download apk files are for free.

Answer: No, you don’t need to pay to win Monster Strike. There are a few in-game purchases that will help your monsters to evolve faster and better but you can win the Monster Strike game without them also.

Answer: All you need to do is create a private room and set a passcode so that you can play Monster Strike with your friends. You can also play with your Facebook friends if you have logged in to the Monster Strike game through Facebook. You also get various rewards if you play the game with your friends.

Answer: No, Monster Strike isn’t a real money game. However, if you want to play games for real money, like poker, rummy, carom, and more, download the BMG app from the official website to access online real money games where you can win real cash on the go.  

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