Mini Metro Game

Mini Metro is a strategy game where the players have to construct a well-organized metro transit system for a city that is growing at a fast pace. The players in the Mini Metro game have to build tracks to connect different stations which are represented by differently shaped nods. The different levels in the Mini Metro game download are replicas of real city metro stations. The visual appeal of the Mini Metro game is very bright and colorful with simple geometry similar to modern metro stations around the world. The audio of this multiplayer game generates sounds according to the player's action and also the transit network.

Mini Metro is a puzzle game where you need to design a metro map for a growing city. The Mini Metro game download is around 77MB and is available on both app stores. With a 4.6 rating and more than 1 million downloads, this multiplayer game is one of the best games you can enjoy today.

The Plot of the Mini Metro Game

Mini Metro is one of the best multiplayer games where you have to design subways for a metro line. First, you just start by connecting a couple of stations with colorful lines and tracks, and with time more stations pop up. The main plot of the Mini Metro is to make sure that things run smoothly as the metro system expands to dozens of stops and multiple lines. The location of the new station pops up randomly and you have no control over it. You will have to adjust and expand the tracks accordingly to keep up with the demand.

Tips and Tricks to Play Mini Metro Game:

The Mini Metro game starts with just three lines and two stations that you need to connect but as the game advances, more and more stations appear making things difficult for you. Here are a few tips and tricks to play the Mini Metro game download to help you build a seamless network for the metros.

  1. Try to build the metro stations with all the available shapes in regular order and try to avoid multiple stations in the same line with the same shapes.
  2. Try to alternate the station shapes to make your Mini Metro gameplay seamless. Alternating the shape of the stations also helps in keeping the traffic under control.
  3. When you opt for the game download, make sure that you build the lines in such a way that the metros run in both directions maximizing your possible drop-off locations as the trains only pick up shapes that can be dropped in the next few stations.
  4. When the stations become overcrowded with passengers waiting for the trains you can reroute them to another line to avoid crowding in the Mini Metro game. 
  5. You have the liberty to pause and fast forward the Mini Metro game anytime you want. This trick comes in super handy when you are in chaos as you can delete the lines and restructure them to accommodate the ever-increasing crowd.

How to Download Mini Metro Game?

Mini Metro game download is very easy and simple as this multiplayer game is available in both the Play Store and Apple Store for download. However, the multiplayer game isn’t free and you have to pay around 100 bucks for the game download. The Mini Metro game download file is around 77 MB and can be downloaded using your mobile data or wifi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, the Mini Metro is an online game where you need to design a subway for the metro trains to run smoothly in a city that is growing at a very fast pace. You need to build the metro lines and make sure the trains are running smoothly.

Answer: The multiplayer game is an online game so as soon as you start the game you will be online in Mini Metro game download. Since this game is not an offline game, you need an active internet connection to play it. 

Answer: No, you cannot play this game with your friends. Even though Mini Metro has a multiplayer game option, you cannot invite your friends to play the game with you. You will have to compete with random strangers in this puzzle game.

Answer: No, the Mini Metro game download isn’t free. You need to pay Rs. 97 to buy the game from Play Store and Rs. 296 for the Apple Store. Even if the game isn’t free, this innovative game is worth the money.

Answer: The Mini Metro game download is available on both the app store so you can easily install the game on a tablet. Once installed, you can easily launch and enjoy the multiplayer game on your tablet.

Answer: Yes, this multiplayer game is available on Google Play.  Mini Metro game download can be easily found on the Google Play Store from where you can install it on your android smartphones and tablets.

Answer: To score more in the Mini Metro game, make sure that the whole city is connected by the metro lines and avoid crowding at the metro stations. You get points for every level that you clear so to score more clear as many levels as you can in Mini Metro.

Answer: No, it isn’t a real money game as you cannot win real money by playing the multiplayer game. However, if you want to play money-earning games, download the BMG app., one of the best money-making apps to play different online multiplayer games and money-earning games across stakes and win real money.