Mathdoku Game

Love digging your minds into brain games and word puzzles? Looking for something new in the genre of the best online games? We’ve got an amusing online puzzle game that’s a sneaky blend of Crossword and Sudoku! Popularly known as Mathdoku, this brain game is the ideal memory sharpener and boredom killer for those who are already a fan of word puzzles and word games and numbers!

Mathdoku belongs to the family of Sudoku games and is the ideal exercise to keep your brain fit as a fiddle. Addictive math-based online puzzle game, Mathdoku requires you to fill in all the blank boxes or grids with digits, however, with fun rules of its own. You can find brain games like these on the internet for free, which means making your neurons happier doesn’t cost you a penny. To know more about how to play Mathdoku and help introduce it to the young ones later, read on!

How to Play Mathdoku?

When you learn how to play Mathdoku, you must acquaint yourself with the rules of the game to get it right. While the main objective of the brain game like most word games is to fill in the empty grids with numbers, you need to follow the ensuing rules to win. 

  • Firstly, each row and column must have only one digit of the same kind and the numbers must match the total equation for each block in Mathdoku online puzzle game.
  • You must place numbers 1-9 in each row and column just like standard Sudoku. Going to the first rule, you cannot place two 3s in a single row or column, unlike word puzzles.
  • Secondly, all numbers in each outlined cage must have the same total value as shown in the math operator ( +,-,x,÷).
  • The cage values and the math operator are mentioned in the first square of each grid.
  • You are free to combine numbers in any possible order in this online puzzle game.
  • For example, 15+ for 2 squares could be 7 and 8 (7+8=15)
  • 36x for 3 squares could be 2, 6, and 3 (2X6=12 and 12x3=36)
  • 6- for 3 squares could be 5, 8, and 3 (5-8-3=-6)
  • The digits available to play shall depend on the number of empty squares in each grid of the Mathdoku game.
  • For instance, if you play a 4x4 grid Mathdoku game, you will get to play with the numbers 1,2,3,4
  • To place a number in any cell or square, just click on the cell, then tap on the number at the bottom. 

Tips to Play Mathdoku

These simple tips shall help beginners to play this online puzzle game and crack it on the first go.

  • Begin by filling in the single-cell blocks just like word games where you fill in squares with more letters in them. Just know that they total to the number in the top left corner.
  • Once you fill the single cells, you will easily find clues to the other cells in Mathdoku.
  • Then, like standard Sudoku, rule out options by checking the rows and columns of each cell or square.
  • You can get rid of options simply by looking at the possible combinations that can be made in each block of the equation.
  • The best way to get better in Mathdoku online puzzle games is to start with the smallest grid and eventually work your way into bigger ones, a similar strategy often followed in word games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You need to fill in all the empty squares of each row and column of the Mathdoku online puzzle game with unique digits to add up to the total equation of every block.

Answer: In order to win in the Mathdoku brain game, you need to intelligently place-unique digits in each row and column so that their total matches the equation in the grid.

Answer: Mathdoku is a single-player game that you cannot play with friends. To play the best online games with friends, download the BMG app and explore skill-based games such as Poker, Rummy, and Fantasy Sports and win real money.

Answer: Just like word games and word puzzles are available online for free, Mathdoku games are free to play on any web portal of one’s choice.