Master Chess Game

Games that can nudge your brain and help you ward off stress are the best, aren’t they? One such brain game is Master Chess, which will help your brain enjoy some thrills. Chess game players love the Master Chess game due to the grandeur that it has. Many Master Chess players download Master Chess to enjoy the game even when they are mobile.

To play this Chess game known as Master Chess, you need to know all about this game. Read on to know more.

About Master Chess

The Master Chess game was initially released in 1986 and was published by Mastertronic. Master Chess belongs to the genre of the strategy video game and is one of the top brain games for chess lovers. You have the option to play three separate yet unique Chess game modes, which will help you to test and understand your skills.

Whether you play Master Chess with AI opponents or real players, you need to know that they are extremely skilled. Therefore, it is suggested that you keep playing until you get a grasp of the game. You can now download Master Chess and play this game to your heart’s fill today.

Game Rules

Master Chess is known for the single and multiplayer game options that it has. When you play the Master Chess game, you will get the following modes-

  • One-on-one on the same device.
  • One-on-one vs. AI opponent.
  • One-on-one vs. an online opponent.

These Master Chess game modes in this version of the Chess game will provide amazing flexibility. Understand that the AI model can be slightly difficult, but you will get hold of the game with the right amount of practice.

Here are the rules to play Master Chess-

  • You will be the white Chess piece, and you have to make the first move when playing this version of the Chess game.
  • You can check your Master Chess score at the bottom of the screen. The score of your opponent will be displayed on top of the screen.
  • There is a mover timer in Master Chess, which helps keep track of the time you take to make the moves and move toward checkmate.
  • Whenever you select a Chess piece in the Master Chess game, the squares on the chessboard will highlight where the playing pieces can be moved.

These basic Master Chess rules will help you ace the game when playing with AI or real opponents. So download Master Chess now, and have a great time.

Tips to Play

To play Master Chess, mastering a few tips is a must. Here are a few tips that will help you progress in the Master Chess game.

  • Learn every move perfectly. A pawn can move only in a certain direction, whereas a Knight can only move in the L-Shape direction.
  • Always try opening the game of Master Chess with a pawn so that you can give space to your Queen and the Bishops to enter your game.
  • Before moving the Queen, King, or the Rooks in this Chess game, move the Bishops and Knights. This will help you to plan an attack on the enemy pieces strategically.
  • The castle as early as possible to protect your King in Master Chess.
  • Avoid playing too fast. Patience will be your greatest companion when playing Master Chess.

Following the right tips when playing the Chess Game will help you stay ahead of the competitors. So, to enjoy, download Master Chess now on your smartphone and start showing off your Chess skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To play Master Chess, you have to download the game on your device first. Once downloaded, you can decide whether you want to play with the AI opponents or the real players, and after that, you make the first move as a white piece and play strategically until you checkmate the opponent. 

Answer: To win the Master Chess game, you need to follow the rules associated with the right tips and tricks to checkmate your opponent within no time.

Answer: Yes, you can play this Chess game with your friends and family. Download Master Chess now and play the game as per the rules.

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