Play Mario Kart Tour Online Mobile Game to Win Real Cash

The Mario Kart Tour is a kart racing mobile game which is the fourteenth in the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart Tour is developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and android devices. With 4.1 rating and more than 50 million downloads.

 Mario Kart Tour games is one of the best games on Play Store. The Mario Kart Tour downloads are just around 140 MB.

In the Mario Kart Tour games, Mario and his friends go global as they race around tracks inspired by real world cities. These real world destinations in the Mario Kart Tour are featured in tours that rotate every two weeks.  In addition to the racing tracks, the local flavor of the cities featured in the game are incorporated in some of the Mario Kart Tour characters.

How to Play Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour games is the mobile version of Nintendo’s iconic Mario Kart series. Play Mario Kart Tour is an auto-racer mobile game that retains the lovable charm and high fun factor of past iterations. In this mobile game, all the characters from the Mushroom Kingdom make their return for some intense racing, boosting, and shell throwing across familiar tracks.

The Mario Kart Tour games offer a variety of incentives to keep you coming back to race every new season. Your device requires an internet connection to play the game and also to compete against other players from around the world in live online races. Since the launch of the game in 2019, Mario Kart Tour downloads have expanded the selection of playable characters, karts, gliders and courses. 

Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

  • The Mario Kart Tour download is centered on a very simple premise which is winning races but it can get way more complicated than that. Here is a comprehensive list of Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks to help you races.
  • The first thing you should do is figure out which characters, karts and gliders you like in Mario Kart Tour games. In the beginning you’re limited by who and what you can use but the key is to figure it out and work on improving them.
  • In the best online mobile games, it is important that you focus on one setup because it’s cheaper and allows you to conserve your currency. In Mario Kart Tour, you get extra base points for using the same character, kart, and glider over and over again.
  • Once you start completing tracks, winning cups, and earning points in the game, you’ll start earning Grand Stars. You unlock new cups with the help of these Grand Stars which in turn can offer rewards like new drivers, karts, gliders, coins, and rubies.
  • Another one of Mario Kart tour tips is that you earn points not only for winning, but also for performing jumps, attacks against other racers, and collecting coins during a race in Mobile Kart Tour download. So, always keep in mind these activities even though winning the game is your top priority.
  • Try to get into a routine of logging in at least once a day and complete the daily quests. These daily quests fetch you rewards like rubies, coins etc. in the best online games for android.

How to download the app?

Mario Kart Tour downloads are extremely easy because you can download the game straight from Play Store and Apple Store without any hassles on your android and ios devices. This game is the mobile version of Mario Kart series so it cannot be played on PCs or Laptops. Mario Kart Tour downloads require around 140 MB and can be downloaded using mobile data or wifi. It is indeed one of the best games on Play store. You must get it on your smartphone right away.

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FAQ: Play Online Mario Kart Tour

Answer: Yes, the Mario Kart Tour games is an extremely safe game without any violence or explicit content. It can be played by children above 7 years without any parental guidance.

Answer: Yes, The Mario Kart Tour downloads are absolutely free and can easily be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple Store in your android and iOS devices. You can enjoy this brilliant game on your smartphones without spending a single penny.

Answer: Yes, you can play Mario Kart Tour games with your friends online as it is an online multiplayer game. You can race against up to seven other players who can be your in game friends or random people you just met.  You can enjoy the best online multiplayer games for android now on Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) and play to win real money!

Answer: It is a very simple game to play with your friends. All you have to do is go to options and select the multiplayer mode to play the game with your friends.

Answer: There isn’t one single correct answer to the above question. There can be a lot of reasons like a bug in the system, slow internet, not having the required specs to play the game etc.

Answer: In order to score a high score in the Mario Kart Tour games it is important that you win the games as well as perform tricks and throw shells at your enemies to score more.