Lumeno Game

Love to play online puzzle games that are simple and fun? Looking for free games that do not invade the precious space of your smartphones? We’ve got one amazingly lit online puzzle game that could also be a smart brain game for players of all ages. Known as Lumeno, it’s a colourful puzzle game that’s lit with all possible bright neon-coloured balls stacked on a screen with a background of a dark animated forest. 

The player’s job in the Lumeno brain game is to draw paths along similar coloured balls to match and clear them away from the screen. The bigger paths or lines you manage to create, the higher you score in this online puzzle game. You can play Lumeno online as free games as they are easily available online on multiple gaming platforms. It ranks amongst the best online games due to its amazing simple yet fun gameplay, plus it's free! You don’t need to download Lumeno brain games on your smartphone. All you need is an active internet connection to play Lumeno online.

How to Play Lumeno Online Puzzle Game?

In order to play Lumeno and score maximum points, you need to drag your mouse (if you are playing on a computer) or simply one of your fingers (smartphone) on the screen to create lines/ paths over balls of at least 3 or more of the same colour to match them and clear them off from the screen. 

It’s that simple. There are occasional flowers that pop on the screen of the Lumeno brain game. if you manage to draw lines or create pathways through them, you score bonus points in Lumeno free games. The brain game is more flexible than another classic match 3 online puzzle game because here, you get to create paths not just vertically or horizontally, but also diagonally as long as they are connected directly without any other colour in between!

Lumeno online puzzle game also comes up with occasional twists in the form of the Boss Ball which you must clear to level up. When you are on it in these free games, don’t forget to glance all ways- up, down, left, right and diagonal. Another catch we might have missed is that all connections you create in this best online game, you must do within the given move counts or else it's game over. So, when you draw lines through flowers, you earn more moves in Lumeno brain games. 

All in all, Lumeno is a well-lit game, metaphorically and literally because they shine and glitter amidst this endearingly animated dark forest. So, feel free to enjoy the colours while you light up these free games by making fun connections all over the Lumeno screen!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You play the Lumeno brain game by connecting at least 3 balls of similar colors horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to score points and clear levels.

Answer: To win in Lumeno free games, you must match at least 3 or possibly maximum balls of the same color on the screen to clear them, score maximum points, and level up. Clear the Boss Ball and earn more moves to win.

Answer: No, Lumeno is a single-player online puzzle game that cannot be played with friends. However, the brain game features a global score leaderboard with real players. Score high to top it and win rewards.

Answer: You don’t need to download Lumeno to play the online puzzle game. Lumeno is free game that can be directly played on web portals via an active internet connection.