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The Covid-19 lockdown, though difficult for all, had seen fun-filled and exciting evenings in a majority of Indian households. This happened primarily because there was a sudden increase in the number of ludo players. Even though friends and family could not meet physically, they started connecting online with one another via this majestic game.

After they finished their homework, a game that kids played with their parents suddenly saw a huge explosion in popularity and gained love from every corner possible. The only mobile game that helped every old and young to maintain their sanity. This game is ludo. The fact that everyone could play ludo online excited folks and assisted them in maintaining their calm.

Ludo is a simple, amusing yet strategic game that needs you to be focused on the board at all times. When you can learn to figure out how to play ludo online, you will be able to formulate strategies of your own and play towards victory in ludo games.

Let’s take a look at every element of this awesome classic game.

Play Ludo Real Cash Game Online

Primarily a game for the kids created in the late Victorian era, ludo is now an immensely popular google doodle game that is played in almost every household. The ludo game is based on Pachisi, which is an Indian game. The dice game was often enjoyed by the people of the Royal Navy on fascinating ludo boards, which eventually led to its global popularity.

Since the time people could play ludo online, they have not been looking for other alternative games. Now, anyone and everyone can play ludo without any hassle, irrespective of where they are. The ludo game online has managed to take the entire gaming industry by storm as more and more people are showing interest in this game and playing it.

Since the Victorian era, the ludo game was played on a physical ludo board with ludo gotis, but people are shifting to play ludo online right now. You can enjoy both single-player and multiplayer ludo games tournaments as well, which can make you win real money. Considering the present scenario, the way the ludo game is being perceived has completely changed, and it is one of the top pastime games of almost all, old and young.

Ludo online is a mobile game that two to four players can play. All players need to race their ludo gotis of four unique colors, red, blue, green, and yellow, as per the numbers rolled by the dice. Although ludo is based on Pachisi, there is no denying that the ludo game is simpler, easier, and more interesting. Once you know how to play ludo online, there will be no stopping you.

How to Play Ludo Online?

Here’s a fun fact about Ludo. The most antique proof of the Ludo game was discovered in the Ajanta Caves. Akbar, the greatest Mughal ruler of India that ever lived, also enjoyed ludo games. Now that almost one and all can play ludo online, ludo has become even more alluring. Today, professional players love playing ludo online to win real money by taking part in various ludo championships. More and more players also prefer the ludo game download to play on their mobile phones even when they are on the move. If you are interested as well, know how to play ludo online first.

To play ludo online, you must exude constant attention to the game to be able to follow your opponent’s game and play strategically. Only then, you can be the first player on the ludo board to play your ludo gotis home safely. Let us not forget that the ludo tips and tricks are of prime importance to ace a game.

Before knowing how to play ludo online, you should learn about the game setup.

The ludo board: An integral part of the game is undoubtedly the ludo board. On the board, there are four colored bases- red, green, blue, and yellow. The first base outside every base is the position from where the game starts. The path takes a clockwise turn around the ludo board and returns to the path of the same color as the base. Finally, it continues to the home column, which further leads to the home triangle, located in the center.

Playing pieces- The ludo gotis aka, the playing pieces come in four bright colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. Every player is given the respective colors of playing their pieces when playing ludo online.
Dice- The ludo game also includes dice, which indicates which player will be able to move his/her playing piece and move steadily towards the home triangle to win the game.

Here are the important ludo game terminologies-

Places: Places are the squares where the playing pieces are moving.
Endpoint: The final point of the destination, i.e. home,  in the ludo online multiplayer game is where the ludo gotis retire home, they happen to be the endpoint.
Home: Home is the destination that you must reach to win the game as that’s the only point your playing pieces can’t be killed by your opponents or retreat to the starting point.
Den- This is the point in the board where the ludo gotis reside before they start moving. Getting six means you are going from the den to the Star, which is the starting point of a ludo game.
Stars: These are the safe areas where playing pieces cannot be killed.
Killing: It means to send an opponent’s goti or playing piece back to the den.
Opponents: The competitors of the ludo game online when you play the game.

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Here is how to play ludo online.

  • Ludo online starts by rolling the dice first. On rolling the dice, when the players get a six, their games start. However, if at the beginning, the player cannot roll a 6, the dice pass on to the next player, and the others have to wait for their turn.
  • As soon as a six is rolled, the respective player can take out a playing piece on the path. He also gets one more chance to roll the dice, and this time, irrespective of the number he gets, he can move his playing piece up the respective path. The rule is that every time players roll out a six, they will get another roll as well.
  • Since there are four playing pieces, players can decide whether they want to take out the pieces individually whenever they are rolling a six. Alternatively, they can continue moving their current playing piece on the designed path and help it reach the home triangle to get one step closer to winning the game.
  • Now, suppose an opponent is already occupying a certain position. If the players get a similar number by rolling the dice, they can send back the opponent’s playing piece to its respective base (den). The opponent will again have to wait to roll a six so that he can come back on the path. However, there are a few safe spaces (stars) on the path where your playing piece remains locked, and your opponent cannot move it in case he also gets a similar number. How strategically you are moving your playing pieces completely depends on your wisdom.
  • The players will be responsible for constantly moving the playing pieces unless the circuit has been completed. Once that is done, they can move up the playing pieces to the home column. The first player to guide all the ludo gotis to the home triangle wins.
  • Players require exact rolls to enter the home zone.
  • You can also download the ludo game if you want to keep practicing the game and become a pro. Ensure that you understand the ludo tips and tricks so that you can move wisely to the endpoint.

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Understanding Ludo Gameplay

Currently, almost all mobile gaming platforms are hosting ludo championships, and for the champions, real cash is offered as a price. Therefore, if you are interested in being a part of the ludo online multiplayer game, you need to understand how to play ludo online perfectly. Most novice players also opt for the ludo game download to play anytime to up their skills.

But first, understanding the ludo gameplay is very important. Here is what you need to know-

  • Two to four players can play this game.
  • Every player gets his turn to roll the dice, and the player to roll the six first starts the game.
  • The playing pieces or the ludo gotis follow a certain path in the clockwise direction. The circuit has to be completed by rolling the dice and moving up the playing pieces to the home triangle.
  • The ludo online multiplayer game's primary objective is to move all four playing pieces to the home column and eventually towards the home triangle.

Every player's responsibility is to play the ludo game online with a lot of precision and wisdom. Players need to calculate carefully as to which playing piece they are going to move. A strategic decision will help the players be the first to enter the home triangle and win the game. Make sure you know how to play ludo online to win the game and earn free mobile recharge.

How to Play Ludo With Friends Online

  • To play ludo online with your friends, it is significant that you are on a trusted platform. A trusted gaming platform like BMG will keep your information safe and protected. On BMG, all you have to do is register. Ensure that all details provided by you are true. Any untrue information will lead you to get banned by the platform. This is because BMG believes in clean and fair gaming, and anyone using unfair means or details to be on the platform is not welcome.
  • If you know all the ludo rules and understand how to play ludo online with friends, you can even play ludo with real money in India on BMG. Here is why you should play a ludo online multiplayer game on BMG.
  • You are going to be awarded several interesting bonuses and benefits.
  • Depositing money is not only hassle-free but also secure as it is powered by bank-grade security.
  • You can withdraw your money anytime you feel like withdrawing. All withdrawals are processed within 24 working hours.

You can learn how to play ludo online with friends by going for the ludo game download. This will help your friends and you to learn all the tips and tricks associated with ludo, and you will also be able to play games for real money.

Tips and Tricks to Play Ludo Game!

Let us not shy away from the fact that the ludo game online is a game that involves both strategy and luck. The factor of luck cannot be controlled when you are rolling the dice. When you will get a six and start your game is highly dependent on your luck, and that cannot be ignored. However, experienced players advise that you need to focus on your strategy when playing the ludo online multiplayer game. The right ludo tips and tricks will surely help you win the game.

Here are a few amazing ludo tips and tricks that you should follow when you play ludo with real money games in India.

  • It is essential to ensure that you are getting all the playing pieces out from the den as early as you can. It is not wise if you decide to invest the numbers in a single playing piece only. This is because you have to constantly leave the starred positions, which is a risk not worthy of taking in a ludo championship.
  • Try to keep moving all your playing pieces to the starred areas. Understand that if your playing piece is close to the endpoint or the home column, you should not risk leaving the stars. If you have to, move the playing pieces that are still not close to the home column.
  • In a ludo championship, it is going to require wise thinking before you kill your opponents. Target killing opponents only if you have a chance to escape from their wrath and protect your playing pieces.
  • Escaping in a ludo online multiplayer game means keeping each of your playing pieces separated by almost seven places or squares. In case your opponents score a six and a one, you will be killed, but the probability is faint. If you can escape more than seven spaces, you will be less likely to be killed.
  • Ensure that you are highly alert of your opponents’ positions when you leave a star. You should look for both your opponents’ and your chance to kill. If they are just behind you, let them cross over first so that you can go for the kill.
  • If you are interested in chasing an opponent, you have to move your playing pieces to the endpoint.
  • Always play strategically and increase the chances of your opponents’ playing pieces being killed.
  • Maintain a safe distance of 7 squares to avoid being killed.
  • Avoid making silly mistakes in a ludo championship. Do not move your playing pieces by mistake because all you will do is regret it later.

All these strategies, tips, and tricks will surely help you make wise and clever decisions when playing a ludo online multiplayer game. Remain confident, think about how you can place your playing pieces, and avoid making rash decisions. Calculate every move, and you will be a champion of ludo.

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Ludo Rules for Real Money Players

Ludo is a fun game and highly addictive, but it can be risky if you do not know how to play ludo online with friends. Also, there are certain important rules that every ludo player has to follow and abide by. These rules will help them move forward with the game and play like professionals in the long term.

Rules to start the game- As soon as the game starts, the dice have to be rolled. The game can start only if there are two to four players online. The playing pieces of your color will leave the den as soon as you roll out a six.
Rules for killing the opponents’ ludo gotis- If your dice rolls out a number, say three, and your opponent has a playing piece three places from you, you can move up your playing piece, kill your opponent and send his playing piece back to the den. However, you will not be able to kill a playing piece that is in a starred position.
Rules for winning- The faster you can enter the home column and start moving towards the endpoint, the quicker you will reach the endpoint and finish the game.

How to Win Real Money by Playing Ludo?

Earlier, what used to be a game only passing the time or killing boredom, is now allowing players to play games for real money. To win real money by playing ludo, you have to register on BMG. BMG also offers benefits and bonuses that help keep players hooked on the platform.

Ensure that you register with your authentic information because if BMG discovers that your information is inauthentic, you will not be allowed to play free games in the future. On BMG, you can enter ludo championships and play strategically to win, and you will get real money! Make sure that you wisely use the ludo tips and tricks to win the game.

How to Download Ludo Game?

Many novice and professional players are going for the ludo game download primarily to practice all the ludo tips and tricks to better their gameplay. To download the ludo game, you have to visit the play store. In the search box, you have to type ludo. As soon as the game appears on the screen, click on install.

The game will take a few minutes to download depending on the internet speed and the kind of internet connection you have, that is, cellular data or Wi-Fi. Once the ludo game has been installed, you can click on open, and start playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To play ludo online, you have to register on the BMG platform, fill in the required details, and be a part of the community to enjoy bonuses and benefits and win real money if you win the game. Make sure that you are well-versed with all the ludo tips and tricks to get more skilled with time and compete with the professional ludo players.

Answer: Both the amateur and skilled ludo players are going for the ludo game download before taking part in the ludo online games. To download the ludo game, you have to visit the play store, type ludo in the search box, and install the game. Once installed, you can start playing ludo to your heart’s fill.

Answer: Yes, now you can enjoy the ludo online multiplayer game and earn real money. When you enter a ludo championship and use the right skills and strategies, you will win the game. Winners are awarded real money for their win, and let us mention, it is big!

Answer: If you are interested in playing ludo with real money-earning games in India, do register on BMG. BMG is also by far the best site for you to download ludo and hone your skills so that you can play games for real money.

Answer: To play with your friends, hop on to BMG. Here you can play ludo online multiplayer games, show your skills to your friends, and up your ludo skills.

Answer: When you play the ludo game online, you have the option of inviting your friends who know how to play ludo online. You can share a link or directly invite them via their game names through the gaming interface and play the multiplayer version of ludo online together

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