Fly Penguins in Learn to Fly

About Learn to Fly

The Learn to Fly game is a browser based arcade game in which the players have to make the penguins in the game fly as high and far as possible. The Learn to Fly game series has five different installments. The protagonist in the Learn to Fly game is a penguin whose enemy is a dodo. Learn to Fly is developed by Light Bringer Games and was released in May 2009. The game can be accessed through any browser in Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux. After a few updates, players can now enjoy the online game on their mobile phones too. 

Learn to Fly gameplay

The whole Learn to Fly game series revolves around a penguin who attempts to fly. The penguin finally manages to fly after facing a lot of hardships, failures and excuses in the first edition of Learn to Fly but crashes into a wall very soon. So, as a player, your job will be to make the penguin fly as high and far as possible without any crashes. You can do that by controlling the penguin’s direction and speed with the help of arrow keys.

In the second edition of the Learn to fly gameplay, the penguin returns with a head bandage from the hospital and is a little smart as compared to the first edition. Instead of flying himself, the penguin flies a dummy which destroys all the icy obstacles in his way so that he doesn’t crash in the Learn to Fly game. He is also able to cross the huge wall which was the reason for failure in the first edition of the game. 

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Tips and Tricks to Play Learn to Fly

The Learn to Fly game is a very simple with limited controls where your main aim is to make the penguin fly as high and far as possible. Though the Learn to Fly game is very easy and can be mastered quickly, here are a few tips and tricks which might help you to fly your penguins for a longer duration of time.

  1. The controls of the Learn to Fly game are very easy where you can tilt backward by pressing the left button and move forward by pressing the right button. Keep the penguin as straight as possible while flying during the first few days so that you don’t lose balance and fall.
  2.  There are quite a few upgrades in the Learn to fly game. While upgrading the game, you will come across a glider which will help the penguin fly longer distances with ease. However, you need to be careful while using the glider as it is a little strategic where a slight tilt can make a huge difference.
  3. Once your basics of the Lean to Fly game are clear, you should start paying attention to the achievements in the game for each level. You need these achievements to unlock levels in Learn to Fly and also to get rewards for upgrading your penguin.
  4.  Always remember that you are the captain of the ship in the Learn to Fly game, as such everything that happens in the game is because of you. There are no other factors which influence the Learn to Fly game as much as you do.

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