Knight Rider Game

Knight Rider is an action racing video game which is based on the American TV show by the same name to a great extent. The Knight Rider game was published and released by a company called Acclaim by the end of 1989. The Knight Rider game was so popular among video game players that there were two sequels which were released in the year 1994 and 2002 respectively.

The graphics of the Knight Rider game may seem to be very choppy and blurry as compared to today’s car racing games but it was a huge deal in those days. These online games were an instant hit among the gaming fraternity because of its great storyline, fast cars which had the ability to shoot down enemies and exciting police chases. This game was also known as the King Rider.

How to Play Knight Rider?

The Knight Rider is a single player action racing game which can be played for PCs and consoles. There are fifteen different cities featured in this video game. You can upgrade your cars in the King Rider game with more fuel and shield capacities. There are two modes in this action packed game which are as follows:

Mission Mode: In this mode of Knight Rider, the terrorists have raided a U.S. military base and it is up to you and your robotic car to chase and stop them. There is a clock ticking to put extra pressure on you as you have limited time to defeat these terrorists. You will find cars of three different colors which are red (enemies), blue (civilians) and yellow (enemies who carry power ups), make sure you don’t shoot down civilians as it will deduct time and make the chase even harder. In spite of structural shielding, enemy gun fires and constant crashes will deplete the shielding and make you vulnerable in the Knight Rider game.

Drive Mode: There is also a drive mode in King Rider where you can go to simple drives through the different cities in the game. There are no enemies or fire or weapons in this mode of Knight Rider. You can enjoy your drive in this mode without worrying about competing with time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Knight Rider is an action racing video game based on the famous American TV show by the same name. The online game story is also loosely based on the show where the protagonist and his robot car kill terrorists and save America.

Answer:The Knight Rider game is a series of video games with 3 games by the same name. However, the first Knight Rider game is considered to be the best among all the 3 games in the Knight Rider series.

Answer: The Knight Rider also known as King Rider is a video game made for PCs and consoles. To play the Knight Rider game, you will have to download and install it on your PC.

Answer: The Knight Rider is an action racing game where you need to shoot down terrorists with your robot car to stop them from their evil plan while racing against a ticking clock. Make sure you don’t run out of time or crash the car too many times.

Answer: The Knight Rider or King Rider game can be downloaded from the official website or by finding an apk file from a genuine cloud server. The download is simple and easy.

Answer: The Knight Rider game isn’t a mobile game, so there is no Knight Rider app on android or iOS. This game is only made for computers and consoles.

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