Knife Hit Game

Test your skills and reflexes in Knife Hit! Time your knife throws perfectly to land your knife onto the spinning log. Mistime the action and your knife may not land! The more knives you land, the more points you score. Can you beat your opponent in the time limit?

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Play Knife Hit Online for Real Money

A top-rated online game, the Knife Hit game is primarily an arcade game associated with the players' skills and reflexes, which can be tested when one throws the knives perfectly at the spinning surface without hitting the already existing knives. BMG offers the Knife Shooting game online across stakes so that you can truly test your Knife Hitting skills and win real cash.

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Knife Hit Gameplay

Knife Hit Online is the ultimate Knife challenge where you must keep throwing these knives while the surface is constantly spinning. The Knife hit game is a pure test of skill, concentration and reflexes because when you play Knife Hit online, every time you progress, you have to ensure that your reflexes are getting stronger and better. The challenges are going to get trickier and harder with every level that you cross when you play the Knife Shooting game online. So, the basic goal when you play Knife Hit online is to pay undivided attention and keep polishing your motor skills so as to not hit any other objects. You do so and it's game over!

How to Play Online Knife Hit?

  • Incredibly fun and loaded with colorful graphics, before you hit Knife Hit download, let's get to know the rules to play the Knife Shooting game online.
  • To play Knife Hit online, you need to shoot the knives toward a board that is constantly spinning.
  • Learning how to play Knife Hit online is to know that the knife has to be thrown with precision, care, and focus to ensure that it is not hitting the already existing knives present on the rotating surface.
  • Besides other knives, there can also be other objects to hit in the Knife Hit game.
  • In the knife hit game, players need to tap to throw the knives. You can either choose to tap fast or take your time to throw the knives cleverly without hitting other knives.
  • When you play Knife Hit online, if you lose focus and aim and hit another knife or any other object on the board, you lose the game, and the game restarts.
  • Every time you complete one level in the Knife Hit game, you will unlock new and harder levels, which will make Knife Hit online more challenging.
  • When you play Knife Hit online, after every 5 levels, the boss round aka the bonus round will appear, which you have to ace to win extra points.
  • In the boss round of the Knife Shooting online game, new objects such as tomatoes, sushi, and shields appear that you need to target precisely. Doing so will help you unlock new knives.

To get better at the Knife shooting game online, go for the BMG app download. BMG download will allow you to play the game irrespective of where you are. Now that you know how to play Knife Hit online, practice well so that you make fewer errors and win real cash on BMG.

Besides being a fun game, you can play Knife Hit online to boost mental alertness and increase concentration power. The Knife Hit game demands precision and focus at all times, one wrong move and you lose!

Rules to Play Knife Hit

When you play knife hit online, there are certain important rules that you need to keep in mind. Here they are:

  • You have to tap as fast as you can to ensure that you are hitting the moving orb.
  • You cannot hit the already shot knives or any other object present on the orb. If you do so, the Knife Hit game ends.
  • You need to ensure that you are facing the boss fights that appear after every five levels.
  • Ensure that you are attentive and do not lose focus when playing the Knife shooting game online, or you will miss your hits.

Knife Hit Game Tips and Tricks

Knife Hit downloads are popular as players love honing their skills whenever they can and achieve new high scores every time they play a Knife Shooting game online.

To ace the Knife Hit game, players need to understand a few tips and tricks. Here are all the amazing tips and tricks associated with the Knife Hit game download or Knife Hit online, whichever you go for. The following tips and tricks will also help you slay the boss fights so that you can achieve the highest score possible and win real money playing Knife Hit online on BMG.

Tap as fast as possible
The surface board is going to constantly rotate when you are throwing the knives. Know that as soon as the knife hits the target, it will keep sticking to the target unless it breaks. Also, there will be existing knives on the surface. So, knowing how to play Knife Hit perfectly demands you to focus and tap as fast as possible to throw the knives and ensure that it hits the right spots.

Take time when the boss fight starts
One perk to enjoy when you play Knife Hit online is that players do not need to hit targets within any time frame. This becomes super valuable when the boss fights appear. In the Knife Hit game, the boss fight begins after every alternate five levels, in here, the surface keeps moving erratically making it furthermore difficult to analyze where the knife is going to land. However, if you can keep calm and stay confident, you will nail the bosses.

Unlock new knives
When you play Knife Hit online, it is obvious that the hero is the knife. There are a few ways with the help of which new knives can be unlocked, the first being beating the boss. You can also watch ads to unlock new knives in the Knife Hit game.

Watch advertisements
When you play knife hit games online and hit an existing knife, the game ends. However, you can continue to play Knife Hit online without starting over if you choose to watch an advertisement.

Throwing knives with surgical precision can be super fun, particularly if you rely on the tips and tricks mentioned above. So, go on, hit the BMG game lobby and up the ante and play the Knife Shooting game online, and have heaps of fun!

Why BMG?

Due to its simple nature, the Knife Shooting game online is undoubtedly a popular choice that’s also addictive and when played with friends online, the fun simply doubles! Even better is the scenario when you play Knife Hit online on a platform not just for fun but also to earn some!

On BMG, there are too many reasons to play Knife Hit online.

  • Registration on BMG is free. Simply fill in your username and a strong password and voila, your BMG account is ready.
  • Lightweight, intuitive UI to offer a snappy, uninterrupted gaming experience where you can multiple tables at once and double your wins.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are as smooth as butter. BMG processes all user withdrawals within 24 working hours.
  • BMG accepts all popular payment methods such as Netbanking, e-wallets, and Debit Card/Credit Cards of all major banks.
  • BMG abides by Responsible Gaming and encourages players to be mindful with their gaming sessions and allow tools to do so as to execute proper bankroll management.
  • Referral programs and exciting deposit codes are up for grabs across all cash games to boost your income.
  • All online payments on the BMG app are end-to-end secured with 256-bit encryption to secure user information at all times.
  • BMG promotes fair play and healthy gaming behavior and penalizes fraudulent activity on part of the user. All user details are duly verified to keep fake gaming behavior at bay. An attempt to do so shall lead to a permanent ban from the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Knife hit is an addictive online arcade game, which involves shooting knives at a moving orb without hitting the knives or other objects already present on the orb. After every five levels, there will be a boss round, which will help you earn more points. 

Answer: To play Knife Shooting Game Online, you have to be alert and focused and shoot the knives right at the moving orb without hitting the other knives or objects already stuck on this orb.

Answer: To score high when you play knife hit online, you have to keep tapping strategically so that the knives hit the rotational surface without touching other knives or objects. Furthermore, you have to be great at the boss round as well to win extra points. 

Answer: To win real cash, you have to register on BMG and enter the tournaments. Also, make sure that you are skilled to ace the tournaments and bag the cash. You can go for Knife hit download to practice the game whenever you can. 

Answer: Without any second thoughts, BMG is the best place for you to play the knife hit game, as you can also win real cash rewards when you enter the tournaments. 

Answer: Knife hit online can be downloaded from the play store easily. All you have to do is enter Knife Hit in the search box, and as soon as the game appears on the screen, you have to click on install. Once installed, you can start enjoying the game. 

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