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Assuming you’re here looking for some really chill and easy options to kill time without putting up a fight, we know just exactly how to do so. Introducing to all avid gamers a list of the yummiest.IO games that are truly worth drooling over and forgetting your worries for the rest of the day.

If you didn’t know already, .io online games can essentially be defined as free games to play that are browser-based and feature minimalist graphics for the smoothest gaming experience. Io games include online multiplayer games to play with your friends that allow you to enjoy healthy competition-beating your friends to the punch. Sounds fun?

Read on to know all about the history of io games and the best in the genre of games to play for free today.

History of Online io Games!

It was 19-year-old Matheus Valadares, a Brazilian developer who declared the first-ever online multiplayer .io game known as in April 2015. Within weeks of its release, the io game was picked up by popular Twitch streamers and Youtubers as well as a free online gaming website called Miniclip. However, it was the fateful comment of PewDiePie, a massively popular Youtuber, in a May 2015 video where he called the online multiplayer game his “new favorite game”. The video itself caught 8.2 million views and PewDiePie went on to cover the game 9 more times on his channel.

This event pushed the likes of games to become popular as a genre and soon represented a popular genre of browser-based online multiplayer games from across genres featuring simple graphics and standard player versus player game mechanics.

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Although, interesting is the fact that similar mechanics appeared in another online game to play called Osmos before where players must devour each other to become the largest cell while making sure they are not swallowed by larger predators. In spite of the similarities in both these online multiplayer games, the latter did not go viral as online games did.

The latter series of io online games that were released paid attention to the growth mechanics of the game that further spiked the popularity of games as a genre as well as a domain extension. Today, you can play a variety of online multiplayer io games, card games, online shooter games, strategy games, arcade games, and whatnot!

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How to Play Online io Games?

The most popular and common io games are primarily centered around growing your character, consuming more and more food, and killing other players. These online multiplayer games require the player to climb and dominate the game leaderboard until the time you reach the top and become the biggest growing cell ever.

Some common features of io games include:

  • Massive online multiplayer base with a competing global leaderboard.
  • Boasts simple game mechanics that make them fun and easy games to play for players of all ages.
  • The core objective of most io online games involves consuming food and becoming bigger than the rest of the players, although there are many more in the .io universe
  • Features a common “survival of the fittest” principle that’s free for all to play with a cooperative gameplay mode in a few games.

Most Recent io Games to Play

Now that you know what io games are all about, let’s get to know what are the best online mobile games to play from the io world. The best feature of these io online games is that you can play them on your computers, smartphones, and even on tablets absolutely for free!


When we talk about video games, we are naturally inclined to online shooter games, but card games could be super fun if you pick the best games to play. houses an interesting collection of 40 classic board games and tash wala games to play any time you want. You don’t even have to find real players to wait on to start a game. Plus, there aren’t any leaderboards to compete relentlessly. The idea of playing card-based io online games on is to simply relax after a taxing day.

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It's also possible to love card games and online shooter games at once. Here’s why we brought you the best, games. These io online shooter games require players to shoot other players and the bosses while they stay alive. You can use your upgrade points to acquire 10 unique skills and also pick from 110 different tanks to dominate the field and become the leader in Arras io games.

You can also team up tanks to play against team tanks or just use one in case of a siege by the bosses. games are one heck of online multiplayer shooter games to play and kill time with your mates. You won’t regret doing some shooting this time because you also get to create your own custom tanks!

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  • Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers are first-person online shooter games where you play as an egg, yeah, this one’s the world’s first-ever browser-based official Egger! Simply pick your class and decimate your enemies by shooting eggstreme prejudice in these 3d online multiplayer io games. You also have the option to arm yourself with lethal options such as the EggK47 and the Scramble Shotgun and shoot your way to victory in these online shooter games.

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  • games are inspired by the classic video game of snakes. You are the snake and players alike you slither in and around the map by consuming glowing obs to grow in size and collect more points. The idea is to maneuver your way appropriately on the map without colliding with another snake. Doing so will result in players changing directions suddenly or coiling around other players so as to trap them and eliminate them from the game. 

The more obs you eat, the bigger you become and the more points you earn. Maximum points shall take you higher in the leaderboards, so yeah, games are super fun to play and beat your friends in this online glowing snakish mayhem.

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  • are real-time online multiplayer shooter games featuring a completely destructible map wherein you must fight other players and teams of players to win. These online multiplayer io games feature distinct maps and several game modes with unique combinations of both. You can access 20 different weapons that can be unlocked by gaining XP points in these io online games.

In the larger maps of games to play, players can also use transports such as jeeps and tanks to travel and help their friends transport across maps. To add to the fun, while one of you drives, the other in the passenger seat can shoot enemies within sight in these online shooter games. Yep, it is a busy day for

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The most popular .io online games you would love to enjoy and play for free would include

  • Shell Shockers
  • 2
  • Krunker

Answer: The best io desi games to play on mobile phones and tablets are:

  • 2
  • Smash Karts

Answer: IO online games are online multiplayer browser-based games featuring simple graphics, easy controls, and absolutely free to play. Io games are based on the domain extension, io. That’s short for “Indian Ocean”. You can play the most popular io games on your mobiles, tablets, and even computers.

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