Hearts Card Game

If you had a PC as a child, then there’s no way you have missed this classic hearts card game. Things are even better now though that the Hearts card game is available online. 

Mind you, if you choose to play hearts online for free, you could end up obsessed. So, make sure you have a clear schedule ahead of the day. Anyway, let's not dawdle and learn how to play hearts online for free right away.

How to Play Hearts Online?

To play the Hearts card game online, you will need a standard 52-card deck. The game of hearts online is best played among 4 players and each player is dealt 13 cards face down. The hearts card game is typically a trick-taking game, in which each player will play one card in the center and the player throwing the highest-ranking card wins the trick. 

The objective of the Hearts Online

When you play Hearts online though, the objective is the opposite of most trick-taking games. The goal in the game of hearts online is to score the least number of points to win. 

So, when you play hearts online for free, the cards are ranked with Ace as the highest and 2 as the lowest in value. The lead suit, i.e. the first card laid outranks all other cards in each trick. 

Heart Card Gameplay Information

In the Hearts card game online, players pass three cards each to one another depending on the rounds they are in, say round 1, you pass 3 cards to the player on your left, round 2, to the player on your right, and round 3, player across you. This continues to repeat throughout when you play Hearts online. 

Players generally pass higher ranked cards to keep their score lowest in order to win in the Hearts card game online. 

The gameplay of the Hearts card game online is similar to Call Break but in the opposite way. You do not want to collect tricks here because then you will accumulate points! When you play the game of hearts online, whosoever lays the first card, that card becomes the lead suit and the rest must follow suit. The player with the higher value card takes the trick when you play hearts online for free and he will lead the next trick and so on. The Hearts card game online continues until all cards are played. 

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Scoring in the Hearts Card Game

Scoring is simple when you play Hearts online. For each trick taken, you receive one point. However, the twist in the game of hearts arrives with the Queen of Spades. Consider her the red flag, because she carries 13 points, so if any player has got the 13 spades in his trick, then his points will automatically increase and as such, is most likely to lose.

However, there’s an exception to this rule in the Hearts card game online. If the player takes every Heart along with the queen of Spades in his tricks, it is called Shooting the Moon in the play hearts online for free. As such, he shall receive zero points while all 3 opponents will receive 26 points each instead. How cool is that? 

Once, any player on the scoreboard crosses 100 points or more, the game’s over and the player with the lowest score at the time wins the Hearts card game online.

There are a few more specific rules in the game of Hearts you must know before playing.

  • Each hand always begins with the 2 clubs when you play Hearts online.
  • If a player has no clubs on the 1st trick, then he must play a spade or a diamond.
  • You cannot play a Hearts until it has been broken in the free classic Hearts game.
  • A heart is broken when a player fails to follow a lead suit and replaces it with a heart.

That’s all folks you need to know in order to play Hearts online. Don’t dawdle, and spice up your dull hours with the free classic hearts game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The free classic Hearts game features trick-taking gameplay, but your goal is to collect the least number of tricks to achieve the lowest possible score. The Queen carries 13 points. So, you need to either avoid having her in your tricks or collect her as well as 13 other heart-suited cards to score zero and let your opponents score 26 each. This inevitably makes you the winner in the Hearts card game online.

Answer: The goal of the Hearts card game online is to make tricks following a set of rules and collect the least number of points to win the game.

Answer: There are plenty of free classic Hearts games that you can play online such as Hearts online, Hearts deluxe, and Spades.

Answer: The Hearts card game online is a centuries-old game that, as per records, traces its origin way back in the 18th century in Spain to a card game called Reverse. It was later adopted by the United States in their version of the Hearts game in approximately 1880. 

Answer: No. You cannot play Hearts online on BMG as of now but you can opt to play other classic card games such as Indian Rummy and Poker rake and Omaha Poker. You can play them for free or as real money-earning games for any stakes on India’s best-earning app and win real cash.