Hay Day Game

Hay Day online is a mobile farming game where the players build a farm, raise animals, spend time fishing and explore the valley. In the Hay Day game online, you can grow crops like wheat and corn which will grow even without rainfalls. You have a farm in Hay Day online which you have to expand by welcoming more animals like pigs, cows, and chickens.

The Hay Day online game is developed and published by the popular gaming company, Supercell. Hay Day online was first released only for the iOS platform in the year 2012 and then in the following year it was released for Android. The game was an instant hit and became the 4th highest game in revenue generation. The Hay day game download is around 149 MB and has a 4.4 rating with more than 100 million downloads.


Take good care of the animals in the farm as they will produce eggs, bacon and milk which you can trade with your countryside neighbors to earn some coins. Expand your farm in the Hay Day game online to its fullest potential as there are endless opportunities for you to indulge yourself.

How to Play the Hay Day Game online?

Hay Day game online has complex strategies, time-based challenges, and copious amounts of resource management all of which need to be handled properly in order for you to progress. To get started with Hay Day online, you will have to first install the Hay Day game download which is absolutely free though there are some in-game purchases. Here are a few tips and tricks which will help you in playing Hay Day online better.

  1. Plant wheat plants wherever and whenever possible in the Hay Day game online as selling wheat after the harvest is the quickest and easiest way to earn in-game money. So, plant wheat in every nook and corner of your farm.
  2.  Try to get your hands on as many diamonds as possible in the Hay Day online game. No doubt coins are a useful currency in the game but kind of fizzes out in comparison with diamonds.
  3. Don’t rush in selling your products to the customers in the Hay Day game online. If your products are under the realistic range, you should probably wait until you get an offer that matches your range and not just settle for anything that is coming your way.
  4. Always make sure that you maintain your Hay Day game download with the intent that you are never in desperate need of money because then you will be forced to sell your products at a much lower price.
  5. In the Hay Day game online, you may get the urge to sell all your harvests but this will limit your growth in the long term so it is important that you maintain your crops. Make sure you have enough seeds left in your silo for your next harvests when you play Hay Day online.
  6. The best advice will be to keep playing Hay Day online as often as you can. The creators made Hay Day download similar to Clash of Clans so it runs on a server and never really stops. This drives the players to constantly check it and play throughout the day.
  7. You can search other people’s farms for a closed box because that is where you will find the treasure in the Hay Day game online. If you can unlock the treasure box, take whatever is inside it.

How to Download Hay Day Online Farming Games?

Hay Day is one of the best farming games you can play on your smartphones today. It is fun, realistic, and very addictive. Hay Day game download is super simple as this game is available in both the Play Store and Apple Store. Hay Day download is absolutely free and is about 150 MB so you can easily download it using mobile data or wifi. Since Hay Day game download is an online game, you will need an active internet connection to play it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes, Hay Day is an online game. You need an active internet connection to play the Hay Day game online where the fun never stops.

Answer: The Hay Day game download requires an active internet connection and as long as you start the game, you go online. Much like Clash of Clans, this game also runs on a server and something or the other keeps happening even when you aren’t playing the game.

Answer: Yes you can play this game online with your friends. You can enjoy Hay Day games online with your friends by helping them out on their farm and getting help for yours as well. You can log in through your social media account to add your friends.

Answer: Yes, Hay Day download is absolutely free. However, there are some in-game purchases which require actual money but it is up to you whether you want to buy them or not.

Answer: Yes, Hay Day download is available in both Play Store and Apple Store so you can easily download it on your android or iOS tablets and enjoy building your farm in the countryside.

Answer: Yes, this game is available in Google Play Store from where you can download it on your android smartphones and tablets. Hay Day download from Google Play Store is free and easy.

Answer: This is a farm building game so to score more you have to make the most of your crop harvests and also be smart when it comes to selling your products like dairy and bacon in return for game coins and xps.

No, you can’t earn actual money playing Hay Day online but you do earn some game coins. However, if you are in the mood to play free online games to earn money from home, you can visit our online money-earning app BMG. You can visit the BMG website to download our app and play online games to earn money online for free.

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