Halo Combat Evolved Game

Launched in 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved is a classic military sci-fi FPS online shooting game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios. With entirely 3-dimensional view gameplay, Halo: Combat Evolved features stunning vehicles of the widest range- Tanks, war jeeps, and even alien hovercraft that you get to control in the online shooting game. One of the best shooting games of the decade, Halo: Combat Evolved gameplay requires 521 MB of space on your PC for minimum system requirements.

Plot & Gameplay of Halo: Combat Evolved Online Mobile Game

The Halo Combat Evolved gameplay of the single-player game features a heads-up display with a motion tracker that captures moving allies, firing enemies and vehicles around a certain radius of the player. The setting of the shooter game is futuristic in the 26th century where the protagonist assumes the role of the elite Master Chief, a cybernetically powered Spartan super-soldier! Being the chief of this stunning single-player game you are accompanied by Cortana, the artificial intelligence along your journey. As soon as the online shooting game starts, you are dropped onto a formidable alien ring-shaped world. As the Master Chief of the shooter game, your goal is to unfold Halo’s horrible dark secrets and battle them and take down mankind’s sworn enemy, the Covenant. 

With more than 5 million copies sold within 4 years of release, the best shooting games of the decade inspired many more video games and animated films. The online shooting game’s massive success inspired the launch of amazing sequels like Halo 2 Anniversary as a part of the Master Chief collection of the shooter game. Halo Combat Evolved features of online multiplayer games format to play online with friends. The Halo Combat Evolved shooter game is one of the best free online games even to date.

How to Play Halo: Combat Evolved?

In one of the best shooting games, your character is equipped with an energy shield that can protect you from damage in weapon fire and forceful attacks. The shield’s current charge can be seen in the corner in the heads-up display which automatically recharges if you have not sustained damage for a short time. If the shield has been expended, you are highly vulnerable, also affecting the hit points on your health meter.

If your health meter reaches zero, you are dead and the game reloads. You can replenish your health by collecting health packs throughout the online shooting game in the single-player game mode as well as 2-player games mode.

The weapons you use in Halo: Combat Evolved are inspired by science fiction with each one carrying a unique purpose elevating the level of multiplayer games to the standard of the best shooting games ever because you can use them specifically in different situations.

For instance, you get to play with plasma weapons and conventional firearms like melees, grenades, pistols, etc in this shooter game. However, Halo Combat Evolved gameplay only allows you to carry 2 weapons at once requiring strategic management when you play.

Tips to Play Halo: Combat Evolved

  • Start small with campaigns on the Normal mode to get familiar with the game mechanics in the online shooting game. You also get to enjoy the story.
  • The motion sensor is like your rearview mirror, so keep checking it when you play this shooter game. 
  • When you play this as an online multiplayer game to stay with the team always because lone wolves are dead wolves in this online shooting game, even on Halo's 2 anniversary.
  • For most of the Halo: Combat Evolved, you will fight the Covenant Empire, an alliance of multiple alien races hell-bent on destroying the human race. Your enemies include the likes of Grunts, Drones, Elites, Jackals, and the Brutes.
  • Take care of the pathetic Grunts quickly or else they can break hell with combined fire because they come in groups of three in Halo multiplayer games.
  • Use the noob combo to take out the Jackals in the shooter game.
  • Elites are the formidable intelligent kind in Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer games and have full-bodied energy shields. Treat them like just another Halo player in such best shooting games. Pop their shields and kill them right away.

The best free online game, Halo Combat Evolved games also features 5 modes in the multiplayer games section that can be played as 2 player games as well as with up to 16 players on split screens. This online shooting game is one of the best free online games where Halo Combat Evolved gameplay elements if cleverly used and explored can be a lot of fun and full of surprises. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Halo: Combat Evolved is one of the best shooting games online. You can purchase the Halo 2 Anniversary collection that includes Halo: Combat Evolved and the MasterChief Collection for just INR 174. Alternatively, you can also download Halo: Combat Evolved as the best free game to play from Seshgames. However, do check if it is possible to do so in your location.

Answer: Yes, Halo: Combat Evolved is the first title in the Halo Franchise first-person shooter game games followed by Halo 2 and Halo 3 in the original trilogy of the online shooting game series. In 2014, the MasterChief Collection was released for Xbox One.

Answer: Halo Combat: Evolved can be played in multiple game modes: Single-player games/ 2 player games/ multiplayer games. The main objective in Halo Combat Evolved is to fight the ultimate alliance of aliens called the Covenant in a ring-shaped world. You need to play campaigns aided by an AI: Cortona and destroy your enemies and save the world from human race extinction.

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