Granny Game

Mobile games like Granny have taken the world by storm with the intensity and excitement they have to offer. People of all age groups have some games like the Granny games that give them the relaxation they need and are a great escape route from the daily mundaneness of life. Research has it that playing mobile games like Granny online in moderation helps soothe the brain cells, and thus, it slowly makes an individual more productive. If you suffer from stress, anxiety or any other mental issues, you can try playing mobile games like Granny to help ease the pressure.

Granny is one of the most talked-about games, and many people play Granny games. So, before you go for the Granny download, here is everything you should know about the Granny games.

About Granny

If you love horror movies and horror content in general, you are sure to love Granny. The game Granny will keep you hooked, and the intensity of the survival modes when you play Granny games are just too much. Don’t be surprised if Granny games make you lose some hours of sleep. It is also advised that children or people who are scared of the paranormal should not play the game Granny or any horror survival game as such. Go for Granny download if you dig strange right now!

Granny is one of the most difficult mobile escape games. Before you play Granny, know that it is free, of course, and has been tremendously popular. There have been updates in the Granny games that have added more weapons, passages, and rooms. A mode with higher difficulty in the Granny game online has also been added. Also, if you are extremely scared of ghosts or horror content, please be advised before you go for Granny download and proceed with caution. Play the Granny games to escape the house!

Just like with any other game, Granny takes some time to get used to. The Granny games take just a few days before you become a pro. You will need this guide if you are starting the Granny game. Go for the Granny Game Download to enjoy the game.

How to Play Granny?

It takes some time before you get the know-how of the Granny game. So, read through to know all the basics of Granny before you start to play Granny games.

  • When you play Granny games, your main objective is to stay alive and escape out of Granny’s house.
  • When the game begins, you will be in Granny’s house, lying on the floor of some room. The worst thing is that this Granny can hear any sound in the house when you play the Granny game. This uncanny factor in the game Granny will trigger her to hunt you down and try to knock you out.
  • You have five days in all to escape the house when you play Granny. If you fail to escape by then in the Granny game online, Granny will attack you and knock you out.
  • When you play Granny games, you will need to complete a number of tasks as well. The two primary tasks in the Granny game online are- unlocking all the security items that bar the door in the Granny game, and you will have to deactivate the door alarm as well. Of course, certain objects in the Granny online game will help you achieve the objectives.

Follow the controls mentioned below to play the Granny games, and all will be well. Granny may seem difficult initially, but you will soon become more adept with the Granny multiplayer game controls and features with more practice.

  • Look Around when you play the granny game. Swipe the screen in the direction you wish to view. It will make the character turn toward that direction when you play Granny, and you get a view of the room in that direction.
  • Move in the Granny multiplayer game. The white circle at the left-hand side of the screen when you play Granny acts as the joystick. Use it to move in the direction you wish to go toward in the Granny multiplayer game. Go for the Granny game download and unleash your creativity to escape her house when you play Granny.
  • Crouching and Standing. On the top left-hand corner of the screen in the Granny video game, there is the icon of a person. Tap it to change your position in the game Granny. You can change from crouching to standing and standing to crouching by simply tapping on this icon of a person in the Granny online game.
  • Drop Objects in the Granny video games. There is a Drop mentioned at the bottom of the screen when you play the Granny game. Whenever you have an item in your hand that you wish to drop in the Granny game online, just tap on this button, and you will drop that immediately there itself. Download Granny now to play and enjoy!
  • Pick up or interact With Objects in Granny online multiplayer games. There is a small white dot in the middle of the screen in the Granny game. Use your joystick to center on that dot. If it is an item to open or close, or it can be picked up, then a hand will appear at the top right corner of your screen when you play Granny. Tapping on this hand icon will perform the requisite action on the object. For different objects, different actions can be done in the Granny multiplayer game. What type of action can happen will be displayed at the upper right-hand corner in place of the hand icon. So, for different actions, different icons will be displayed on the screen when you play the Granny game.

Go for the Granny download to start playing the game now!

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Steps to Play Granny

After you go for the Granny game download, you need to understand the steps to play Granny. Although there are multiple obstacles and many objects are lying around all over Granny’s house, here is a list of items you will need to win the Granny online game. - Cutting Pliers, Padlock Key (Blue), Master Key (Red), Car Key (Yellow), Safe Key (Gold), Weapons Key (Wooden), Playhouse Key, Hammer, Cog Wheel, Winch Handle, Screwdriver, Alarm Code, Melon, Shotgun. Opt for the Granny game download and experience the real-life fun of trying to escape a ghost!

When you have all the items while you play Granny, you will need to escape from Granny’s house. To successfully escape in the Granny video game, you must follow these steps in sequence:

  • The cutting pliers in the Granny game need to be used on the door alarm to make the two lights turn green. Opt for Granny game download to add thrill to your mundane evenings!
  • Use the cutting pliers again in the basement after Granny download and cut the circuit box there.
  • You must use the cutting pliers in the game Granny to cut the wires of the fan.
  • While you play Granny, you will need to use the blue padlock key on the front door. Download Granny now to escape Granny's blow!
  • There is a barricade at the bottom of the front door when you play the Granny game. Use the hammer to destroy this wooden barricade in the Granny online multiplayer game.
  • There is a machine in the playhouse in the Granny game online. You will have to use the cogwheel here on the machine. Go for Granny download and escape the Evil House!
  • At Granny’s well, you will have to raise the bucket when you play Granny. To do this, you must use the winch handle. Once you have raised the bucket in the Granny online game, you will find a key there as well.
  • The alarm code is written on a piece of yellow paper in Granny online. Enter this code on the front door to unlock another lock.
  • There is a guillotine in Granny’s yard when you play Granny. Use this to cut the melon.
  • Use the shotgun in the game Granny to shoot at the shelf in the front hall of Granny’s house. This will drop the screwdriver, which you need in the Granny game online. Yes, you got to download Granny now and have fun escaping!
  • The basement stairs in the Granny video game need to be operated upon with the screwdriver that you shot down from the shelf in the front hall.
  • The safe key is what you will need to unlock the safe in the basement when you play Granny.
  • Now, you can use the master key (red) on the door and escape Granny’s house in the Granny multiplayer game. Download Granny to get the most of the game.

Since these items in the game Granny are all placed at various locations, there is no way to find a particular object when you play the Granny game. So, you have to keep moving through Granny’s house in the Granny game online and keep searching through the drawers, cupboards, shelves, and doorways. So, here is a list of some locations and rooms in the Granny online game you must always browse through.

  • The screwdriver in the game Granny comes in handy to open the metal compartment under the stairs in the basement. You can find something useful here.
  • There is a jail cell in the Granny online multiplayer game that is adjacent to the sewing room. Use the cutting pliers to cut the wires to disable the fan and get something useful there.
  • Go to Granny’s yard when you play the Granny game to find a playhouse machine there. Use the cogwheel to open a secret compartment and get something useful inside.
  • Go to the garage in the game Granny, which is below the basement in Granny’s house. Open the trunk of the car with the car key and get something useful here.
  • The safe in the basement usually holds something useful in the Granny video game. You will need the safe key to open the safe in the Granny games. Go for the Granny game download and try this trick.
  • The shotgun in the Granny games is one of the most useful items in Granny’s house. You can shoot down items from places higher up in the Granny game. You can use the shotgun in self-defense against Granny as well. Shooting at her will keep her stunned for a short while, which is perfect for you to escape from her. You need to find the pieces of the shotgun in the Granny game. When you go to the garage, you will find a die there. Use this to build your shotgun in the Granny online multiplayer game.

To stay alive longer in the Granny games, follow these suggestions:

  • Be careful when dropping items in Granny online. They create a noise that will trigger Granny toward you.
  • Play Granny online with your headphones on. You will be able to hear Granny more clearly.
  • Always pick up items that you will use immediately in Granny online, not later.
  • Remember that items that you drop when you play the Granny game will remain wherever you have dropped them.

Download Granny now to build a presence of mind and emerge victorious in the Granny video game.

How to download Granny?

Downloading Granny is just like downloading any other mobile game. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you download Granny and install the Granny game online on your mobile phone so that you can enjoy it right away!

To download Granny, here are the steps:

  • Open the Play Store or App Store.
  • Search for the Granny game.
  • Tap on install.
  • Wait for the game to download onto your device and get installed.
  • Once Granny gets installed successfully, start playing the game, Granny.

Go for the granny game download to turn your boring evenings exciting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Granny is a horror game in which you have to escape the house of Granny when you play Granny. In this game, Granny, you have to use strategies to escape the clutches of Granny, and if she does catch you, she will knock you out. Download Granny now to experience the horror and escape from Granny's house.

Answer: After the Granny game download, you have to use the right escape strategies and collect the right objects in the Granny game to escape the evil Granny's house successfully. If you have never played the Granny video game before, it is suggested that you watch the gameplay of the Granny game online once before proceeding with the game.

Answer: To score high when you play the Granny game, you need to collect the right objects. For instance, getting the shotgun allows you to reach objects out of reach in the Granny online game and helps you stun Granny for a little while, giving you time to escape.

Answer: When playing the Granny multiplayer game, topping the leaderboard will help you win real cash. You can also play games like Rummy, Poker, Carrom, Fantasy Sports, City Cricket, Fruit Chop, and more on BMG, and win real money from the comfort of your couch.

Answer: To play the Granny online multiplayer game, you can invite your friends/family from the platform itself. In addition, you can also play multiplayer games on BMG and win cash!

Answer: Yes, you can play online games for free and real money as well. Download the BMG app to access awesome fun online games like Carrom, Poker, Call Break and Rummy and play them for free and real money across stakes!

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