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Did you exhaust your Netflix subscription for the month? We get it, it's time to try something new! Play Google Doodle games! Never heard of them before? Google doodles are those exclusive but temporary changes on the Google logo on Google homepage that you must have noticed every now and then. These popular Google Doodles keep changing to celebrate special occasions, birthdays, historic events, and so forth. The most popular Google Doodle games follow a similar concept.

It really started in 2010 when Google released its first among all popular google doodle games, Google Pacman! to celebrate Google Pacman’s 30th anniversary. So, anyone who visits google's home page could play Pac-Man by clicking the logo, also mimicking the sound of the original Pac-Man game as a tribute to Pacman’s 30th anniversary. However, post the Pacman’s 30th anniversary, pressing the newly replaced ‘Insert Coin’ button instead of the 'I'm feeling lucky button allows you to add players when you play google doodle games and enjoy the world’s first popular google doodle games ever. The Google Pacman craze eventually exploded into 1 billion players worldwide topping as the most popular google doodle game ever.

However, the first Google Doodle that was ever released was to celebrate the annual event of Burning Man in the US to let the growing user base know that the founders are on a day off to the event just in case of a server crash. It was in 2001, that a dedicated team of “Doodlers’ was formed to create the most popular google doodles regularly. These Google doodles took various shapes of google doodle games online, interactive videos, and recently, google doodle contests too.

The popular Google Doodle games trend that kicked off with Pacman’s 30th Anniversary trend went on. Since then, on various special events, Google releases fun light-hearted google play games, Google games online that you can play simply by clicking on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. The trend recently saw a strong revival during the COVID-19 pandemic when Google released the popular google doodles once again honoring Ignaz Semmelweis for acing the art of handwashing properly. In April 2020 more Google games/ Doodle games/ Google games free were released to lift the lockdown mood for everyone staying at home. Google re-released 5 more popular Google Doodle games after the 1st wave.

The best part is you can play Google Doodle games, google games online now on the desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone on any browser! In fact, under the “Stay and Play at home with Popular Past Doodles”, Google announced new google games online each day for 10 consecutive days, meaning the release of 10 new titles of Google games online, google games free!

If you never tried to play any of the popular google doodle games, we've got you covered today with the most popular google doodle games, google play store games, google games online, and google games forever released on the Search engine. However, prior to that, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to playing the popular google doodle online games right away.

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  • Type “play Google Doodle games” on the search bar of any browser
  • A colorful carousel of popular google doodle games titles appears online
  • Pick one of the google games online to play
  • If you pick “Google Pacman” search for Google Pacman game on the search bar
  • The 1st option itself will direct you to the page where you can play Google Pacman doodle games online.
  • Alternatively, you may go to the Google search engine and tap the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, and today’s google doodle shall appear on the screen

The best thing is even though the popular Google doodle games celebrate specific events online, they don’t really go away when the event is over. The popular Google Doodle games are simply fed into an archive. You can access them from the archives and pick from specific popular Doodle google games categorically. Let’s find out more about the Best Google Games Online.

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The list of popular Google Doodle games is incredible and they could simply amaze you with their contrast of variety and creativity. Thanks to Pacman's 30th anniversary, there shall be no space for boredom in our lives anymore. A simple click on the search bar, and you get to play google games online like these and learn something new and fun every day!

Google Pacman

Of course, this tops the list as the pioneer of all popular google doodle games, google games online that actually originated much before Google Play store games. Google Pacman was born out of a tribute to celebrate Pacman’s 30th anniversary legacy of the most popular arcade game, Pacman, a pizza-slice-shaped creature that's being hunted by 4 ghosts and you need to kill them/ escape them and eat them with special power pellets and cross levels. If you never experienced what 90s video games were like, Google Pacman is the way to go.

Google Pacman was released as part of Google PacMan's 30th anniversary. Play google doodle games of Google Pacman and you enjoy massive doses of nostalgia because it mimics the original gameplay. If you have played Pacman even once, you owe yourself to enjoy these new Google Pacman play store games and join the celebration of Google Pacman’s 30th anniversary and be a part of the gaming history with these google games free of Google Pacman.

Doodle Cricket

Doodle cricket was released by Google to commemorate the 2017 ICC Champions trophy. Doodle cricket is one of the most popular google doodle games that’s highly fun and moreish! Doodle Cricket is one of the smallest interactive google games online ever. The google game of Doodle Cricket lets you play as a batsman with the goal to score the highest runs.

How to Play Doodle Cricket?

Being an animated cricket bat, you click on the bat using your mouse to hit the ball in these popular Google Doodle games of Doodle Cricket. When the ball approaches the bat, hit it to swing it to score in Doodle Cricket google games for free. The bat runs by itself and switches spots with the pitcher after which you play Doodle cricket again. Doodle cricket google games online are designed to be small and cute to allow players even with the slowest internet connection to enjoy Google games online.

Google Solitaire

Who doesn’t like a game of Solitaire? Google hit the mark by releasing Google Solitaire as Google games free, Google play games, and google play games. To play Google Solitaire, all you need to do is type Google Solitaire on the google search bar and the Google play card game shall pop up on the screen right away.

How to Play Google Solitaire?

The gameplay of Google Solitaire google doodle games is exact to the original Google play card game. When you play the popular google doodle games of Google Solitaire, your goal is to form4 piles of cards each as per their suits in ascending order. In Google Solitaire gameplay, you release and play your cards into suitable positions to form each foundation pile in a sequence of the same suit. In these google games online, the ascending pile of orders is from the Ace to the King. The final goal of Google Solitaire google doodle games is to form the entire pack of the four Google Solitaire foundations. If you manage to do so in Google Solitaire, you win these Google games free.

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Google Snake Game

The Google Snake game is one of the most fun and popular google doodle games. Play Google Doodle games like the Google Snake game to kill time, maybe when your website takes time to load or you need a quick break! To play the Google Snake game from the awesome list of popular google doodle games for free, simply download free games on Google Maps and click on the menu icon in the top left corner, and select, “Play Snake”.

In these google games free, pitch the city overlay you’d like to go for or just pick the whole world. You’re all set to play the Google Snake game. Google Play Snake is indeed a generous kick of nostalgia in the list of google games free, google games online, google play games and even play store games but carries a hint of freshness.

How to Play Google Snake Game?

The gameplay of the Google Snake game seems easy as pie but hard to nail. You go to the start menu and pick your city or the whole world in these play store games. The controls are the arrow buttons on your PC. Like the typical snake game, when you play google doodle games of Snake, you need to hit the targets on the track and score points in google games online. In the Google Snake game, the more targets you hit, the higher you score, also the longer your tail grows.

If you hit enough targets, you reach checkpoints in the Google Snake game and continue playing. The game’s over in the Google Snake game if you hit the edges of Google maps. Fun, isn’t it?

The Google Snake game version is refreshing with a new UI and so, is one of those ideal time pass games in the list of play store games, google play games, and google games free to play and kill boredom any time.

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Google Feud

Google Feud makes it to the most popular google doodle games list. Google Feud play store games are fun quiz google games online you can play just any time. Google Feud is typically guessing google games for free that mimic the same style of Family Feud game. In Google Feud play store games, the player needs to guess the top 10 most common questions on a search basis from four popular categories- names, people, questions, and culture.

How to Play Google Feud?

To play popular google doodle games of Google Feud, you pick the category of questions, read them, and attempt to answer what words are searched most in Google. Each correct answer in these popular Google Doodle games earns you points. Earn as many as you can to win in Google Feud google doodle play store games. Each category in Google Feud google play games contains a different set of search strings. That’s your job to guess correctly when you play Google Feud's popular google doodle game.

When you feel clueless about what to do next, play Google Feud google play games because games like these can keep you guessing for a long time! Google Feud can be quite intimidating contrary to the looks of it. When you play one of the most popular google doodle games like Google Feud, you really need to see if your line of thought matches with the world of Google and with its API, so you might end up searching for totally absurd stuff you never dreamt of of in Google Feud google play games.

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Google Dinosaur Game aka the Dino Game

Google Dinosaur game aka the Dino game is another popular google doodle game that you might have hardly missed, you may have even played these most popular doodle games even without knowing you did! Google Dinosaur game or commonly known as the Dino game is one of those very popular google doodle games that appears on the Google web browser when the internet goes off. Ring a bell, now?

Google Dinosaur games aka Dino games are the most fun games ever! You don’t really always need the internet to be down to play the Dino game though. You can play the Google Dinosaur game cum the Dino game simply by visiting the url, chrome://dino/. There you go!

How to Play the Dino Game/ Google Dinosaur Game?

Google play games such as the Google Dinosaur game/ Dino Game are as plain as day.  As soon as you access the mentioned URL, you see the no internet message and you hit the spacebar and the Dino game begins! It's essentially a jumping dinosaur game where you, the dino, need to jump to avoid obstacles like cacti, birds, and so on eventually. The moment you hit anything on your path, the game’s over. Like most google play games that involve running, the Dino Games or Google Dinosaur games are perfect play store games to indulge in a few minutes of fast-paced fun. You simply can’t miss these popular google doodle games of all time.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Ever wondered what it would be like to play Google Doodle games that let you spin yourself a birthday gift? Indeed, Google released these special google doodle games on its birthday. Yep, upon its 19th birthday, it released Google Birthday Surprise Spinner google play games. When you click the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner, the wheel spins to reveal 19 surprises the company has released over the past 19 years that including their then latest popular google doodle games, Google Snake games. Some Google Birthday Surprise Spinners revealed their existing popular google doodle games too.

You can play google doodle games as a part of Google Birthday Surprise Spinner gifts like the famous Google Pacman, play tic tac toe, animal sounds, and Magic Cat Academy Halloween game. It also featured one of the most popular google doodle games, the Dj game. Even though the 19th birthday of Google is long gone, you can still play Google Birthday Surprise Spinner games online. As we said earlier, they are stored in the archives, so, to play popular google doodle games from the wheel, simply type Google Birthday Surprise Spinner on the search bar, and the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner pops up for a spin instantly!

These are definitely the most popular Google Doodle games you can play online, some offline as well.

Is there any need to download to play Google Doodle games?

No, absolutely not. You don’t need to download any of the popular google doodle games to play them on your PC or your smartphone. You can just play google doodle games simply by typing google doodle games on the search bar and voila, you get the entire catalog. Among these play store games, the Dino game aka the Google Dinosaur game can be played even without the internet. While we lack space to list the entire list of popular google doodle games, here are some other cool releases by Google over the past decades to enhance user experience in online gaming.

Google Play Cards

Google play cards are simply gift cards that you can use and redeem to pay for online apps, music, movies, books, video games, play store games, google games online, and much more. You can easily buy Google Play cards at retail stores such as Amazon but not at the Google play store itself. No credit cards are required to redeem Google Play cards and they carry lifetime validity. So, whether you wish to buy yourself something fancy, cool or fun, or useful for yourself or your mate, google play cards are the way to go. Google play cards take just a couple of clicks to purchase and you can redeem them just at the right time, with no pressure!

You can play google doodle games for free but Google play cards are the ideal gift cards because now you can buy the perfect google games online and play store games as per your choice. However, just so we avoid confusion, google play cards cannot be used to buy stuff from the Google store, only on the Google play store. However, the popular google doodle games are free and don’t need buying.

How to use Google Play Cards to buy google games online?

While you don’t need Google to play cards to play google doodle games, you can use Google play cards and redeem them to buy limitless paid play store games and google games online directly from the play store. Here’s how you do it.

  • Open the Google Play Store app or the Play Store website on your PC
  • Tap on your profile picture on the top right corner of the app
  • Click on Payments & Subscriptions
  • Tap on Redeem gift code
  • Enter the 16-digit code under the scratch card to reveal the gift code from the back side of the Google play card/digital Google play card
  • You can scan physical Google play cards by tapping on “Scan gift card”.
  • Click on “Redeem”
  • Tap on “Confirm’ to confirm the account you wish to redeem your Google Play card.
  • Google shows you the message saying the Gift play card amount has been credited to your account.

You can now easily use your Google Play card balance to buy google games online and play store games right away!

All these talks about popular google doodle games like Google Pacman, Google Solitaire, Dino Games, Doodle Cricket, Google Dinosaur games, and others make you wonder what if there was a device made by Google itself to google games online and google play games.

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Google Stadia

All this talk about insisting to play Google doodle games must have got you pumped, right? So, how about a platform where you can enjoy Play store games and google games online in 4K resolution? Thrilled? Google incites you all to enjoy Google Stadia!

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service created and run by Google itself. Launched in 2019, Google Stadia allows players to stream video games, google games online, google games free in 4K resolution at 60fps and supports HDR with the help of Google’s multiple data centers.

How does Google Stadia work?

Google Stadia works by letting you stream google games online/ google games free and plenty of other video games without the need of a console or PC. You can operate Google Stadia on a range of different devices such as the PC with chrome, Chromecast Ultra, and a few Android and iOS devices as well and enjoy google games free through a monthly subscription.

How to use Google Stadia in India?

Google Stadia in 2020, released a free trial completely free of charge without any payment method. While you can play Google Doodle games online for free, however, Google Stadia is not available in India, so you will need to install a reliable VPN service on your device to play Google Stadia games/ google games online. Here are the steps to play Google Stadia games and use its free trial version in India really for free.
Run the VPN

  • Connect your device to a country server that supports Google Stadia
  • Create a new Google account
  • Visit Google Stadia's official page
  • Sign in with your new google account
  • Follow the instructions to finish the process
  • Pick one of the available google games online, Google Stadia games, google games free, and hit play!

Important note: You can mislead Google Stadia by using a credible VPN, however, we do not encourage the use of a VPN to play Google games free, as it can be unethical. Hence, feel free to attempt this at your own risk. When you are beat playing popular google doodle games and want to amp up things, hit Google Stadia.

Google Stadia recently released some of the most awaited Google Stadia games, google games online, play store games such as Fifa 21, Far Cry 6, Cyberpunk 2077, Moonlighter, and The Darkside Detective, and Terraria in July 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes. You can play google doodle games for free online. Simply search popular google doodle games on the Google search bar and the entire list of popular google doodle games pop right up. 

Answer: Google Doodle games are free google play games that are interactive audio visual games released by google to celebrate special occasions and events in time. You can play google doodle games online for free simply by clicking on “I’m feeling lucky “ below the Google icon.

Answer: To play google doodle games online, simply click on “I’m feeling lucky” below the google search bar. Once you do that, the list of popular doodle google games pop up on your screen. Click on any popular google doodle games, be it Google Solitaire, Google Snake Game, Google Feud, Google Surprise Birthday Spinner, Doodle Cricket and the Dino Game aka the Google Dinosaur game and play these google play games for free!

Answer: Google Snake game, Google Solitaire, Google Feud, Google Dinosaur Game or the Dino Game, Google Pacman, Doodle Cricket, Google Surprise Birthday Spinner are some of the most popular google doodle games, google play games, google games free, play store games to enjoy online.

Answer: You can play google doodle games with friends too. Some popular google doodle games to play with friends include Halloween, Cricket, Fischinger, Loteria, and Rockmore. You may not only play google doodle games online but also enjoy google games free with friends and win real money playing on BMG. It is the storehouse of the best online multiplayer games to play with friends such as Poker, Rummy, Carrom and Pool for free and for real cash.

Answer: To enjoy popular google doodle games, simply click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky’” button below the Google search bar. The list of popular google doodle games online pop up instantly on the screen. Select the one you wish to play and play google doodle games for free. 

Answer: You can play popular google doodle games of many kinds on the internet. Enjoy the best google play games, play store games and google games for free such as Google Snake Game, the Dino Game or the Dinosaur game, Doodle Cricket, Google Feud, Google Birthday Surprise Spinner, Google Solitaire and Google Pacman for free.

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