Frogger Game

Frogger is an action arcade video game where the player needs to direct frogs to their homes safely by making them cross rivers and navigate through busy roads. Initially released in 1981, the Frogger game was developed by Konami and manufactured by Sega. Its popularity led the Frogger game to become one of the greatest video games ever made and was subsequently followed by many sequels and clones. Its fandom led to its expansion into pop culture, television, and the music industry.

The clone of the Frogger game is available in the Play Store but going by the reviews from experts and players, it couldn’t live up to the standards of the original Frogger game on Atari 360. The game has a rating of 3.1 and is just around 135 MB.  So, if you are looking to relive your favorite childhood game, then here is your chance. However, chances are there that you might end up a little disappointed. On the brighter side, it is one of the great picks for online games to play with friends even today.  

The Plot of the Frogger Game

The Frogger download is a game that has been around for almost 30 years now and there have been many clones and sequels of the original Frogger game but the basic plot of all the games in the Frogger series is almost the same, which is to guide the frogs home by crossing various obstacles. This is easier said than done because you will face different challenges while guiding the frogs home-like dodging vehicles, animals, danger zones, grass ledges, and even water on which these frogs cannot swim in such online games to play with friends.

This Frogger game has received mixed reviews from game critics and players. While it has been praised for its upgraded graphics quality and simple gameplay, the Frogger has received criticisms for being choppy with the controls and also slower frame rates which results in blurred graphical movements. 

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Tips and Tricks to Play Frogger online

The Frogger gameplay is super simple and easy to understand. All you need to do in the Frogger game is guide your frogs safely to their home. Easy right?  Well, the reality is far from different as you will have to cross various obstacles which can become intimidating. So, here are a few tips and tricks to play the Frogger game and guide your frogs safely to their abode.

On the early levels of the Frogger game, get your frogs home as quickly as possible as this will give you some time before the cars speed up on the road.

To get through the racing cars on the Frogger download, you can either find large gaps between the cars and run straight through those gaps or step into their lanes when they pass and jump straight into the gaps.

When you play the best online games like Frogger, you still have a chance to swim the waters and reach safety when the crocodiles start to slowly appear on the water.  You have a small window to escape until the crocodile has not fully surfaced on the water.

  1. In the Frogger game, you have the option of jumping on the snake's body without inviting any trouble for your frogs. It’s the head of the snakes that can get the frogs killed, so watch out.
  2. You can use the crocodile’s body like a log in the river. Just avoid its mouth when it opens and your frogs will be safe when you opt for Frogger download to play.
  3. The turtles and the logs appear very frequently in the later stages of the Frogger game, so beware of being carried away by them.

Download Frogger  for Andriord & iOS

The original Frogger game which came out for video game consoles is long gone. The Frogger downloads which are available on the Play Store and Apple Store are either sequels or replicas of the original game. These Frogger downloads are simple and easy as you can directly install them on your smartphones and tablets and start guiding your frogs home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Answer: Yes, Froggers free online games recently released a Co-op multiplayer mode where you can invite a friend and play together. You can enjoy the best online games to play with friends such as Poker, Call Break, Carrom and Pool and play them to earn real money.

Answer: The original Frogger game was released in 1981 for video game consoles. However, due to its popularity, there have been many sequels and replicas of the famous Frogger game. The Frogger game is now available even on the Play Store and Apple Store but none could match the fun and excitement of the original Frogger game. 

Answer: Frogger is an action-adventure game where you have to guide the frogs safely to their home. You will come across various obstacles like roads with fast-moving cars, rivers with crocodiles, snakes, and turtles which might kill your frogs so you need to be very careful while guiding the frogs.

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