Free Games for Kids Online- Let Your Kids Play Their Hearts Out

Childhood is an age of fun, games, adventure, and studies, but all of it has major restrictions due to the impending situation of COVID pandemic. There are multiple online free games for kids, and the best part about them is that they can be played anytime.

It is important to look at the various aspects of free online games for kids that can be extremely beneficial. It is important to find the best way to keep playing and learning in the best way possible, especially when it is impossible to step out.

So, here is everything that you should know about free games for kids.

Play Free Games for Kids on BMG

Playing games on a smart device using the Internet was not preferred by parents and teachers alike. However, the need for the hour has changed, and so have the games that are played on these platforms. Some free online games for kids mimic the childhood games that parents used to play when they were kids. Thus, they can revisit their childhood with their little ones. Here is a different perspective of online games for kids.

Benefits of Online Games For Kids

First and foremost, there are quite a few benefits of online games for kids-

  • Developing concepts and creativity using online games for kids is a big benefit. For example, there are quite a few games that need kids to put on their mathematicians' hats to solve them. Similarly, a few games can only be figured out by proper logic and reasoning, like typing games for kids. Thus, they help to develop the intellectual part of the brain adequately.
  • Different kids have different methods of learning. Some of them might be more comfortable with the visual methods, while for some, the kinesthetic method seals the deal. There is a possibility that some kids have the best grasping power using the combination of all the methods as a whole. So, when it comes to free games for kids, there are many online games for kids and typing games for kids designed according to these requirements. Thus, the parents and teachers can identify the best method suitable for their child and then devise the subsequent methods of teaching accordingly through online free games for kids.
  • Most of the games have different levels, which can either be chosen at the start or can be reached by clearing the ones below it. The best part about these games for kids to play online is that anyone from any age group and intelligent quotient can play it according to their convenience.
  • It gives the parents and teachers a good insight into what their kids are capable of. Going by recent events, the kids cannot be in the physical presence to play a game. However, with such free games for kids, they can engage with each other over the Internet and compete like normal. Imagine playing a game of chess online with your friend. The only thing that is going to be different is the actual presence of a chessboard. Thus, the kids' interests and intelligence can be harvested through these online games for kids and typing games for kids.
  • Last but not least, free games for kids will keep them entertained even when they are under a lot of restrictions. A game of Ludo or carrom or any sports-related one can be a lot of fun even when it is played on an online platform per se.

Why Should Kids Play Free Games Online?

The pandemic will not be kind to anyone’s mental health, as it has been proven time and again, and kids are also not spared from it. Kids are naturally more energetic and impatient, and playing games is a part of growing up. Online games for kids provide a good enough experience and considering the present situation, it is probably the best option available.

Moreover, free online games for kids help in the cognitive development of the child. Such free online games for kids require a lot of concentration and constant collaboration between the brain, eye, and hands. The free games for boys can also be used as a potent mode of teaching and learning and understanding where a kid's caliber truly lies. There are quite a few options available these days as far as free online games for kids are concerned. The most popular ones must be looked into in detail, including online and free online games with no downloads for kids.

A Few Free Online Games

These are some of the popular games that are available as free online games for boys. These are also free games for girls, and you can be rest assured that they will play to their hearts' fill.

Here is a list of the free online games no downloads for kids-

  • Ludo- It is an age-old classic free online game for kids that involves getting all your coins into the safety of a home plate by rolling the dice and pressing certain buttons, and moving them appropriately. A minimum of two players can play this girl game for kids. If you look at the online platform, the multiplayer option can accommodate many players, although the original game can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. It is one of the best games for kids to play online and can be searched from kids' game free download.
  • Chess- Chess is a game of strategy, concentration, and planning and has been advocated to be one of the best free games for kids to hone them mentally. It consists of several pieces that have their own rules for movement. The ultimate goal of this free game for boys is to capture and defeat the king of the opposite side to be declared a winner. Download it from the kids game free download section in the store.
  • Carrom online game- If there is one online game for kids that is a perfect combination of concentration and entertainment, it is carrom. It also uses the concepts of trajectories and distribution of forces which enables the coins to get pocketed in one of the four options available. The first to pocket all their coins wins. You can download this free online game for boys from the best gaming websites.
  • Knife Hit- This is a free online game for kids that checks their reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the fullest. A player has to throw knives at a rotating board and gather maximum points while playing this free game for girls. The knives should not collide while throwing and the person with the most accurately reflected as most points win. It is one of the best free games for girls and boys alike and can be downloaded from the kid's game free download section.
  • Fruit Chop- It is a sort of arcade game where fruits of various sizes and shapes keep appearing on the skin. The player has to slice the fruits before they exit the screen and avoid bombs. It is also an ultimate test of concentration and skill. It is another popular free game for boys and girls.
  • Bottle Shoot- This online game for kids is a perfect time pass for kids while developing shooting skills in the process. It involves using a slingshot or a gun to shoot down bottles that are variably arranged and moving on from one level to another. This free shooting game is all about timing and accuracy, which makes it ideal as a game for kids to play online. This is a free game for girls and boys.

If you want to play games as an adult, hop on to the platform of Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG). Here you can play your favorite online card games like Rummy, Poker, and Call Bridge and also win real money through your skills. In fact, all of the aforementioned free games for kids can be played on BMG without spending any real money.

However, if you want to have some fun yourself and also win some real cash during your spare time, you too can play these simple easy games on BMG for cash as per your preferred stakes and earn real money right from your living couch! How cool is that? Download the BMG app to check it all out!

How to Play Free Games?

Here is a list of the games for kids to play online and how to play them.


Judging by the popularity of this free game for kids in normal households, it did not take much time for the game to rise up the online platform ranks.

  • First and foremost, you have to download the game using an appropriate online store.
  • Once that is done, you can log in as a guest or use one of your social media accounts for the same.
  • You have the provision to start a game and share the code with others online, or you can join a room created by someone else.
  • There is also a novel online version where you can play with random people. Once the game starts, the rules are similar to classic Ludo, where you have to guide your coins to the home plate by rolling the dice virtually.


Online chess is another online game for kids that is very similar to the real board game.

  • Download the application from either Play Store or Apple Store and login as a guest or using your Facebook account.
  • You can play chess online with either strangers or friends by choosing the correct mode.
  • The person who loses their king first loses the game.

It is a popular free game for girls and can be played by boys as well.


The gameplay of carrom online is slightly different from the real one, but the fun and entertainment are the same.

  • You should download this free online game for kids and follow the usual steps of using appropriate credentials to log in.
  • Once in the game, you have to use visual cues and reference lines to estimate the striker's path and try to put all your coins in one of the four pockets available at the four corners.
  • The fastest to do so is declared the winner. It is included under the kids game free download category and can be accessed easily.

Steps To Play Free Online Games for Kids

Here are the steps to play the best online games for kids.

Knife Hit

This is one of the most popular games for kids to play online, especially for kids who like anything that involves aiming. The steps are as follows-

  • Once you start with this girl game for kids, you have to throw different knives at a rotating board.
  • As you pass one level, the rotation becomes faster.
  • You just have to tap on the screen to throw the knives.
  • Make sure you do not hit one knife with the other, or else you will lose.

Fruit Chop

Fruit Chop is as much fun as it sounds to be. The steps are-

  • When you start playing, fruits keep popping up on the screen. Make a slicing gesture to cut them into halves.
  • If you miss any fruit while it is on the screen and it exits from it, you lose a life.
  • Sometimes, bombs also get thrown into the screen at random. The game ends if you cut them, and it explodes.

Bottle Shoot

Follow these simple steps to play this game-

  • Once this game for kids to play online is installed, start playing. Shoot the bottles that come flying on the screen by tapping on the screen.
  • Avoid the bombs that come in between, else the game ends.
  • If you miss three bottles in a game, it ends as well.

How to Download Cash Games for Kids?

There are many popular free games for kids. You can allow your kids to play these amazing online games for kids to help them stimulate and fine-tune their minds. These are available as free games for boys and girls.

Here is how you can download the top games for kids to play online-

  • Decide the free game for kids that you want them to play.
  • Enter the App Store or the Play Store.
  • Type the name of the free game for boys or girls that you want. For example, type Ludo if you want to play Ludo.
  • As soon as the chosen free online games for kids appear, click on download.
  • Once downloaded, start playing the boy or girl games for kids.

The right boy or girl games for kids will help to keep your kids happy and lifted all the time.

How to Win Real Money Games?

Given below is a list of tips and tricks to win free online games for kids. They will be beneficial for most of the games for kids to play online.


Some certain tips and tricks can help you win the game-

  • Run with different coins simultaneously. Do not stick to one.
  • You are changing the timing of your dice to get variable scores on them.
  • Cut your opponent’s coin as soon as possible. It is not wise to spare them.
  • Open the pieces at the correct time.


As a part of free games for kids, these tips and tricks can make you a good chess player as well-

  • Always open with pawns.
  • Get your knights out of the blocks as soon as possible.
  • Castle at the earliest possible move.
  • Sacrifice some pieces if they work to your advantage.
  • Keep an overall lookout on the board.


Here are some important things to keep in mind if you consider online carrom game as one of free games for kids-

  • You should be in a comfortable posture to aim properly.
  • Concentrate on the first break.
  • Play practice matches before going into an online game.
  • Play the queen judiciously.
  • Reduce the fouls as much as possible.

Knife Hit

Here are some important tips and tricks-

  • Do not throw the knives in a hurry, as it increases the chance of clashing. Instead, line it up and aim them properly.
  • Do not create an exclusive account or give unnecessary login credentials.
  • Do not make any in-app purchases to buy knives.
  • You can access various cheat codes that are available online to unlock various knives at once.

Fruit Chop

Few tips to keep in mind for the game Fruit Chop are-

  • Cut the fruit as soon as it enters the screen. Do not wait for it to linger
  • Anticipate the direction of entry of new fruit as there is a pattern for it.
  • Cut more than one fruit with one swipe to get bonus points.
  • Enter into tournament or battle mode to play and win more.

Bottle Shoot

Things to keep in mind while playing Bottle Shoot are-

  • Shoot more than one bottle at once to gain bonus points
  • Maintain a consecutive shooting streak to garner more points.
  • Do not shoot in a hurry; concentrate and shoot.
  • Do not make any purchases in the app, even if it is for removing ads.

These are some of the most popular and enjoyable games for kids to play online. It is important to regulate the amount of time they spend on these boy and girl games for kids, but there is no denying that they are beneficial for their overall growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The top free games for kids you can play include Poker, Rummy, Knife Hit, Bottle Shoot, and Carrom. These online games for kids are fun and thrilling! You can download them from the best gaming websites such as BMG and play them all for free and real money.

Answer: Yes, of course, the free games for girls and boys are free! You can play free games for kids on Baazi Mobile Gaming (BMG) as well as for real money if you are 18 years and above.

Answer: You can download the free online games for kids from the App Store or Play Store. Download BMG from its official website to access different free games for kids and also enjoy some yourself and earn real money if you are 18 years of age or more.

Answer: To play the free games for boys and girls, you have to download your chosen game from the App Store or Play Store. Once downloaded, you can enjoy playing the boy and girl games for kids.

Answer: Enter the App Store or Play Store, download the best games for kids to play online by typing the name. Once downloaded, start playing free online games for boys and girls.

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